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  1. mind if I strap it on and make sure?
  2. will anyone have a ML that I can try on as I am looking into buying one but want to make sure that it fits first. I have a huge head and the replica is too small. also does anyone know about the site darley defense? they have the training one for 239.00
  3. ur tactical gen3 med long or sord 34/34. [email protected] 4172309605
  4. Tbh I liked just having two factions and would like to see CDF go away. I did have fun as I always do at an ams event. That being said.... I have been to 4 ams events and this one had the most cheating I have ever seen. FUCK P* and call your damn hits. It shouldn't take 2 mags to get you out. That is all.
  5. I am looking to get rid of my ptw. It has a broken lower but before that broke it just wasn't what I wanted and I was ashamed about how much money I had put into it. It will come with 5 cylinders from 90-150, 9 working mags MAG and systema brands 1/2&1/2, magpul front and trigger guard, and one 9.6 nicad 1600 mah batt. Internally it has a FCC hop up & MOTOR. The FCC lower costs 360 and is in stock. I was asking $1500 for this rifle before it broke so my stupidity is your game I'll take $1000 for it i will be at rebel yell my name is brendan Armour my phone number is 417-230-9605. I'm doing this from my phone so text for pics. Please only serious ppl and for the love of god don't bother if you have a lower offer in mind I would rather get buried with it. Thanks for looking.
  6. armor

    AMS 10k Contest

    I concur, I have purchased several great photos from her and I believe its a little asshatish.
  7. The ptw mag might be mine stand by.
  8. Yup sounds like they might fall under the dick rule then and f *** yes it was fun.
  9. Oh boy, I'm going to leave this one alone......…ooooor am I. I know you're a chic and all we've got one on our team as well but when she gets yelled at to do her job or to move she just does it. But you are right it's not real world shit so if your thirsty or are hurting too bad to do it then is all you have to do is speak up. And if they still yell at you just hook up with an admin and they should be dealt with. Safety first always. Otherwise we boot ppl for not following orders when they are physically capable.
  10. Well this went from good review to bad quick. Let me take a stab at it. Who was the dumbass wearing a red shirt instead of the correct camo. He was asking not to be shot so he could drag his dead out! Needless to say we lit his ass up and then had to listen to him cry. I sat through a 45 min safety briefing and read the rule set multiple times. If you don't do this then you are a dick.
  11. I would like to add to this that me and the SL for Cost 1-1 Were witness to some honorable awesomeness when in a close quarters shoot out green and tan both shot at the same time green asked if they could parlay it and tan declined admitting that he had been shot first. Way to go men keep it up.
  12. armor


    Glock 26, hydroshock, locally made kydex IWB, CRKT M21 knife.
  13. I think I just shit myself a little
  14. or extra roles of tp if all thats around is mcdonalds.
  15. @ whiskeydelta-----damnit we heard you the second time..... j/k happens to me al the time
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