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  1. I am a Surgical Technologist. I specialize in Bariatrics and DaVinci Robotic Surgery, but can do it all really. I try to be a Jack of all Trades so to speak, so I can be needed if the economy gets worse. LOL.
  2. Dingo


    Rocky C-4 Trainers Merrell Chameleon Stretches
  3. Which one of you CAM guys were begging to buy my K-Bar replica? weapon Blender has em in stock, right now for 10.00 bucks!

  4. Hummmm..........

    1. snake6



  5. Do you ever get the feeling that someone is trying to 1 up your every move.

  6. @fireman....do you mind posting a pic of your ess profiles. Also I saw m7's latest magazine cover for take AIM. Lookin good! M7 should check out Central Arkansas Milsim on Facebook!! See whatcha think ;-)
  7. @Pitt, lol yes sir!! Trust me I'm a nazi about it to. I'll have a back up by then;)
  8. Surgery is slow today...I'm bored....

  9. Surgery is slow today...I'm bored....

  10. Surgery is slow today...I'm bored....

  11. I better post this before sabre gets on to me lol. My helmet is a DragonRed Opscore knockoff FAST Helmet. Im not completely familiar with helmets but im growing to really like and enjoy helmets. Even if i look like a mushroom head cuz im skinny. lol
  12. Its a Multicam BDS battle belt. with voodoo tactical pistol mag pouches. Also condor m4 pouches, dump pouch and a Blackhawk Modular dropleg. I actually just got convinced to use a first line. Through training found it cut my mag reload down tremendously. im down to 1.5 sec reload on my first line. Im trying to get faster. So, obviously just made since to switch. Plus it cut down on crap on my sec line which was nice. Im not so round. LOL.
  13. ugh!!! im sooo ready to shoot some peeps and get shot at. Where you ask...NEA Field in Jonesboro

    1. warpig08


      thats bc we r awesome

    2. Dingo


      lol i cant wait till yall make even bigger cuz the town on a larger scale would be epic


    3. warpig08


      were working on it just been rough with all the rain


  14. again rough pics but you get the pointwork in progress
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