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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.


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  1. I got shot in the brow one time, bb forced its way past the seal of my helo kit. Never wore them again. Seal quality is important too.
  2. I have a spare you can purchase if you would like.
  3. You can turn the active breaking off on the burst wizard.
  4. I would think you'd have to devise some sort of electronic mechanism to cycle the rounds. Maybe something akin to a dual stage trigger or just modify an AEG all together and time it to cycle and fire or fire and cycle. There would be a little bit of engineering this way but it would be your most reliable method. Other than just designing something from the ground up. Either way, you will have to have an external power source to feed the rounds. The rounds themselves don't have enough power to cycle themselves so either a 'bolt action' style or a mechanical feeding system will be needed. This would be truly awesome but really expensive.
  5. That's a good tip. Except that in old school kwa's the nozzle rests in the open position.
  6. You have 4 possibilities here 1. The ramp is worn out. 2. The tappett plate is getting worn out. 3. You have a bad batch of BBS or 4. Your mags are getting old. As for the randomly starting and stopping. Sounds like an electrical issue.
  7. A 9.6 or a 7.4 lipo at 15-20c will be your best bet. I am currently running a 2000 mah 7.4 tho I have it either in a mock peq or in a pistol taco mounted on the outside. Most of the batteries that will fit in the gas tube are not going to last as long as you need them to and you could potentially have that moment when you need your gun and your battery is dead. However if you choose to go the route of in the gas tube, any battery that will fit into a AK will work. Now a couple things that you need to upgrade right away is the piston and motor. The piston is from a bygone era of classic army where the second tooth is present and the AOE is..... well lets just say that I would be surprised if it lasted half a day of heavy fighting. And the motor is very lack luster as well. its magnets are weak and it is very inefficient. The gears are an 18:1 standard ratio so depending on the spring any motor should be able to delver 15-20rps I would also replace the gears but that's just me. Also note that the piston guide inside the gear box is very rough I would polish it. Here is what is going into mine. Matrix Godzilla motor, Angel custom piston piston head and cylinder, Siegetek 20.8:1 gears and a pommy m130 spring. Note that the RPS will be a little slower but remember that the box mag can only feed so many bbs at a time.
  8. Butters. I would check your chrono. May need to be re calibrated. I was there early Friday and ran my p* through all 3 of their cronos and then my own afterwards with no difference.
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  10. http://americanmilsim.com/forum/index.php?/topic/2345-fps/page-2&do=findComment&comment=21184 Here is the post.
  11. Yea t-rex it was at 335 before broken home. However this was a mistake on ams's side where their math was wrong. It got lowered as a result.
  12. Hotels have plenty of alcohol for me. Also showers.......
  13. Blue1

    CoST pride

    Parks you are an outstanding individual. And a real credit to UFS.
  14. Blue1

    CoST pride

    Error on the AMS side. But still parks your a little big for your britches here.
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