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  1. Man right there at 10:35, you cut out where I joined you defending that spot. You also left out the Manor clearing at the very end.
  2. I was the guy shooting at you at 2:25, great game and I had a great time, AMS did a hell of a job with this one.
  3. Personally I don't have a problem with the draft. I would love to join the military but unfortunately was unable to enlist due to a mild heart condition as well as an injury I sustained on a fire call a few years ago. I doubt that a draft would change my ability to serve, but I think that everyone should serve, then maybe they'll be more appreciative of what we have in this country.
  4. Schlabs.... bro..... you're starting to scare me...
  5. Hey y'all, I'm Shady, better known in the North Texas scene as Aerosmith. I've been in the sport for about 5 years, and have been teching GBBs for myself and my friends for a maority of that time, and just got my GBB tech business opened. I am currently the team C.O. for Lethal Response Unit, which was the first team I was ever a part of in airsoft, and took the reins last October when teh original C.O left the sport. I'm 19, and am currently a college student. I also work full time doing structural steel detailing for my uncles company. In my spare time, if I can find any, I am a volunteer firefighter, working on my EMT-B certification. I also moderate the national Airsoft Society boards. Within the next few years my girlfriend and I plan to transfer down to the University of Houston. As far as my kit goes I'm no where near hardcore milsim, because I don't have the money to put into a kit. I currently roll Desert MARPAT, with a voodoo tactical drop leg M4 mag platform, dump pouch, blackhawk serpa drop leg mount for FN 5-7, and blackhawk waist mounted holster for 1911. My guns that I carry onto the field are my G&P Zombie Killer M4, TM 5-7, and KWA old model 1911 (sometimes swapped for Socom Gear Black Ops Hi-capa. My other replicas include and ACM full stock gas M500, Matrix M500 gas shotgun short version, Marushin 6mm 5-7, KJW P226, KWA USPc, Echo 1 red star AK, WELL GBB MP5k, along with a few random springer pistols and shotguns. If y'all have any questions please don't hesitate to ask, I don't bite.
  6. Well my original callsign was Aerosmith, due to my love of the band and my name being Tyler. My music interests changed and I got more into rap than Classic Rock, and started learning to rap myself, and my friends started calling me Shady, in reference to Eminem.
  7. What time do the gates close to campres Friday night? I don't get off work till 6 so I won't make it to the AO till around 8.
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