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  1. Kurtz

    POV application

    Sorry I've forgotten where to send it.
  2. Absolutely not. I want intensity, yelling, screaming, and cussing. Last year at Broken Home when Caen was about to be attacked by advancing enemy forces, it was your leadership that inspired us to successfully defend and repel the opposition. If I remeber correctly, some of our squad leaders tried to warn of the impending attack, but most folks still just stood around until YOU told everyone to stop fucking around and get ready, at which point I saw everyone grab a gun and go! It was amazing and inspiring and I hope I get a chance to play with you again.
  3. "Resistance Only Feeds The Machine!"
  4. Where do I get my POV application? And if there is not one to be had, what Info would be required beyond pictures and proof of insurance?
  5. Whats up buddy? I think I still have a motorola radio with your name on it from Operation Phoenix.
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  7. STLSF will never RAGE when we get rolled, just BLAZE!
  8. Yes it's true, quality trumps quantity. But a whole company that plays together on a regular basis is a scary adversary, take my word for it!
  9. UFS has an entire company from St. Louis.
  10. "Resistance Only Feeds the Machine"
  11. Wow, is this entire Platoon SLAP? 23 People from one organization = OWN! "Resistance Only Feeds the Machine."
  12. We must protect the tactical coolers!
  13. I would like access as well if Squad Leaders are permitted. Not quite sure what company we are yet so if anyone from command could PM me it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, Kurtz Out!
  14. Kick ass! Three rooms booked! Thank you AMS!
  15. Regina with Guest Relations at the Indigo Skye Hotel and Casino says she has not yet heard from AMS. Will there be a discount rate for BH participants staying at the hotel again this year? And if so is there a code or something we will need when making reservations?
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