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  1. I'm not sure if anything has changed. I have seen people just do their squad freqs and they program it by hand. The hardest part I have heard people have is getting the other settings working correctly. The Freq settings are the easy part. I only know how to do the CHIRP programming too so I can't help by hand unfortunately. I should prolly learn that... lol AIRSOFT_GEEK, I would talk to UFS command since they are the ones that originally set this file up. I just did a quick video to help people out with using CHIRP. I don't know what all the settings do exactly, just that I haven't had issues when using their file.
  2. Hey, check out my video for programming radios (based on set UFS freqs) and see if it helps. I also had a bad radio from Amazon that wouldn't transmit but could receive. Could just be the luck of the batch :/ might help but might not.
  3. Here's a video I made to help new people program their radio. This is based on the set UFS freqs.
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    My IT friends that I play with also chuckled a bit about the Google Doc but that's how I have been writing my AARs for a while now and I already had this one 90% complete! When I copied and pasted it here and to social media, it didn't look right at all so it was back to the doc itself
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    Here's my AAR from 34:2! Enjoy! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Le-rjZQOjvV_fMVgaFgQAn5sYD3DeVAgdJHTQGozgFQ/edit?usp=sharing
  6. First events are always crazy man! And yes, you learn quickly that you only need a backpack of things It's awesome winning something, and you won a sick polar star! Congrats man and I hope you guys make it out to more games! No worries, after a few, you'll get into the swing of things and it will all be second nature!
  7. AMS staff is top notch. I would never doubt them for a second. Link to my AAR. I like to write them and let them sit and then go back and I think this sums up my overall goodness https://docs.google.com/document/d/10L7lt5EqQPR5pX1SwRp3aU-naUGLOEZ5n6nokpK5YMM/edit?usp=sharing
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  9. Okay, here it is! It's a long read but totally worth it! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1d4Is56Njz_atXwkMLLw6jl6NzdM5qt-IFxTL97IrSR0/edit?usp=sharing
  10. Kaid, thanks for the compliment and my AAR is about to drop here around 9pm tonight! It's a really good read and I dedicated a nice section to you! This weekend was tons of fun playing against you and Yuk!
  11. Sounds like a plan. I just don't want to get everything planned, show up and then get shut down at the gate
  12. Guys, one of my concerns this year is that Missouri licenses are not valid anymore on military bases or other restricted areas because MO refuses to follow federal guidelines on validating or following the procedure they want. Because of this, I would need a passport to get entry. This doesn't matter for Camp Shelby because we came in a back road but for Rebel Yell, at Gruber, we had to badge in every morning with the guard. My question is, will they be checking our IDs and checking in every morning here or are we allowed on base like we did in Shelby? I'm applying for my passport as we speak just to be sure but I would like to know if I need to rush this or not. Thanks, Delbs
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    OP:34 AAR

    OP:34 has made its way to the top 3 on my list of best events. It might snag the number 2 or even the number 1 spot. It was that good for me. The AO was excellent and the game play was top notch. I think the most fun I had with frago type missions were the timed barrel spawns and the vial / bottle scientist missions. These were excellent and I loved the style of play they brought into the game. You had to defend your scientist and make sure he could test and collect the chemical weapons. Amazing addition to the game and I participated in at least 5 chemical missions and around 10 barrel extractions. This was one AMS event to go down in the history books as a huge success! I want to say a big thank you to both UFS and COST command for running the teams this weekend! Big thank you to the AMS crew running the event (Bo, JP, Rick, Frosty), this was huge! Thank you to all the Admins and support staff doing the behind the scenes work, Alex a special shout out to you for always running smooth games! Thank you guys so much for all that you do so we can play BB wars! Thank you vendors for your support of AMS and the player base! I don’t want to go into too much detail so I will list the good and bad in bullet point format here. · The Good o The AO, this factory was AMAZING! o Team work from both sides o Leadership o Time hack for start and end (light into dark is awesome) o The scientist missions o The chem labs producing barrels o The use of grenades in rooms, these were useful! o The use of flashlights, lasers and chem lights o Sportsmanship was excellent o For me, zero hit calling issues observed o Coms between my squad o Coms with command · The Bad o Rain mostly Saturday. I just like dry and sunny weather. o The Super 8, no elevator for the 2nd floor and the place reeked or smoke.
  14. Are you UFS and do you have a Baofeng? UV-5R by chance?
  15. Terrible that this happens. Not sure if it's players doing it or a leadership tactic but I would hope that both sides abide by the rule of no electronic warfare Besides the point, if people are still looking for help programming the Baofeng radio, I made a 10 minute video walk through of how to program the radios using the CSV method with CHIRP. Here's the link: If you have questions, let me know and I can try to help. Unfortunately I'm terrible at hand programming and programming other radios that aren't Baofengs. :/
  16. As long as the first ~127ish have values that match the CSV above, it should be fine.
  17. Sorry about that, I had some friends ask how to do it and typing it out wasn't working so I decided to just make a video and record my screen lol. I figured it might help someone else out that is new or just struggling to program them using the software.
  18. Since the list is public now, I made a simple video to help people out with programming your radios. Let me know if you have issues. Video: Also, here's the list again in CSV format that I use in the video: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwvH-EkJg2fxbHVoSXBFVS15a0k
  19. There's so much to put down and it's hard to filter the garbage rambling with good, constructive information so I have a short AAR. I didn't even notice flag capture points were missing. I actually liked them in the past. I didn't notice many fraggos but then again, I was so busy that I might have missed them. 3 factions were cool. I wish that CDF had control of the two towns and their objective was to protect the city. We don't like either faction and when missions came in for some thing in buildings etc, they would have to negotiate with CDF to gain access to buildings etc. I think that would be cool but I don't know if it would work. If people weren't acting peacefully toward CDF, they would end up getting lit up. Just an idea. As for the game, I had a lot of fun. I can't say at any point I was upset or not having fun. I think over the weekend I went through 4 full sets of 7 magazines or around 3,500 rounds give or take. I had fun sneaking around and providing recon for CDF command. I can't wait for AMS's next event!
  20. Looking for the two ladies that were taking pictures. I know they got a few of me waiting to be loaded into the truck on Saturday morning so I was hoping to grab those.
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