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  1. Hey Everyone, I am sure several of you know me even though I have not attended an AMS event for a few years. Unfortunately work and family make those weekend road trips impractical at the moment. For those of you who do not know me my name is Rob. My airsoft call sign is Gunfather but most people just call me Rob. I am a 16 year Omaha Police officer, SWAT since 2009 and SWAT sniper since 2016. I am an avid firearms enthusiast and trainer. This is not to say I am the "King Shit of Tactical Fuck Mountain", just establishing a little bit of credibility. Having said that I never served in the armed forces. I have a lot of real steel small arms training but it is all in a SWAT context. I am still a game organizer for the Omaha area and host about one game a month during the season. A few years ago I started a YouTube channel, Gunfather Milsim, as a hobby but more recently I am trying to get more serious about it. I currently have 249 subscribers (which is shit of course) but I am hoping to start getting some more traction in the community. I make videos about tactics, gear/gun reviews, airsoft/milsim discussion and real steel. I have some older game play videos but I stopped doing them as they require a lot of editing to produce and they are not that entertaining. The goal of my channel is to bridge the gap between the real steel community and the airsoft/milsim community. Its something I am passionate about and would appreciate any support I can get from this community. So please stop by and watch a few videos. If you like what you see please subscribe. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBH8vVjNibmlmiMTd2-zK7g Thanks, Rob
  2. Hey guys, I applied for and was chosen to be one of fifty "ICS Captains" last year. I figured I could score some free swag. ICS said they would possibly send some of us free guns to T&E. Lucky me, they sent me the new ICS CXP UK1 Captain. Thus in an attempt to spread the gospel of ICS I completed a quick review. Rob
  3. For Sale: Echo1 OCW. Comes with high cap magazine, Madbull 6.02 TBB, upgraded hop up rubber, h nub, upgraded piston and piston head. Converted to Deans. Magpul PTS stock. Probably a few more internal upgrades I can't recall because I never have to open up this gun. Shoots right at 400 fps. This is my best performing AEG. $300 firm. DBoys AK74U. Comes with high cap magazine, 10.8v stick battery. Madbull 6.02 TBB, and upgraded hop up rubber. Converted to Deans. This was my back up AK. Rarely fielded. Chronos at 380 fps last time I checked. Asking $150
  4. For sale ICS M4. This gun comes with the following: 2x ICS brand 9.6v crane stock batteries Madbull 6.02 TBB 2x upgraded upper gearboxes (both at 400 fps) Upgraded with new ICS metal hopup Magpul AFG 4x replica Acog (the good one) Midwest Industries rail system (real steel) Single point sling mount Custom Paint (obviously) Asking $400 OBO
  5. Big Candy I hear you about the lack of range in airsoft but at least there is a projectile that is coming down range that causes pain (albeit not much) instead of just noise. I just don't see the urgency of getting behind cover to escape the imaginary bullets. It seems to me that the the whole event would be closer to Civil War reenactment than actual milsim. The lack of range is an issue with all firearm simulation. I have used airsoft, simunition and UTM rounds. They all have their limitations. For what it is worth airsoft has the most range AND consistency of the three. I had a woodland scenario last month using UTM rounds. They are pretty much the top of the line right now for simulations. I was playing the role of a bad guy who had robbed a bank and escaped into a wooded area. I shot two of my pursuers before I went down in a hail of "gunfire". The range is only about 70% of that of airsoft and the rounds drop pretty fast. You can watch them arc through the air so at range you have to aim about a foot above your target. I found myself thinking that if I had my AEG I could have easily shot four or five guys before I got hit. http://www.bluesheepdog.com/2015/02/05/universal-training-munitions-utm/
  6. Hey Folks, I did a search on the forum and couldn't find this discussed anywhere else so I am hoping to get some insight on this one. A few members of our local airsoft community have jumped on the Milsim West pipe (read "cult") and are going on about BFA weapons being all the rage. Smugness of MSW players aside, I don't understand how the game mechanics still function with a BFA weapon. How does anyone call a hit? It seems to me that the game would quickly degenerate into a very expensive rendition of cowboys and indians in which everyone plays dress up and makes a lot of noise but nothing is actually accomplished. P.S. I fully understand blank fire adapters. I have used them in several training scenarios so no education is necessary.
  7. For anyone who has a similar problem in the future I ultimately got a WE G17. If fits the Safariland ALS hoodless well. Although it is slightly larger than a standard small frame Glock. For example it will NOT fit a Blackhawk SERPA holster. Fortunately the ALS holster has looser tolerances than the SERPA.
