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  1. Runt511

    Extended AO?

    Hopefully its still in Oklahoma or not too far
  2. Runt511


    It's just easier to get a basic approved pattern. Hell, now you can even get surplus multicam for cheap
  3. Runt511


    ^This! Like I always say, if you are going to shell out the money to attend and travel. I am sure each of you can find another $30-$60 for the proper uniform.
  4. have to accomplish an ID-10T form and route it up the chain.
  5. 3-Gun, it's either slap or some USJTF guys in STL. Either way, it will be like every time at bing/wildcat...they will get rolled and rage :).... I <3 moon
  6. SPF- mandrake set, typhon is still available. I still will consider trades on typhon. I will add cash on trades
  7. WTS- Brand new Kryptek combat uniforms by UR Tactical. These recently taken out of the package for pictures. All prices are negotiable and Trades will be considered. This is official fabric (Spartan helmet and pattern name is located through out the pattern.) 1.) Mandrake Combat Shirt in size Large, too big on me. My loss is your savings (you dont pay outrageous shipping from HK) - $105/Obo 2.) Mandrake Combat pants in Size Medium-Regular, $160 Shipped I will sell the complete mandrake set for $250 Shipped 3.) Typhon Combat shirt, Size Large. - $105 Shipped I will sell ALL kryptek pieces as a package for $330 Shipped!!!! TRADES: I will add cash VFC M40A3- Tokyo Marui P226/FiveSeven Toy Soldier M81 Woodland Gen 3 Combat suit ( Medium Regular Top and Bottoms ) Offer up, the worst I can say is no
  8. SLAP is still around? Ive missed shooting you guys. :)
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. With the new Semi auto rule in effect, I do not see myself using a crazy amount of ammo. Im going to be fielding my HSP D3CR with the +2 mag extension at a local op on the 4th of may. I may be running the 6+1 or I may run 4+1 with the velcro attachment inside my Grey Ghost pack on the velcro wall (Awesome little feature they included.) for BH3. I figure with the number of registered participants and the FOBs, etc. I will not need a large amount.
  11. Camel bak makes tablets that are pretty good, I use the Orange/caffiene tabs by camel bak and highly recommend them.
  12. If you are showing up to an AMS Event with out water/food, you are starting out on the wrong foot. If you are spending $125 to play at an event, a $4 case of water shouldnt make a difference
  13. They must be running out of rooms bj, my team has 3 of the queen beds silva speaks of
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