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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.


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  1. I may be out of my mind, but the above post is the most sense I have read on the internet in years. Bravo.
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  3. Tippman M4 Lock 9 dollars. http://natechairsoft.com/product/tippmann-velocity-locktournament-lock-pin-m4-airsoft-carbine/
  4. Here in the Chicago Area, we are blessed to have the maker / builder of Daytona just south of the city... and Tippman right across the border in Indiana... and enough people with SMP's and Polarstars to feed any HPA frenzy. I do not own a tippman, but running and organizing games / playing around them / reffing when people use them / knowing people that have beta tested for them... They are about one generation off (in my estimation) of having a rock solid product. many of the people that have utilized them that I know have had major issues of all types and sizes... and there are multiple groups on facebook dedicated to modifying a tippman to work correctly. That being said, when they do work correctly, they are a thing of art, but I am going to clutch my daytona tight until the tippman gen 2 comes out or its refined some more.
  5. This was the first time the Chicago Airsoft Association's travel team mobilized and came out to an AMS event, which is sad, because you would think we would have in the last 14 years... but hey, better late then never. Thank you for hosting, it was fun for all of our guys and a welcome change from some of the other events that we usually frequent, we look forward to seeing more of the people we met down the road from teams, associations, and single players. That being said, I have played a lot of airsoft in the last 10 years or so and I have never really observed the types of massive fallout that has been occurring surrounding this game, much of it, inside and internal to UFS and COST and team v team. Platoons taking credit for other platoons work, and all types of silliness. It really takes the fun out of it when you travel for 12 hours, play a game, have a great time, drive 12 hours home, and then read nothing but shit all over facebook for the next three days. The AMS Staff seemed to work pretty hard, and from being an event organizer myself, I know how money breaks down, they arent getting rich. The Command Staff on both sides herded exhausted players all weekend long and did an outstanding job, and the players, from what I saw, were still fist bumping and laughing up until the last minute. Thanks for having us, and hope to see you all down the road. Bryan UFS Alpha Company - 1st Platoon Leader Chicago Airsoft Association - TF Spearhead
  6. Disclaimer : I will have a few members of my platoon (4 out of 24) in long sleeve shirts matching the DCU pattern of everyone else's DCU's in the two squads I am bringing. I anticipate no problems as they will be wearing gear, DCU pants... and from anything more then 10 feet away you cannot tell. We are doing this because combat shirts in DCU have become about as rare as dragon eggs... and a super majority of our people already had DCU stuff... (our organization does not do multicam very often so it is admittedly rare for us to own it, and not many of our people wish to invest in it to use it once) If this truly presents a problem, any member of the admin can message me or respond in this thread and I will break out my personal credit card if needs be and gear my guys up IAW regs. Thanks in advance, Bryan
  7. Hello all, It has been a while so forgive my bad manners, I have been lurking for a while but have not posted much... and remembered forum etiquette demands and intro. My real name is Bryan, up until last year I was the head of the Chicago Airsoft Association from 2006-2013, I stepped down and now am a humble board member (and now I can play again!) I have 13 years exp as an army 13F, (active and guard... and deployment) and am a police officer southwest of Chicago currently. I have been playing airsoft since 2002, when I founded a team called Renegade Bloc, that is a Chicago Airsoft Association Member team. I think I have played in 8 states, lost count of how many ops, veteran of pretty much every organizer's games somewhere and we sent a small group of 7 to BH2 to scout for us. All responses were positive from our people. at BH3 we are bringing about 24-28 CAA members down to see how things go... we expect things to go well, and we expect more numbers at future events. Airsoft... is actually illegal inside the city limits of Chicago, and as such, our organization operates in the collar counties surrounding the city, working to provide games and support for the growing community in a non profit manner while trying to support the various fields, event organizers, and stores that support us. Which is a balancing act, but we are happy to do it. If anyone has any questions about me, my team, the organization, or what we are planning to do for BH3, (within reason... cant give out too much info to CoST players) feel free to post here or send me a private message. Our organization has a lot of games and traveling ahead of us but I will be making gearing up for BH3, and getting our members ready a priority. thanks for listening, hope to lob plastic at you all soon. B.
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