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  1. battle buddies should give buddy aid, in hot weather drink some gatorade, or out of action you might get laid of breathable cotton your shirt be made, or be steamed like a hotdog at the July 4th parade, with sweat streaming down off your soggy haid. you should be cooling in the shade, before your brain turns into a boiled egg with cramps in your belly and your leggs. Burma Shave p.s. just get the Dollar Tree wraps, any color except red. I like the blue ones, they match my eyes.
  2. Really carrying more than 6 mags on your LBE make moving difficult and gets heavy real fast, Plus, your dump pouch can't easily hold more than that.
  3. Does that make the CDF the Ewoks?
  4. Puxings or Baofengs are good, but the blisterpack radios from Wal-Mart are just fine. Most of the time players only need them to listen in, the talking needs to be left to the leadership.
  5. My little digital camera came with a waterproof lexan case. These seem to be tought enough to withstand the errant 6mm hit.
  6. Tape 'PRESS' signs front & back of torso and on the sides of their non-camo helmet. "Back to you, Chet."
  7. Maybe yellow tape armbands and make it a war crime to shoot them. One way to get -negative- points for your side.
  8. ! want to apologise to everyone for getting ill just after startex. My doctor had changed a prescription of mine and the side effects were awfull. I'm not as tough as I once was. Again, my sincere apologies.
  9. Figure 2 gallons/ 8 liters minimum a day on a warm day.
  10. I believe the AMS 2-bandage/bleed-out system is the most workable so far.
  11. Realistically, a rocket would not be used indoors.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2ihL_FrFPs
  13. Wear a hat. DO NOT stand out in the open. Spray your jacket with ScotchGuard. (No, JP, I said ScotchGuard, not Scotch).
  14. Pack a good supply of lightwieght high-calorie food bars,
  15. Go to the Army surplus store and get a set of inexpensive LBE. It's infinitely modular and well ventilated.
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