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  1. Thoughts and prayers go out to everyone there.
  2. I saw that pic of Donner and was like, "that's a good shot of my bro!" and then realized it was me. Yeah, identical twins.   Good stuff, love the photos!
  3. The video does it no justice. I've been in the building and holy crap... it's huge. The video doesn't even show the 2nd floor. You got a good set of owners and the right mindset.. godspeed bro.
  4. We met up with our sister team Phantom Fury out of Oregon to play at Op: End State Route 19. We were within 2nd platoon (Most of the Colorado Players were in 2nd) UFS. We had a blast running around with everyone. Here are some vids: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 6 Cars ahead of you Jimmy! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=4569872245180 Awesome Nade kill
  5. No worries buddy. Our team was watching you run back and forth while laughing. Gotta give you points for your ingenuity. Thanks for adhering to the admin!
  6. Good post. Good points. We talked on the way back and it was mentioned that we didn't see much cheating or bullsh*t from our POV. The only thing that we saw that we had a "WTF" moment was when a player (medic) was using a seat cushion to run back and forth as armor to heal dead guys. Although it was halfway comical, it wasn't really cordial to do that at a national Op. I wanted to follow up your post with what we saw was good. On Sunday morning when startex was called my team moved down the road that led to the main gate. Once we got closer to the gate we were getting yelled at by Green Players saying we were out of bounds. Not knowing that we were (that's how we inserted on Saturday) out of bounds we got an admin. Rick came up and explained that the road was off limits. Not wanting to make the other players mad I threw on my dead rag and ran over to them. Once we got to talking in a civil way both teams had the same idea of taking the road, only the green fellas got shot to hell once they had to reinsert. We pulled our team out and ran back to spawn to re-enter the AO properly to make it fair. I want to give props to the green guys for being extremely cool and understanding once we got it sorted out. High fives were given and we went back to work. Worked out later that we met on the field not 10 minutes later and had our own skirmish away from the noise and craziness of the rest of the AO. It was awesome chatting with you fellas about hometowns and such with deadrags on. The night game a green player and i were exchanging rounds and after a couple minutes all I heard from him was "Your mom is a really nice person!". My brother and I started laughing and we responded "Your grandmother makes really good cookies!". Endex was called and we met up and bullshitted about the night game, to the Witchita player that we were heckling, you are welcome to any game I host bro, that was awesome. That's the kind of stuff i love about playing airsoft. Thanks for the post. i just wanted to show some more good.
  7. Wait wait wait.. so you're telling me I CAN'T wear my Denver Bronco pajama bottoms and a Dallas Cowboys Starter coat? As long as I have a tan hat I'll be good right? /sarcasm You can get cheap uniforms on ebay for 20 bucks a set. I now own 5 uniforms to make sure I can play in upscale events such as AMS. It isn't an option, its the standard. Just read the requirements that are posted 5 months before the game and make sure you have everything to meet the criteria. Gear up people, plastic is gonna fly soon!
  8. I have. I think it's pretty good. The one thing I like is they don't add too much "production" drama (showing the same scenes over and over and over, setting up fake scenarios etc). It's real. The sad parts are hard to swallow, like last night, when the guy they rescued died 14 days later. Makes me sad. Good show, I recommend it.
  9. (I know this was mentioned for Pitcher, but not Roosevelt?) Will there be outlets to get water on site? Water buffalo available? Just wanting to see if we should haul water or not. Thanks!
  10. No bud, I got the IFAK 2 ACE bandage rule, but I saw something having to do with dice and a medicine bottle from an RDGX video? Is that in play for OESR?
  11. Medic Tube... I've searched the forums for this and can't find info on it. Can you point me in the direction of how this system works please JP? I haven't been to an AMS event since OBH. Thanks dood
  12. Looking at other threads and the registration page (for O:ESR19), Desert MARPAT is not an approved uniform. He will have to rock MC, 3color or ATACS to be approved for gameplay. And for you two to play together you will have to wear the same uni.. as the other fellas have posted. Just a heads up.
  13. I foresee lots of grenades... also putting my stubby's away and bringing out the long arms. Shooting over the roofs & hoods of cars with my VFC will be a sheer delight.
  14. Been happy with http://www.1800nametape.com/ they do a good job. Once you figure out what you want its easy, cheap and fast.
  15. Driving home from work on a Tuesday: Leave work where its a complete blizzard, white out, snowpacked roads Drive through town where its spring like and warmer with rain Pick up my daughter from her grandmothers house where it is rather warm and green and she is playing on the lawn - blue skies Pull into my driveway where its cold but no snow/rain, with Fall like conditions and cloudy 4 Seasons in under two hours. Your move OK. (and we have tornadoes too )
  16. Hey Mark, when/where did they say it was invite/application only? I thought the night games were standard? (It will be fun to play with you and your bro again!) Tyler
  17. I loved the thought of playing Pitcher. But I would rather show up and play, then not be able to play anywhere at all. Thanks fellas.
  18. I will second the VFC recommendation highly. KWA im not so balls about due to the spur gear being a two piece design. I have 2 G&G Pro-lines (Proline has a metal composite body, sportline/affordable series has a polymer body and is cheaper) that have taken a complete beating (I lend them out to beginners at games i host) and are still kicking ass after 3-4 years. But just as mentioned before, everyone has favorites. The best thing to do overall: Go to a pick-up game in your area and ask politely to handle, shoot and review everyone's setups. They will be MORE than happy to brag about their AEG. Just my two cents. Good luck partner, and welcome back to the chaos.
  19. VFC and/or G&G Stubby, Elite Force C02 1911, Tornado and ThunderB's, voodoo hayden PC, good comms, great attitude and high fives for everyone. (I have my CYMA Glock AEP, should I bring it as back-up? Looks like you fellas are bringing yours!) I'm so excited I'm already losing sleep.
  20. So with this, are soft shell combat jackets allowed (if it's cold cold?) I have a CB soft shell that matches "Tan team" but not the pattern. Still able to wear it?
  21. Just bought some tickets. More boys from Colorado reporting.
  22. Lovely JP. Either way I've already dropped hints to my wife and my boss that I might be absent in March... Thank you!
  23. Talking with my guys. Once in a lifetime opportunity to play in a town like this. Is this a full immersion 24 hour Op?
  24. Hey, I know we operate in the 460 range in FRS freq's, does this effect airsofters using UHF radios? http://transition.fcc.gov/pshs/public-safety-spectrum/narrowbanding.html I think we use the 12.5hz stepping already, but I didn't know if that was the same thing..?
  25. Kurt, Wish the rest of GZ could join ya at ORY, but such is life. Full AAR when you are back? werd.
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