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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.

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  2. Hit me up asap. We will have goods on site. AMS that is.
  3. House Reservations are closed. See you Friday!
  4. If you are interested please message me asap. 20 are already rented and have about 10 left. The deadline to be reserved and paid is 08/24 Rick Kastner rick@americanmilsim.com
  5. Rooms for rent.... -Open room of 6 Bunks... (12) people D. Johnson, W. Jackson, E. Thompson, C. Pudas, R. Cashier, J. HendricksonR. Sayton, J. Coco Brown, D. Ly, -Small 2 bedroom -Room with bathroom Reserved - M. Welshenbaugh (Thursday, Fri, Sat.) -Corner Room (Paul Aviles) P. Aviles, D. Harvard, J. Cowan, M. Sodolak & C. Parkinson (Friday & Saturday) -Left Room (Paul Aviles) C. Peebles, D. Davis, G. Gregory & M. Rodriguez (Friday & Saturday) -Right Room (Mark T.) of Brewcity Bootleggers. (Friday & Saturday)
  6. For those of you that do not wish to camp, the next best and closest thing to the End State AO is the Triple J Hunting Lodge, located in Roosevelt, OK about 300 yards from the AO. We have toured the Lodge and it is GREAT! If you have a large team and do not wish to camp this is a great option. The Lodge can sleep 40 players, has full restroom and shower facilities, full kitchen and great room with Large TV and Wifi. Rate is 50 dollars per player for the weekend. Friday/Saturday. Additional nights are $25.00 Address: 401 Dunn Street Roosevelt, OK 73564 Please contact rick@americanmilsim.com set up your reservation. Be advised Triple J is not affiliated with American Milsim. First come, first serve basis. *RULES of the LODGE* Payment method is ONLY CASH. I will hand off the registration to the owner and you will pay him directly. I am only helping book the rooms, this is not affiliated with AMS.Each room has sheets, covers and pillowsYou can check in on Thursday afternoon.No more than what the attached diagram shows per room. This is to alleviate one from allowing 3-4 additional guys to sleep on the ground in their room. What happens is the hot water heater cannot keep up with that many additional bodies. And overflow somehow end up sleeping in the living room.No sleeping in the living room.Do not track mud in the lodge, please take off your muddy shoes inside the enclosed porch Be respectful of the property so we can come back For photos of the Lodge please see link below..... http://americanmilsi...lodge-sold-out/
  7. Please RSVP for the Black Card Dinner Friday night! RSVP here! http://americanmilsim.com/forum/index.php?/topic/5659-black-card-dinner-northern-front/
  8. http://americanmilsim.com/forum/index.php?/topic/5653-northern-front-helo-schedule/
  9. I tried my best to pair you. If there are changes to be made please post or email me rick@americanmilsim.com. The schedule will also be posted on site near registration. SATURDAY 11:00 Devin Halbert Dylan Stevens-Foster 11:15 Christopher Cox Sean Deal 11:30 Jared Brown Preston Foreman 11:45 Alfonse Kolis (Bought Steven Estes Ticket) Jacob Brewer 12:00 PILOT LUNCH 1:00 Garrett Bremer Charles Bremer 1:15 Artez Hardin Michael Moon 1:30 AMS - Alex Mulder 1:45 Caleb Willner Jake Strum 2:00 Brandon Benge Steven Grimes 2:15 Jamie Daniels Eric Rogers 2:30 AMS - Alex Mulder 2:45 Doug Spectre Paul Aviles 3:00 Blake Frost Kimberly Frost 3:15 Doug Spectre Paul Aviles 3:30 Michael Perkins Patrick Delehanty 3:45 Jason Kisner Mickenna Jones 4:00 AMS - Alex Mulder 4:15 Jack Tallman (Bought from Alexander Cao ticket) Jacob Robinson 4:30 Michael Sodolak Jeff Cowan 4:45 Jason Kisner ​Timothy Robertson ​5:00 Ben Leaf ​Hayden Roehl ​5:15 Hunter Staples ​Justin Mahoney ​5:30 Andrew Stockwell ​Nate Mooney ​5:45 ​David Gipson Austin LaBorde ​6:00 ENDEX EV 1 ​Sunday ​10:30 John Watkins ​David Frye ​10:45 Jonathan Jendrejack John Watkins ​11:00 11:15
  10. You cannot enter the AO from the SOUTH. There is a big concern with anyone being near the last building that is out of play on the map. Please only enter the AO from the North. The address provided below will direct you to the North side of the AO where parking, camping and registration will be. You WILL BE LOCKED OUT of the AO since Black Site does not allow you to roam the AO. 267 Town Center Dr, Anniston, AL 36205
  11. To Black Card members, if you plan to attend the Friday 8PM dinner please RSVP in the Black Card forums.... http://americanmilsim.com/forum/index.php?/forum/97-black-label-club/
  12. Good catch! I've updated the schedule
  13. The Rick


    Camping will be open 24/7. There is no gate we plan to lock. It would be a logistic nightmare to lock you in our out of the property.
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