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  1. Welcome email has gone out. Get ready to kick some UFS A@*! Solotron
  2. AMS Solo


    Im sure the specifics will be covered in the safety briefing if you don't get an answer here.
  3. Rain gear must mach your specific faction.
  4. I have purchased Joshua Williams run at 6:30. -Josh Longtin
  5. Bafoeng is the standard, though the cheap motorola will work....sometimes. I would recommend a website called Miklor.com This will get you started into the world of HAM radios. If you really have some $$'s, go for a Toy Soldier brand.
  6. Green Frog has a little country cooking buffet that's not too bad.
  7. AMS Solo

    CDF Comm Matrix

    Krypton, I was a bit confused at first also....Your in 2nd platoon, 3rd squad so your channels will be 452.125 This channel is designed for the ham style radios like baofengs and Icoms, not FRS radios like motorolas. Id say pick an FRS channel with a sub channel and run it across your chain of command if you dont have a ham radio.
  8. Source Hydration 3 L flat hydro pack http://www.amazon.com/Source-Tactical-Profile-Hydration-Universal/dp/B008YNB324/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1449027700&sr=8-2&keywords=source+hydration+3l
  9. Check the map. The north and south hill are the two most important pieces of real estate on the AO (based on last years game) If you hold them both, we will win this game. Secondary point will be the ravine. Hopefully it won't be full of water by then.
  10. CDF really needs some more SAW gunners. I see 1 on this whole list! How many rocket launchers do we have in this bunch?
  11. Although you are not holding true to the spirit of the game, everyone else will be wearing vests and helmets. I think helmets are always good to keep you noggin safe in case you fall and hit a rock...or get drug on concrete...JP. You uniform is the most important part of the civilian outfit. One piece of camo (not tan in any way) and a sweater, shirt, hockey jersey or banana costume (god plz dont do this!). Get creative. Make sure your helmet is also not tan in any way. Ill be rocking a black helmet cover. Your vest, however, can be any color, including tan.
  12. Rainy, wet and muddy this year. Maybe really ugly. We might get lucky though.
  13. Please head over to the AMS rule section of the forum. Tons to take in. Ask questions. There are a ton of AMS vets monitoring this forum and are generally very helpful.
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