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  1. One used G&G SOC16 M14 rifle. Shoots a consistent 350+. Wood stock, rail removed. Comes with two Classic Army mid-cap mags and leather sling. Great condition. Battery NOT included. Asking $ 50.00 No shipping, local pick-up in the DFW area. I'm in Coppell and would be willing to meet just about anywhere. Please feel free to PM me with any questions. I should be at D14 this weekend and have it with me.
  2. Offered for sale are the following items. I can flex on the prices a little. This stuff HAS to go...... 1 G&P M16 With M203. Needs a tune up or hop-up. Asking 150.00 1G&P M4 with APS gearbox shoots 400+ fps Asking 150.00 Assorted attachments and parts. Magpull stock 20.00 PEQ box 5.00 ( empty shell ) G&P M203 40.00 G&P gearbox, still attached to a G&G body 40.00 Redot sight. Does not work. 10.00 More to come as I continue to go through things.
  3. Offered for sale are the following items. I can flex on the prices a little. This stuff HAS to go...... USMC issue MARPAT FROG shirt and pants. 50.00 for the set. MedReg shirt MedLong Pants Army multicam flight suit custom shirt and unmodified pants. MedReg Asking 50.00 for the set.
  4. Welcome aboard from a Navy Chief and former helo crewman.
  5. Price drop.... Now asking 60.00 It's gotta go
  6. One PRC148 radio. Comes with everything seen in the attached photos. Plus one extra PTT. Charged it and turned it on maybe once. Never used it in the field. Asking 90.00 Free shipping.
  7. As do I.... I do understand that Rich could be busy with other things....
  8. I recently bought a pistol from Kastaway. Good guys, no issues. I'd buy from them again
  9. Curious.... Was that for the United Star -148 radio? Tried to do mine.....have yet to figure it out.
  10. Greetings, New to the forum. Found you guys through the NT airsoft forums. Have been playing for over 5 years. Mostly on the east coast. Ran with a great group there...looking forward to finding and playing with like-minded players in Texas.
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