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  1. Pappy, Bo took a pretty bad tumble and heard a pop by his knee. Took him to the hospital but they couldn't do an MRI over the weekend so no official verdict on whats jacked up at the moment. I talked to him Sunday morning and he was hurting pretty bad still and was going to have it looked at as soon as he got home. We'll let everyone know how he's doing as soon as we know. I know I've seen multiple posts on FB and other areas wishing him a speedy recovery and I want to thank everyone for that, I know it means a lot to Bo too.
  2. Another Broken Home in the books and back to the real world, sad Pitt is sad.............:(

  3. Save the trip and just take one of those giant eagles....................
  4. You're basically Lumberg...................yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah
  5. If you are 16-17 years of age and accompanied by a legal Guardian, you will be eligible for: Accompanied meaning legal guardian will be on site during the event and available to make medical decisions for your child. ESR19 Copperhead Broken Home Ironclad Rebel Yell Reindeer Games Without a LEGAL Guardian on site, you will need to assign a temporary "Adult" guardian. Please have the following forms filled out and notarized: You are required to present the notary documents along with your guardian at the time of registration If you are 14-15 years of age you will need to have the following application filled and a Guardian ON SITE: Meaning legal guardian will be on site during the event and available to make medical decisions for you. http://americanmilsim.com/forum/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=645
  6. Welcome to the AMS community and look forward to seeing you at BH4.
  7. Going back to the Shire for a few days?
  8. PITT

    ACU Camo?

    ^^ That's proven very helpful ^^ Good call Masterchef
  9. I know it sped things up when we came up with the safety briefings every hour at BH and this just sounds like it'll make everything go that much smoother. Great idea fellas!
  10. Welcome to the AMS forum and look forward to seeing you at an OP. As Spec said check out the rule set and be sure to look at the different areas for OPs and there may be one near you sometime this year. I understand the addiction and appeal of milsim, I myself have been playing off and on for close to 16 years. Something always brings me back to this sport!
  11. Welcome to the forums and hopefully you can make an op or 10
  12. Well looks like I'll be making it this year. Can't wait to see all of you that I know and meeting others I don't. See you in a couple of months!
  13. Welcome to the forum and AMS!
  14. This is shaping up to be a great game with folks coming from all over. Hopefully we can get this many states represented at Broken Home II. I'll have some new safety regs to go over and anything other safety concerns you guys can think of post up or shoot me a PM. Look forward to seeing you guys and gals this March.
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