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  1. I'd pay for this TBH :)
  2. We are proud to have the following sponsors and industry partners that support you, the player: Elite Force, Evike, ZShot, Titan Power, Enola Gaye, MoeGuns, LBX Tactical, Redline Airsoft, Milwaukee Custom Kydex, Mechanix Wear.POW! -- We've added KRYTAC to the Copperhead V on-site vendor line up! Wanna man-handle A KRISS VECTOR?? Make some time and check out the amazing products that Krytac has to offer!BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE...AMPED Airsoft as our on-site vendor is now taking pre-orders to be delivered to the AO! Buy what you need and pick it up at the event!
  3. You can buy them on site as well.
  4. TheJP

    PSA Ticket

    Sorry yo hear that man, make sure you post up in the PSA/CoST FB group page as well!
  5. HELP US HELP YOU SAVE TIME! Please print off and fill out the [1] American Milsim Event Release form to have ready when checking-in! This will save everyone significant time during your registration process! Thanks, JP AMS-CH5-RELEASE.pdf
  6. Players are responsible for adhering to Time Table Times and Events are subject to change; please check this post often for any updates. ALL TIMES ARE LOCAL (Mountain Time Zone (UTC -07:00) PLAYABLE AO Facility Closed to Players (DO NOT WALK AO) Thursday August 29th Gates Open for Camping 8:00 AM / 0800 hrs NO RV Hook Ups available NO POTABLE water on site Friday August 30th Check In / Chrono Opens 12:00 PM / 1200 hrs Safety Briefing every HOUR starting at 2:00 (PLAYERS MUST ATTEND) 2:00-4:00 / 1400-1600 hrs *Located in Conference Room *4:00 will start the last briefing before early Saturday briefing POV Safety Inspection *Located outside conference room building in parking lot 5:00 PM / 1700 hrs CoST/PSA Faction Meeting - Encouraged Everyone attend!! *Located in Conference Room 5:00 PM / 1700 hrs UFS Faction Meeting - Encouraged Everyone attend!! *Located in Conference Room 6:00 PM / 1800 hrs Check In Closes 6:00 PM / 1800 hrs Chrono Closes 6:00 PM / 1800 hrs Direct Action Mission LVL 1 - Brief / Step Off 9:00 PM / 2100 hrs *Located in Safety Briefing Room Saturday August 31st Check In / Chrono Opens 8:00-10:00 AM / 0800 to 1000 hrs *FINAL SAFETY BRIEFING* (PLAYERS MUST ATTEND AT LEAST ONE FRI or SAT) 8:30 AM / 0830 hrs Formation for Morning Briefing (Staging area) 10:00 AM / 1000 hrs *West of registration parking lot (in grass) *Platoons form up by Squads at Staging Area* Players are expected to be on time, Staff will NOT WAIT FOR LATE ARRIVING PLAYERS. StartEX EV1 (Evolution 1) 1100 AM / 1100 hrs EndEX EV1 (Evolution 1) 10:00 PM / 2200 hrs Sunday September 1st Chrono/Visit Registration Tent for assistance 9:00 AM / 0900 hrs Formation for Morning Briefing 10:00 AM / 1000 hrs *Platoons form up by Squads at Staging Area* Players are expected to be on time, Staff will NOT WAIT FOR LATE ARRIVING PLAYERS. StartEX EV2 (Evolution 2) 11:00 AM / 1100 hrs EndEX EV2 (Evolution 2) 2:00 PM / 1400 hrs Support Staff Rally Point *At Registration* 2:30 PM / 1430 hrs Copperhead Closing Ceremony and Raffle 3:00 PM / 1500 hrs All Players must vacate Playas Premises
  7. You'll need to speak to your CO, not to mention all POVs have been sold. :(
  8. NF2 AO Map
  9. I'd hit up Wallace from Zshot. RoF might be a programmable thing in the FCU same with bolt release. BB dropping out sounds like a bucking issue. Also use some Google-FU there are some good PTW forums out there with info.
  10. No, I cant keep up with everyone of their spin off brands. Chalk and Peckers ARE NOT allowed, the ones that go BOOM are. Hope that makes sense.
  11. Hit me up and I'll switch you out bro -- JP @ Americanmilsim.com no need to sell it if your gonna play.
  12. We have moved the Ruleset to the new site: https://americanmilsim.com/ruleset/ Regards, JP
  13. I sent you as PM as well, have question email JP @ Americanmilsim.com
  14. No, we literally post a picture with the patterns allowed -- so whats allowed is whats allowed. Please refer to: https://americanmilsim.com/factions/ Understand if you show up to an AMS event w/o the correct uniform we can eject you without refund. JP
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