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  1. SOLD! hey guys we are selling the buggy.. call me can tow from colorado to a location for cost of fuel posbbily meet half way. phone 7204486610 I want to make one from a 7.3L turbo diesel and will use the funds from this to buy steel for the next project. details. 2000 suzuki side kick drivetrain. 4x4. fully caged. comes with a-frame that can be towed easily behind even a moderatly powered car. (manual transmission) 4 spare wheels and tires complete spare axles and hubs front and back. beats the pants off of any razor ( top speed about 90mph, with low and high range). steet legal after lights and belt installation and comes with a title. For thoes that have not seen it picture is included. Capacity. (15 headcount)3 in the front. 6-7 in the back and 3 holding on each side.
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  3. Hey guys. The ECR Skunk-works wants to start the transformation process of its fleet and build new vehicles (real armored IFV and APC) for future events AMS and others. I know you guys are busy. but.... Can you guys try to get a the new POV rules together soon for next year. It takes months and months of planning and fabrication to prepare vehicles, and the vehicles for BH4 are already being planned. We want to make sure they are 100% rule abiding before we start several months of fabrication and spend thousands of dollars on steel. before Mike buys a Russian BTR only to be told later that it is only a transport better suited for a truck..
  4. it gets better with 7 days of no sleep or no chow. on day 5 i start seeing gremlins in the trees.
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  8. but 36 strait hours makes more sense. or 48 strait..
  9. SOLD Buggy, frame off build using 2" square tubing to build a "fast and quiet" buggy. Clean title, $4500 painted black, and using a sazuki sidekick drive train it is used as our SOC "special operations capable" teams quietly aroudn the fields, it is also used as a real off road toy in the colorado mountains. seating capacity of 8, with the ability to carry a maximum of 18 people around the field.
  10. the word window and the action rolled down then refers to the sub class of windows that are commonly attached to doors in automobiles. if you engaged from a window and the vehicle has fixed windows in the sides and back of a vehicle would you then expect to "roll" them down. oh wait, you cant.. rule definition must leave no room for interpretation. for example End state 2. if the boundary is the road say "the road" if it is the fence say "the fence" but don't say "the road" but mean "the fence". All you will do is create confusion. If the rule was stated. "If you fire from any vehicle then all windows must be rolled down except for the drivers." Then that would be an entirely different rule making all 4 doored vehciles not capable to fulfilling the combat IFV role. I would then go buy 3 trucks plate the back and roll down the passenger window. 2 vehicles would then drive in concert 69ing, each covering the thers window. and yes we have practiced this up to about 40mph. Or you would "body stack" the window/s. which means put dead people in them so it does not affect the rest of the passengers. If you do not understand armored warefare, and how armored vechiles are designed and make a "high speed" airsoft vehicle you will get your butt handed to you in a fire fight. if you understand mutually supporting positions, and sectors of fire with overlapping fields of fire, armor placement and visual field required for movement. Then have many in concert supporting each other then you will have it made.... But if you define the rules, and people build their vehicles to the rules, then change it because a squad / team is not using their assets wisely, then all you will do is create confusion, because you cannot change the rules mid stream especially with 700 people following the rule. Let the teams use their assets accordingly. and put AT teams on MSR's that block routs of travel. this is more effective then complaining about a window. I don't think Green realized that if you separated 3 AT teams and put them on MSR's that you would have locked down the entire north side of the field. In the end, for a mobile mechanized unit, that has a high amount of military experience from its members. They will always adapt and over come. If the rule says "if anyone firing from a vechile then the windows would be rolled down", then we would bring trucks. or old cold war APC/ IFV's. or build armored cars ourselves using 1/2" steel plate. or just fast and quiet buggies with frontal protection. or ... you get the idea. In the end, state exactly what you want to have happen, in a simple fashion that leaves no room for interpretation and is stated exactly how you want it to be followed and you will be perfect. Just expect the teams to follow the rule to a T and don't spank them when they show inginuity. "One side note.." we do get killed though the holes of the gun ports all of the time. there is just some times 5 people in the back. some times there is one and some times there is none. You would be surprised how many times we drive around with no bodies in the back and people run... its funny and expected.
  11. your command must then force them to pick it up.. IMO
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