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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.


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  1. With the rising popularity of leaf suits and cobra hoods and the often ambiguous color scheme on them, how can we expect the camo regulations to apply? Would it be similar to inclement weather clothing where it must match the faction colorway in a clear way? Do they need to be of an approved faction camo pattern (pretty much no to leaf suits)? Or are we just saying no to leaf suits in general?
  2. I'm not sure how many people know this anymore but AMS started out with Full Auto AEGs. The switch to semi-auto was pretty contested when it was originally made (I myself was against it at first); however, The switch to semi-auto created an obvious improvement in gameplay. AMS has always been innovative in the community and many fields/hosts have followed suit also finding improvement in gameplay after switching to many of their rules. More than half of the fields I play at now are semi-only for rifles. The idea of a MED for rifles at a large scale milsim game is not reasonable or manageable for the admin staff to monitor, let alone mediate the disputes. Imagine a squad 6+ breaching a room containing another 6+ people. Everyone would be yelling "bang bang" or whacking at eachother with nerf swords (pistols regularly fire ~400fps in warm weather so thats not an option). It would be a joke and I wouldn't want to take part in that nonsense. tldr: Most of the proposed rulechanges have been tried and didnt work. Wear a face mask if you dont like getting shot.
  3. Selling 2 Krytacs and 3 pistols. Prices do not include shipping willing to bring them to an op for no shipping cost. All guns are working and well maintained. Krytac LVOA Wolf Gray - $300 Krytac SPR FDE - $200 (no accessories included) Elite Force PPQ - $80 KWA M9A1 w/ 3x Extended Mags - $100
  4. Just assume desert MARPAT and AOR1 are the same camo No ref is gonna have the time or willingness to scrutinize between the 2 and, like you said, they're indistinguishable for practical purposes.
  5. From experience, if you locate an enemy VIP or "higher ranking" player, they will usually be open to a impromptu mission. There is a right way and a wrong way to go about this obviously. The way I've seen it go down where it ended up being fun and favorable to everyone goes as follows. 1. Enemy VIP is shot and is discovered while bleeding out. 2. Squad radios up the command chain to the CO telling them they found a VIP or "high ranking" enemy player. 3. Command may just say who cares, let them die (in which case you let them die), or command will ask if you can bring them back to base. 4. the Squad then ASKS the VIP if they wish to be taken hostage. If VIP says no, Squad radios to command that he bled out and died. If VIP agrees then squad medics VIP and escorts them to command under the agreement that the VIP is ONLY FIGURATIVELY BOUND. The VIP will remain moving under their own power and will not be actually bound in any real way. They will come with under the agreement that they are captured. 5. Squad delivers VIP to Command staff who can then improvise a small skit for all players to watch and enjoy. 6. Everyone has fun. Never take a player hostage without their consent and treat them with respect and with safety in mind once they are "captured". Always make sure the command chain and event staff are aware of what you are doing (Its generally good to grab a ref and just have them moderate the whole thing) and it can be a fun little addition to the game. I'd recommend you let players who have been to a few games make the calls and just participate in the fun and enjoy the show Disclaimer: I'm not an admin or ref or rule maker at all. I'm only speaking from experience and recalling some of the more memorable impromptu great times we've had at these events. Whatever the admins say goes, if they say "no dice" just keep walking. -0
  6. My team and I are located in the Chicagoland area (Downers Grove Myself) and I know most of the main players from Blastcamp (hobart) to Airsoft Arena (milwaukee). For the South Bend area (pretty much all north IN really), you're going to be drawing your main crowd from Chicago (although Kalamazoo has a pretty nice size airsoft community). If you had the option, I'd say a field closer to Michigan City area would be better placement since you could draw Chicago players more regularly. You're only gonna get Detroit, Indianapolis, Ft. Wayne people for major ops either way. South Bend is just a little bit too far coming from Chicago. But if you make a good enough place, I know I'd come out to SB every once and awhile to play and Im sure a few others would too. Hope that helps. Good luck man! -0
  7. In regards to the retirement of the DCU (Tri-Color Desert Camo): The United Federal States military has deemed that, since DCU was a Standard issue camouflage before the secession of the coalition, that Coalition forces would have greater access to said uniforms and information on how to wear them within regulations. In order to minimize the potential for saboteurs to compromise the UFS military ranks, the brass has decided to discontinue the pattern. Anyone who is found wearing DCU should be considered an enemy agent and should be shot or captured on sight. We cannot speak for the Coalition's decision to continue the use of M81 (probably due to supply issues) and since the UFS has decided to wear only desert camo patterns for IFF purposes, it is a non-issue.
  8. Zero

    OP:34 AAR

    This was one of my favorite ops yet! The FOBs were equally spaced from all the objectives, the field played well so that you got to see all parts of it and there was great sportsmanship from both UFS and CoST forces especially given the difficulties of the pitch dark CQB building! Great job everyone to attended and I hope to see this op back next year! Thanks again to AMS for putting on such a great event! See you guys at Faded Giant! -0
  9. I would like to recommend keeping it going until 9pm on saturday! I know 15 people just off the top of my head who are planning on running nightvision at the OP! 9pm would give everyone a solid 2 hours to noodle around!
  10. Selling my Krytac LVOA in Wolf Gray: $350 (Foregrip included) I'll be at OP:34 and Faded Giant for pick up! -0
  11. Looking to buy a Wilcox L4G24 mount for less than retail! Any color
  12. Zero

    Fps limits

    AMS chronos all AEGs and Spring guns with .2g bbs and rifles must chrono at 400fps or less. They chrono all GBBs and HPA with .32g BBs and rifles must chrono at 320fps or less. Also it is key to note that if you plan on chronoing multiple HPA rifles with the same regulator then the regulator must be set to 320fps for the hardest firing weapon and all the others will fire at less fps as a result.
  13. Im all for whatever. I was against semi-auto when it first released but now I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm going to enjoy the challenge presented by these new rules and I'll to my best to keep my platoon supplied! GJ guys.
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