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  1. http://americanmilsim.com/forum/index.php?/topic/3201-american-milsim-ruleset/&do=findComment&comment=26440 Read the rules! It clearly states 400fps with .20s for rifleman. You'll have to change your spring or make it shoot semi auto ONLY for DMR.
  2. Fallon

    UFS Radio

    So once I've downloaded from the Wouxon do I import the csv. file?
  3. Fallon

    UFS Radio

    Why does the csv. have values that the img. file doesn't? I.E. offset, rToneFreq,cToneFreq, Dtcs code and polarity. Trying to program a Wouxon KG-UV8d and won't have my computer with me this weekend to reprogram if I don't get it right the first time.
  4. Fallon

    Rain and POVs

    With the chances of rain for next weekend, will POVs possibly be grounded again?
  5. What about vehicles that have had windows replaced with steel plate? Also is the application/approval process still the same?
  6. Is that a change in the rules? I have emails from you,JP, from when I applied for my son to be approved for ESR19 and BH 2 that you stated minors must have full face protection.
  7. ??? Wow didn't even see the post where discount code was mentioned.
  8. One other thing I'd like clarified is the painting of plexiglass. Last year this was done to one vehicle and it still wasn't good enough. Now I'm understanding we CAN paint or do we have to plate them and add ports of specified size?
  9. Already read the rules. Trying to get clarification on the existing glass because last year at pov meeting Frosty told us one thing and in the field rules were changed due to whining. Thanks for the input Aswayze.
  10. If we don't plate windows in the doors and engage from gun ports in back are we going to be forced to roll them down like last year?
  11. Our POV was built by ECR and is one of the tan suburbans being whined about by COST at Broken Home 3. The way I read the new rules we'll have to open up our gun ports to specified size and roll our windows down, correct? Are we allowed to plate windows on passenger and rear doors, cut gun ports to match the back half of the vehicle? Or is it considered a transport?
  12. You'd think. Somehow a squad of Kryptek Highlander got overlooked both days at OBH3. Maybe admin confused it with Nomad. Kinda sat bad with our squad who'd been told Highlander was cleared for Broken Home by an AMS staff member at Kings Court only to have the same member tell us no go, only Nomad was good, when we were verifying prior to BH3. Our team had purchased Highlander off the ok at Kings court. We followed the rules and rolled MC. I truly hope those people considering not attending because their team camo isn't approved reconsider, you won't be disappointed! If you truly want to attend I'd try to find approved camo.
  13. Did you do the email approval? That's when JP advised me of the rule. It's not in the ruleset. Just because no one said anything doesn't mean it's not a rule. I've seen people wear tan head gear on green and vice versa, using high caps and such. It's up to SL to police their own and if your dad doesn't make you that's on you. At big ops you can get hit and you have no idea from where, if you are talking at that time your teeth are susceptible. I make any minor I'm responsible for wear it. Teeth aren't cheap! If you'd like I can copy and paste my sons minor approval email where JP states to wear full face protection. Or just PM him. Let us know if AMS stance has changed.
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