  8. For starters that is A LOT of real estate for two guys. On SWAT we would bring ten guys to clear and dominate an apartment half of that size. Thus your scenario is kinda a non starter. Additionally your methods of clearing vary based on what you know about the target and your objective. However, to avoid getting into the deep water we will keep it simple. Let's just say you have two guys and this is a "have to" clear structure and you are "pretty sure" a bad guy is in there. First, best option is to clear it from the outside using open doors and windows. However, that is a pretty boring answer and probably not what you were looking for. So, let's say they have blinds and you can't break out the windows, ect. I would probably start my clear from the right side entry point. I think that is the best spot from which to take the first bite of this turd sandwich. Clear as much as you can from the door. Split the door between the two of you (one on each side). Point man goes in followed by second (obviously). Second is just off his shoulder to get two muzzles down range but point man has priority of shot. Second is there to cover point man and make his job easier. Clear rooms as you encounter them but CLEAR FROM THE DOOR. Dynamic entry is for movies. If you want to survive use cover and don't rush into any room. While point man is clearing the room from the door jam the second will hold long cover from his shoulder, slightly behind as to avoid exposing himself to the room. Only make entry into a room after you have observed as much as you can from the outside. Use the door jam as cover to pie the room. If nothing is seen or engaged from the door, make entry. Second enters room after first. Ideally a third guy would step in each room and provide long cover but we don't have that so you have to give up something. Anyway clear the rooms as you encounter them. When you reach the T intersection in the hallway the team would split the T initially. I would clear the top part of the hallway first as it is shorter. Here is a tough call. Do you leave a guy at the T intersection to hold long cover down the hall or have him go with the guy clearing the lone room up the hall? I think the right call is to have one guy hold on the long hall from cover while the other guy does a one man clear on that room. Is it ideal? No, but this is a "have to" situation. If you were being super hardcore you could have one guy hold on the long hallway while the other one goes around the building to the top entrance and make entry on that lone door from there. That way he doesn't have to turn his back on an uncleared area. Although this option is safest it is a bit unpractical. I prefer to clear rooms from the "non first light" side anyway, so I first approach would work better on that lone room at the top of the building. Anyway after that room is cleared, link back up and work your way down the last hall clearing each room as you reach it. Of course in CQB you can do everything correct and still die. The goal is to die less often. My 2 cents.
  9. Quick AAR from PL of UFS, Delta2 (Airsoft Nebraska). We were tasked with establishing a mobile respawn point at CP7 (not hard given we started out there) and then pushing south and capturing Pegasus Bridge. We accomplished those goals. We spent the vast majority of the day defending CP7, Victory Ridge and, to a lesser degree, Pegasus Bridge. We made a couple of pushes in to Kahn but, as far as I know, never captured it. That is about it. I have some criticisms of this op but I don't want to sound like I am being to hard on the admins. I have put on several ops (typically in the 50 to 175 players range) and I know how difficult it can be to try new things. Although it might look great on paper how it actually plays out on the field can be something entirely different. That is how I am approaching this AAR. I liked the concept of getting away from the main areas of D-Day Park and operating in the lesser explored western regions of the AO. As previously stated, this resulted in troops being VERY spread out and enemy contact became fairly infrequent as compared to previous Broken Home Ops. For my part I would have preferred less objectives and more enemy contact. We spent the vast majority of the day in the same stretch woods having small skirmishes with squads of five to ten. It felt like a Saturday pick up game back home. Although we won the majority of our engagements I left the game feeling disappointed. One of my favorite aspects of playing in this AO are seeing 150+ player pushes through heavily defended areas. We didn't have any of that this year and I missed it. Some of us, including myself, didn't play Sunday as we could not afford to get stuck at D-Day due to obligations back home. I know everyone got out but operating with the limited information we had available Sunday morning we were not willing to risk it. From what I have heard from our guys who stayed we missed some of the best game play of the weekend. Regardless, I had a good time. Just not as good as some of my previous trips to D-Day Park.
  10. I would remove any clone red dot sights if you run one. They are known for not having the tightest seals. If water gets inside the sight it can ruin it.
  11. Quick question that I could not find a specific answer to in the ruleset. Can a Platoon Leader carry a special weapon such as a sniper rifle or a DMR? Is the PL attached to a specific squad or just on his own? Thanks.
  12. Myself and the rest of the airsoft Nebraska guys have been UFS from the beginning. During BH1 and BH2 we were getting our teeth kicked in and it was not always fun but we never jumped ship. Now the tide has turned and the UFS is on the winning streak. I am confident that the tide will turn again. Although I will always play UFS I got a lot of respect from any player who picks a side and sticks with it through thick and thin. The only way teams get annihilated is when players get frustrated and go home early (quitters) and leave the hard core behind to continue on with even worse odds. I have been on both sides of the equation. This "sport" would not be possible if not for the guys who gut it out to the end even though they are out numbered due to all the fair weather players who cut and run Saturday afternoon because the game is not going their way.
  13. Yes, I know they are cheap but mine has a broken mic port. I don't want to risk getting another lemon. Hoping somone has a fully functinoal one that they are willing to part with cheap. Thanks, Rob
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