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  1. Kastway has everything a airsofter needs that's why they are the best..
  2. It probably has not effected the AO but I'm still gonna ask. With all the recent tornados in OK has it effected it in any way?
  3. Thanks AMS crew just reserved my room you guys are awesome
  4. Guess I'm a retard tried putting in the rebate code and it did nothing online do I have to call my reservations in?
  5. I agree with JP and Sheepdog its all about having fun and getting the milsim experience. Teams are fun but so far I've learned the guy that I usually end up next too in a fire fight is someone I don't even know. .
  6. I have the kwa ptr lm4 does anybody know of a website where I can get a rail system for it?
  7. Not sure if this is the right place to post this if not let me know I will remove it or lock it. But my question is the kwa ptr lm4 rifle does anybody know of a website where I can buy a free float rail system for it.. thank you
  8. LOL crap...definitely not asking then
  9. How does one get on that list?
  10. I need 3 rooms all with double beds for Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday night preferably next door to each other..
  11. Ohh good Intel what type of mags am I gonna need to get?
  12. Ok another question what's y'all take on the hk417 dmr
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