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  1. Unable to attend this weekend and have 2 CDF tickets at face value. PM, email [email protected] or text 913-707-7564 Thanks, Torch
  2. any updates and who do we need to message for access to the secure forum?
  3. I carry 10 mags and a bottle of bb's for reloading at the mash/FOB, which is usually within a 5-minute walk after I've been medic'd and bled out. If it's further than that I've seen them have trucks to shuttle players back and forth.
  4. $149/night when I checked
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. Don't know if I would call the water potable (w/ the high sulfur content) but you can shower in it.
  7. My stock 416 shoots closer to the 350 mark with a fresh 11.1v LIPO
  8. For everyone else's edification... 3. Bolt/Single Action Rifles A. 550 fps max @ 6mm x .20g, 420 fps max @ 8mm x .34g. B. Limit one Sniper per squad. C. Weapons using an external gas source must have a locked regulator to prevent field adjustment. D. Operators of a BA/SA rifle are required to carry either a standard AEG or sidearm to engage targets within the minimum engagement distances. ...which begs the question, can you carry both an AEG and sidearm if using a bolt/single action rifle as a primary?
  9. Are there going to be beanies for sale at the op?
  10. Please excuse my ignorance (I even searched your site) but what is an EG18?
  11. Reinforcements coming in from KS/MO to aid the local militia...eff the UFS!!!
  12. No we were parked in the campground on post but i wondered that too when i heard about the Holiday Inn fire.
  13. Sticks lost a green knee pad and I think i lost a few LB's and brain cells from the heat
  14. My AAR is literally titled "We're Lucky to be Alive" - hopefully everyone on here can learn from my mistake and not have the same experience we had. Sometime in the past we had purchased a lipo smart charger and battery combo (like the one pictured below) and were using it Friday night when we arrived at camp Gruber. I had already charged one lipo battery and put another one on to charge next to my bed before i went to sleep. In the middle of the night i checked the battery a few times and when i woke up in the morning, I found it melted to my mattress with burn mark the size of a nickle underneath it. This could have ended tragically and somebody else could of had to figure this out but I'm glad we're here to tell you. The last thing i want is this event to be a memorial to someone...Please don't sleep and charge!
  15. Torch

    RV Camping

    Thanks Runt511! I called the billeting clerk at Camp Gruber (+1 (918) 549-6067)and talked to a Sgt. Stanley and got my campsite reserved...he said had a couple more left (FYI) for any one else with this concern on their mind. Blackhawk R.V. Park 12 RV Slots, Rates - Daily $9.00 * RV Sites have full hook-up
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