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    TheJP got a reaction from Brandon Neil in BROKEN HOME X - REGISTRATION INFO   
    American Milsim is Proud to Present

    BROKEN HOME X -- The Final Stand
    October 9-10th, 2021
    D-Day Adventure Park, Wyandotte, OK
    After a decade of fighting both Federal and Coalition forces have mustered their FINAL assault in attempts to secure the state of Oklahoma the genesis battle of the modern civil war. This state is key to both factions plans to end the current strife. With abundant oil and natural gas fields, accessibilities to the Southern Coalition territories military planners see Oklahoma as the "keystone" state to control the final tempo of this decade long civil war.
    ELITE FORCE Gambler
    Choice of American Milsim Tee shirt and Patch
    Registration opens Tuesday, July 13th @ NOON CST
    Event Details:
    Free on-site camping Limited RV Slots w/ Hookups - First come first serve ($35 per day paid to DDAP) Limited 110v Camping Slots- First come first serve ($10 per day paid to DDAP) On-site Showers and Restrooms (Southern Side only) Included in the enlistment fee all players will receive the following at check-In:
    REGISTRATION fee of $155.00 + Tax + fees per player Broken Home X PVC Patch Broken Home X FINAL STAND Challenge Coin AMS Event Veteran PVC Patch AO Map Ticket for Game End Raffle  
    OPFOR: UFS Army / CDF (United Federal States & Civilian Defense Force) 200 SLOTS
    ONLY The following Uniform(s) will be allowed - Players not adhering to the uniform restrictions will be removed from the AO until their uniform is CORRECT.

    BLUEFOR: CoST / SD (Coalition of Sovereign Territories & Sierra Dynamics) 200 SLOTS
    ONLY The following Uniform(s) will be allowed - Players not adhering to the uniform restrictions will be removed from the AO until their uniform is CORRECT.

