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  1. I have to agree that the fight for point 5 on day 2 was the best fight of the op. it is for sure one of my top firefights I have ever been in. You tan guys were every-frickin-where! Kept us medics plenty busy. Thank you all for the great fight and being gratious victors as well. I only saw any real cheating once during the "tan guys in white capris" event on the end of day 1. one tan player was sitting in the back seat of a car with the window up and sticking his gun out the front window shooting at us. Not so blind fire I guess. anyway, an admin was called and he told us that if he saw it he would handle it.the offender was dispached soon thereafter. I want to thank everyone who played a part in making this awesome op happen. I look forward to meeting more of you in person and getting to shoot at or with you. :-)
  2. aaaaaaaaand *packs my bolt cutters*
  3. will we be alowed to park at our camp site? I looked around and couldn't find this addressed anywhere.
  4. For all my forum use, email and screen name use I have always been rfx55. I was trying to come up with something cool to use as my email adress back in 1997. I looked at a dummy grenade I had sitting on the desk next to me and there it was, rfx55 stamped right into the side. As far as call signs go I just use my last name. A lot of people outside of airsoft call me Burchett anyway so I just stuck with it. Never had a nick name with any staying power anyway.
  5. Current setup is 7+1 primary 2+1 secondary. I run three midcaps on my PC and four in two double stack tacos on my battle belt. Battle belts are still a new thing for me so it might change in the future it might stay the same for ever. I'll have to see how it goes.
  6. rfx55

    Bio ammo?

    Will we be able to buy EF bio ammo on sight or do we need to use the purchace function on the ticket page?
  7. If I could find someone who wanted to split the cost of gas with me that would he awesome. I'm coming from the warrensburg, Kansas city area. I have a pannel van and if someone would ride along I would be more than willing to share camp space, cooking tools and my genorator.
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