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  1. So blue, your saying you helmet is GREEN SNAKESKIN in color, correct???? So the base color is GREEN??? The rules state that you cover/helmet has to match the base COLOR of the uniform, so GREEN SNAKESKIN has a base color of GREEN so then it will pass Mayo's inspection... How was that complicated???
  2. Welcome to the forums, glad to have you here, maybe you could bring your team across the pond and check out an AMS event in person. You wouldn't be disappointed at all.
  3. I want to see a squad show up on the field in pink tutu's, Whiskeydelta your squad is now nominated for this uniform requirement Thanks for volunteering!!!
  4. You may want to bring your own water, unless D-Day completed there new water sytem they were working on last year the water has a really high sulpher content in it, wont kill you just smell and tastes like a moldy dag turd. go to www.ddayadventurepark.com they should have rates for RV hook ups and a way for you to reserve one. There is also a phone number so you can call and see if the rates will be different for this event... Hope this answered your questions.
  5. Yeah if we could make this a viable option I'm sure that the AMS staff would be game for it, but like I said would be a logistical nightmare to police this type of weapon... This would be a good idea but I'm sure that the personal POV's that will be used this may not like to have paint splattered on them. Props for the thought, Im sure as we progress we will be able to find ways to implement weapons like this with rules of use. Anything is posibble, look to the future and see what transpires.
  6. Would you take a payment plan or sexual favors??? No but serious, on the sexual favors..
  7. I thought they cloned you so that you could be in two places at once...
  8. Game times will be adhered to to the best of our abilities, we will not wait for those that aren't ready. They can walk out to there positions if they're not at the staging areas to be transported out to there starting AO's. Now some times things happen and the schedule can't be exact but that is one of the things that AMS is working on so that we can start and end as scheduled
  9. Why would the CDF need an EOD tech??? Aren't you supposed to just start drinking and say "hey bubba watch this shi**!!!" I mean really, you are all just a we organized group of rednecks... O.o Bwhahahahaha
  10. This year I'm sure there are going to be all sorts of vehicle's at OP BHII and like JP said it would be a Admin/RSO nightmare. With the size of the field and number of players we could not be available to police this type of weapon, plus if you have a M2 it would have to shoot a BB larger than an 8mm BB so that the vehicle could discern it from normal BB's hitting it, so now you have an FPS issue a safety issue for the BB bouncing off the vehicle from the M2 etc. so yeah a long winded answer for something that would be cool to see in the field but not effective at this time.
  11. A 24 hr game would be awesome, but the logistics to run a game like that are complicated, maybe in the near future AMS will put on an event like that but OP Broken Home is an event split up like JP said. So keep an eye out on the forums for the event schedule and everyone get ready for an awesome game...
  12. Okay, this is really simple when it comes to head gear, lets say you have 12 guys in your squad, everyone likes to wear a different cover, the cover doesn't matter, the color does. You can have a mix of helmets, soft covers, i.e patrol hats, boonies, baseball hats etc... as long as it is GREEN or TAN then it doesn't matter what it is. Don't over think the uniform rules, this is not the Military where everyone has to be UNIFORM. The tops and bottoms on everyone in your squad have to match, tactical gear is whatever you want to wear and HEAD GEAR just has to match the color of the side you are fighting on.... Any question???
  13. I think kastway is going to be selling these as well... Might check them out...
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