    All Event Ticket purchases or reservation deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE! All event Ticket SALES ARE FINAL. All event Tickets are Transferable  
    Please email info@americanmilsim.com to transfer a ticket to another individual. 
    American MilSim only offers full event refunds to Military/LE personnel in the event they are called for deployment/training. Players seeking a refund will be required to provide their Federal/State issued Military or LE identification.
    *Our troops always come first! Event time and date are subject to change for Military requirements. In the case of time/date change event(s) will be rescheduled.
    All American Milsim events are BIO BBs ONLY EVENTS.
    Helpful Links:
    Broken Home X Forums
    American Milsim Safety Primers
    Meet the American Milsim Crew
    UFS Facebook Group
    CoST Facebook Group
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    TheJP got a reaction from Nick Massie in Uniform requirements   
    That will be fine.
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    TheJP got a reaction from Thomas T. in IRONHORSE 3 release form(s)   
    Help us HELP YOU Check-in QUICKLY!
    Please have both of these release forms printed and filled out prior to check in to make sure we get you through the process as quickly as possible!
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    TheJP reacted to Otter in Ironhorse 3 suggestions for more awesomeness   
    Hello AMS and friends,
    I just signed up for IH3 and I'm pumped! The guardian center is an amazing AO with some things I've never seen anywhere else. After talking to some of my buddies who got to play IH1 and IH2 we compiled a little list of suggestions (more like observations you can take or leave) that would make the AO that much better for IH3.
    1. Make all Buildings and floors accessible- From talking to friends who went to IH1, it sounded like all the buildings were open and they could traverse all the floors of those buildings which made the fights very dynamic and action packed. When we went to IH2 there were a lot of roped off areas and roped off upper floors. Because they were roped off it cut off some avenues of attack and retreat which made the game pretty 2 dimensional (hold this corner and you cut off 3 blocks of the AO, sort of thing). This could have been directed by the Guardian Center and not American Milsim, but from what I understand the AO was completely open for IH1 so I'm not sure.
    2. No locked doors- The AO had a really cool set of tunnels with main access points (large openings or double doors) in a few spots. There are also smaller access points along the outside. During IH2 all of these smaller access points were somehow locked closed. Since this tunnel runs the whole length of one side of the field and the main access points are close to each of the team spawns what happened was one team would take the tunnel, push to the main access point and couldn't be flanked due to the locked doors. So it turned into a spawn camping fight rather than one in this great AO. Please don't let the doors to the tunnel get locked.  Another set of locked doors I recently found out about was the subway tunnel. Evidently they started out unlocked at IH2 but like the doors to the main tunnel were closed and locked. I've never seen the subway section of the AO which I hear is really amazing.
    3. Remove active bases- IH2 made the main spawn points "active" to attack which ended up being a bit weird and unsafe. Not only where people there at the base removing lower face masks (not eyepro) to drink water or eat snacks which could then make them vulnerable to losing a tooth or two, but they also played no strategic importance since people where spawning there. The opposing force would walk up and shoot at people who were respawning who would then kill the opposing force and there were a lot of "he said, she said, you were dead" since the guys were dead but spawning. It was all very confusing and frustrating and I was lead to believe this didn't happen at IH1.
    Again, I am very excited about IH3. Its a great AO and AMS puts on good events. I just figured I would throw out some suggestions to make the game even better than last time. Looking forward to January!
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    TheJP reacted to Juniorslothsix in What to expect   
    A typical weekend for milsim OP is the following:
    7:30am, arrive and chrono.
    8:00prep gear, get body armor on, mags loaded, comms equipment functional and programmed(try to program ahead of time), water carriers filled, backpacks packed and ready to head to spawn. 
    8:30-9:00; assemble in front of the flag post at formation with your squad leaders and team. 
    ~9:15 head to your squads start locations.
    After that the operation will start, and your squad leads will lead you from there. 
    I tend to try and stop and eat around 11-12 so I don’t get low blood sugar and pass out mid match. If anyone is diabetic in your group I suggest doing so earlier. 
    As for gear, always bring team specific rain gear (green or tan) spare batteries for everything like comms equipment, red dot sights, guns, etc. make sure you have a red rag to use as a dead rag.
    If running rifleman loadout, you should expect to need about 5000rnds for the whole weekend. Last year I was a medic and I used less than 5,000 total, prob more than 3000 used. If you run a light machine gun, then bring 10,000-20,000 rounds. I highly suggest checking out infantryshopusa for cheap but high quality BB’s, you should try and buy for you and your friends because shipping costs can be high and it’s better to buy in bulk. 
    ok, so this is a big one, DO NOT come to the event in a camouflage not stated in your teams rule book. Last year guys were showing up in tan helmets, uniforms and gear when they were green team, we had to have those people wear green reflective tape to signify their teams, also, the cadre told everyone that that was going to be the last time it was allowed to happen, from then on, the uniform restrictions are solid and no exceptions will be made unless otherwise stated. Also, depending on your team, understand what you are about to walk into, if you are on COST then wear the deepest green you can because north Texas is super super green in the spring.
    please try to arrive on Friday. I know it’s an extra night in a hotel or tent but being able to chrono a day early, meet with your squad leaders, get radios and communications working is super important. 
     I highly doubt there will be night ops as there were none last year, however, if there are, you want a flashlight at minimum, and all things that  are required under the night ops rule section. As it is your first time you most likely won’t have night vision goggles, but be aware, some people will most likely run night vision. 
    and lastly, expect to be hot, tired, WET, sandy, caked in mud and clay, and look like you just got out of a real war. Get used to the idea that you will most likely play in rain, and crawling around in mud. Last year it rained for 2 hours before the event and a little during, I left caked from head to toe in mud. And then, wiped it off, took a shower, and did it all again the second day.
    Let me know if you have any other questions. 
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    TheJP reacted to DesertMarksman in Latrine Duties?   
    Will each faction have a designated latrine digging squad, tossing newspaper on top or are toilets available on site?  I'd imagine in any of those scenarios there is a BYOTP rule in force, but any clarity would be appreciated.
    Lets be honest, if your toilet game isn't on point, then your combat game definitely isn't either
    On an unrelated note (insert fantastic segue here) do we need to purchase a press ticket to use our Go Pros during operations on the AO?
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    TheJP reacted to uglytanker1 in 3 man scout team   
    I want to field a 4 man scout team under operational control of the PSA commander. The team will have a vehicle and a drone for reconnaissance. The team will be the 181st motorized cavalry out of Colorado. Is this a possibility?
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    TheJP got a reaction from Kerberos in Taginn Paladins   
    No, I cant keep up with everyone of their spin off brands. Chalk and Peckers ARE NOT allowed, the ones that go BOOM are. Hope that makes sense.
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    TheJP reacted to Miarreol3393 in Atacs-AU and AUX   
    I signed up as E-10 and I wanted to know if Atacs-AUX would be counted as Atacs-AU since it’s the second iteration of Atacs-AU
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    TheJP reacted to Kerberos in Taginn Paladins   
    Hey All! Just looking for a rule clarification. As I understand it, Paladin Marking rounds are considered a "no-go", even for eliminating vehicles. Is that correct?
    Also, if that is the case, I'm curious why that is. For my own satisfaction mind you. Rules are rules. See you all at Copperhead!
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    TheJP reacted to Marshmellow in 2017 Approved AMS Faction Uniforms.   
    Yeah I bought a ticket for the Eastern Front and plan to get there thurs after the camp opens. This way I can talk with ppl, ect. Looking forward to it.
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    TheJP reacted to Marshmellow in 2017 Approved AMS Faction Uniforms.   
    Copy that thank you for the confirmation. I'm still debating on the Eastern Front milsim in Aug. Not sure if I'll be prepared yet but this kinda infor helps.
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    TheJP reacted to Marshmellow in New CoST from New York   
    Fellow Ops,
        Name is Joshua, and just starting airsoft this season. I have a few events I am attending (one in two weeks and one in mid July) which will give me some exposure to the sport. I'm also with a league local to my place as well. I am pumped to get going on these Milsims and look forward to learning new stuff. Oorah brothers and sisters, Stay safe out there.
       ~Joshua; Call Sign: Marshmellow
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    TheJP reacted to UnzippedUnicorn in Question About Camo Color   
    Hi. I am brand new here and I thought I post and ask about some clarifications about Camo Color for the two factions. I know that COST requires the use of "Green Color" and UFS to be more along of Tan. However, I was wondering if the following camouflage can be used for whichever faction I plan to join or be on.
    Thanks for your time and hope to perhaps have an answer to my question.
    Camogram (very similar to Multicam)
    Vegetato Desert
    Pencott GreenZone
    Pencott Badlands (Desert)
    Coyote Tan
    Pictures for reference:
    Pencott Badlands:

