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  1. Is there going to be a Greenzone/safezone this year out in the field?
  2. I didn't see an AAR thread so I'll go ahead and start one. I know civil war is practically breaking out on the UFS FB page but for my AAR I went ahead and made a small video. Seemed easier and everyone can hear my tone about these things that made the event what it was. AMS staff I left a few ideas for you, for future events. Please watch and enjoy https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BA-_72ytbco
  3. I looked for an AAR thread and couldn't so I figured I'll be the first and start one up. I was very happy to see lots of people doing the safety briefing even tho it wasn't required. Apparently this was a lot of players first AMS event. I believe it was Bo who said that they were going to get a video of the safety briefing and put it in YouTube so we can all watch it at home. Super smart idea!!! The morning formation isnt my favorite but allows the staff to pass along any last minute info you guys kept it short and sweet. Normally I feel a lot of players skip it and walk to their FOB but with them being so far away this year it really encouraged players to get to formation to get a ride to the FOB. Once we got to Our FOB (UFS) we chilled out for a good hour in the heat and the game started an hour and 45 min late. From what Ron Mexico told me the staff incorrectly programmed their radios. I think that problem should of been realized a good week or 2 prior to the event. Around 11:20 we heard game on and my squad and I headed out west of the V2 rocket. We were guarding a flag for about 15-20 min before admin told us game on at 12:45 and we needed to head ALL the way back to our FOB. I feel this was part of the reason we had players dropping out 20-30 min into the game. The game has been on 20 min but that player has hiked up and down a hill and been out in the heat for almost 2 hours already. My squad was tasked with holding the V2 rocket for just about the whole day. With very little to no resistance. After about 3.5 hours of sitting and literally napping due to pure boredom a group came to relieve us so we may get some action at coleville. But before heading to coleville Ron Mexico ordered us to CON first to regroup, hydrate and eat hot dogs. Once we got to CON we were ordered back to the V2 because it had been take over by roughly 5-8 COST forces. Once we took it back game was ended do yo weather. SMART MOVE ON AMS. Saturday sucked for me I understand it's milsim but our whole squad was not happy as we shot more trees then people. Trying to find a happy balance between airsoft and milsim I feel will be a forever ongoing problem. Players complaining that they did not spend 160 bucks to guard a truck all day. Some players love milsim. Me personally I simply can not emerse myself into milsim. I'm here to shoot a lot of people in a player rich environment. People​ may yell at me and say that I should go play somewhere else. in the past my team and I haven't​ really branched out past Oklahoma but now that AMS is getting events at more mount sites and chemical facilities that are more firefight and less milsim it is unlikely that I'll be going back to Broken Home. Sunday was a blast as always fighting my way up into coleville I know lots of players compain about not calling hits I did not have this problem. So I guess I'm in the 1%. Sunday was a 10/10 in my book. Saturday was maybe 2-2.5 on my fun scale. 1 more thing, it was nice to see admin actually calling players out for their uniforms, saw a few people on both sides who were wearing the gray Elite Force shirt that was given to us. 2 of the players were on our team. I don't like that they had to leave the field when we needed them Sunday but not having the proper uniform really bugs me. So props to admin! To sticking to their uniform requirements. All and all comparing my personal fun factor the last Rebel Yell being a 10. This broken home was probably a 5 mostly due to Saturday. Not counting the weather
  4. I agree with the Evil Bert. Lots of players running around not knowing that they are breaking rules is worse then a player purposely breaking the rules. If your going to make this optional then id suggest that the AMS reffs be a lot more strict to try and enforce players to not break the rules and if they do they will have serious consequences.
  5. Han Solos blaster is a DL-44. Although through the series of the movies it has had many changes and variations. Luke also uses a DL-44 although his and Hans never look the same.
  6. Ha-ha! I'm sorry that looks nothing like a DL-44. For those of you who went to ESR-19 this last weekend may have gotten a good look at my DL-44.
  7. Will we be allowed to build fires to cook food or is there a burn ban in effect?
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  11. Please read previous comments about that issue. I believe you just use a weaker type of battery. So DO NOT use a 11.1 Lipo. Use 9.6 or 8.4 and you should be fine.
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