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  1. I personally I like the save the "tatas", But know seriously any vet organization will appreciate all that you do. I will add a couple to the long list.. Red circle foundation, Boot campaign, Mission PTSD inc,
  2. Yes this is a wet dream, swweeett set up. I might be interested in this in a few weeks if it has not sold. I get my bonus at the end of July. So I night be opened to it. Just saying if it has not moved by the then!! By the way, is there anything coming with it like battery, Sling, etc? What size battery does it run on and how long normally does the battery last? Is it lipo ready?
  3. So I was doing some recon of my AO I cam across this place and found that these Field Guidelines, etc was very interesting. I wanted to see and get some Operators opinion's on this. http://www.eaghq.com/COMBATRULES.htm
  4. Who gives a F#%^..just saying!! should not be a thief!!
  5. Do we know a location on this P.O.S. I have some contacts up there who work with Boston PD. As well as I have some friends that i met at Ai500 who would pay this turd a visit, No kidding!
  6. I moved to North Olmsted, Ohio located in West part of Cleveland.
  7. So after moving to Ohio I am finding out that there is not much of a MILSIM community here! As for airsoft in Cleveland seems to be very little and there are really no retailers or even army navy stores here. I am by far not use to this at least Georgia had retailers. So traveling will be a constant thing. My question is this in the scuttlebutt do any of the players here no anything about Ohio or its connecting states that might have a good MILSIM community? Thanks in advance to help with this seeming issue.
  8. Sidearm-Sig 229-BSS/night site's (soon to carry a Sig 226)/w-serpa holster Under the bench seat in double cab- bushmaster M4A2 and a go -bag with two extra mags of both-w/M48 tactical hawk and a Marine corps Bayonet OKC3S- Trauma kit w/quick clot and lots of 4x4's and other variable size's closet in bedroom- Mossberg 930 Home security Ammo- Federal -PD9GRD/P223Q/PD132-personal protection Range time- Federal-AE9DP/AE223N my wife has her own Sig 229 with lock box in her night drawer!
  9. My wife told me to pick one either faded Giant or Mindgames. I chose Faded Giant for the simple reason It will be Hotter then hell in South Georgia in SEPT and never have been to one of ya'lls events. But Mindgames does do some great events. MAC is a great guy!! If you are driving, ya'll need to eat at the Varsity at least once!
  10. They are on my list right after I buy my Sig 226(real steal) in July. As I am pursing 3/gun match's as well at this present time as well as trying to stay in tune with the Milsim Community
  11. My point exactly, at least someone gets it. If we were a well funded military unit, then by all means get the best! But I can hear it now trying to explain to my wife why I just bought a 1500.00 dollar set of NVG's that I may use 4 times a year....
  12. http://www.meijer.com/s/pulsar-challenger-1x20-gs-night-vision-monocular/_/R-255750;jsessionid=2B50F5649B1A5A0809FD4D6CB02142BD.instance02?CA_6C15C=1908095522&cmpid=camsn Very affordable!
  13. Use whatever works, save lives and gives us the advantage. Nothing is 100%. I have always hated Velcro on uniforms, No shine boots, Before I got out I seen some troopers uniforms looking like hammered dog shit.but not in my Company! You did not have to starch and was warned not too. But a good iron to it, is and was a must. I better never see buttons undone and the only thing I better see in cargo pockets is your cover while in Garrison! I always taught have a couple uniforms for nothing but Garrison ( or around the armory) if we were doing a STX. If we had a FTX or on AT.then I had some other policies that I followed. But for the most part I had some good troopers and had some awesome CSM's that were outstanding teachers, especially CSM Garrett
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