    Pencott Greenzone:


    Vegetato Desert:

    Coyote Tan:

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    TheJP reacted to Thompson in Landmines   
    Thanks for the quick response and the advice! We are looking to invest in several claymores as I do agree, they are more effective. 
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    TheJP reacted to Thompson in Landmines   
    Are airsoft landmines allowed art AMS Events?
    I have read through the ruleset and did not see any rules covering whether or not landmines are allowed. My teams is going to be attending Norhtern Front II and we're wondering if we can bring our landmines (https://www.evike.com/products/51316/). If they are allowed are there any rules or regulations that we need to follow? If not thanks for letting us know. 
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    TheJP reacted to Cwm8776 in OP: COPPERHEAD 4 Registration INFO   
    Is tiger stripe multicam acceptable? If so would it fall under UFS or PSA?
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    TheJP reacted to davester16 in OBH8 AAR   
    My team and I had a great time! We played COST and felt that our leadership was great, communicated well and made sure everyone hydrated. I would have loved a T-shirt but no biggie. We did feel that the initial field position favored UFS, but also understand that was the intent. And Sunday the change in field position was welcome! I played Broken Home 7 and it was HOT.... lots of heat cats! this year was much better; I know having it on Memorial Day meant a lot of guys couldn't come but I certainly appreciated the lower temperatures. Maybe there's a time next year near Memorial Day that would work? Honestly I don't know of anything major I would change. It was our first time operating a gun truck... I think WE would like some constructive criticism! 
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    TheJP got a reaction from Zone in OBH8 AAR   
    OBH 8 AAR 
    We are always trying to IMPROVE AMS events while at the same time changing things up, sometime it's a hit and sometime it's a dud, but we are always trying to evolve and improve.
    That being said, let us know about check-in, vendor row, activities, AO, PoVs, HELO and the event.
    Please no bitching, whining or crying, constructive criticisms appreciated.
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    TheJP got a reaction from Poe in OBH8 HELO SCHDULE   
    Poe, I assume when you purchased the ticket it just put both in your name, which slot are you in?
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    TheJP reacted to TheGorilla in OBH8 HELO SCHDULE   
    As much as I would love to go up 3 times I only ordered 2 tickets. One of them should be under Austin Pellegrino- the other Ambrose Wigglesworth. His name is not listed here and we are hoping to go up together. 
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    TheJP reacted to Flanker in OBH8 HELO SCHDULE   
    I signed up and paid for a helo run but am not on the schedule.  Can you check into this please?  Thanks
    Shawn Moore
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    TheJP reacted to Airsoft_Geek in OBH8 Event Schedule   
    Is CDF with UFS for faction brief, or do they have their own that isn't listed yet?
    Also, for the Friday safety briefings, 1-4 PM every hour, does that mean the last one starts at 4 or ends at 4?
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    TheJP reacted to Sitka029 in Question on what's allowed from new player   
    Ok thanks that's good to know then as there'll be a bit of mixing and matching.
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    TheJP reacted to AmpedAirsoft in Amped Airsoft On Site Vendor - Preorders Available!   
    Hello everyone! 
    I just wanted to post up to let you know that Amped Airsoft will be on site vending and now has pre-orders available.  
    We will have a wide selection of products within our trailer near check in and will be on site starting Thursday.  We are bringing a ton of PYRO (EG-67s and Smokes), however, encourage pre-orders so that we can ensure to bring enough for everyone.  
    If you are interested in pre-orders, please follow these steps:
    Head over to http://ampedairsoft.comto place your order.  During checkout, please select in store pickup and place in the comments to Bring to Broken Home.  We will box up your order and set it aside to bring to Broken Home.  Once you arrive, simply stop by our trailer to pickup your order.  We will be located near registration check in.  If anyone has any questions, please shoot us an email at sales@ampedairsoft.com. 
    See everyone there once you get on site! 
    Kurtis & the Amped Crew

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