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  1. I had a great time! This was the first time I ran as COST (due to UFS selling out so fast). It was nice getting to play with and against people I may not get to normally. Things I liked 1. AMS staff was friendly and helpful. 2. Sportsmanship on both sides that I witnessed was very good. 3. Stinger field is a great AO. Things I didn't like. 1. Being given orders by field "generals". Let the commanders command and you mind your own self and squad. 2. Picking up Frosty's Gun after the "negotiation" and not being able to shoot him with it before I gave it back to him. See ya at ESR !.
  2. Done. The lady said they are getting lots of calls.
  3. Thanks. Answered the only two questions I was concerned with. See ya at BH3.
  4. When will this rule start? I assume at BH3. Also, need to know if this will be done on the honor system or if the replica will need to be modified for semi only.
  5. Likes: 1. Drag Rule - I wasn't sure about this at first but, it adds an extra challenge to the game. I found out first hand how difficult it is to drag someone. As long as people continue to use common sense I hope it stays. 2. No DAM missions - I love DAM missions but, in my opinion they disrupt game flow. (See more below) Dislikes: 1. The Friday night OP at the high school was disappointing. However the location was very cool. The cafeteria filled with transmissions was very creepy. It was also explained to us why the OP didn't go as planned. So thanks for being upfront and honest. 2. No OP patch - That has been handled. 3. No DAM mission - (see below) 4.The weather - AMS really needs to "DO WORK" on controlling the weather better ! Suggestions: 1. I would suggest doing one day OPs with the second day devoted to DAM missions. I know not every one will agree with me but, in general the people that stay for the second day of play are probably the ones that would do a DAM mission. By doing this the staff, command, and the players can focus on the OP. I can honestly say that I probably won't participate in another DAM that takes place during an OP. 2. I would like to see more of the basic rules gone over in the safety briefing. I know AMS and the players want to get on the field ASAP but, I seen some uniform issues and even one guy using a flash mag. Unfortunately some players pay their fee, never check the rules, never hook up with a squad, and never visit the forums. Possibly even have the players inspect each other before they hit the field. That's it. Thanks again AMS for another great OP! See ya at Broken Home 3!
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  9. Viper Tactical is looking forward fighting along side TOP once again!
  10. I don't think playing in the cold is a problem for most of us. It is the drive to the AO that could be a problem. Let us all pray to the airsoft gods to keep the roads clear
  11. The black looks bad ass. Not sure when I would ever get to field it. Unfortunately, I like them all.
  12. Same thing here. I guess his inbox is full.
  13. @ VUDU that's it the correct address.
  14. AMS puts on great games! I'm sure you will have a great time.
  15. - hope you like it. Likes 1. IFAK rules -worked great as always. 2. Midcap/lowcap mags only – it’s fun to reload in the middle of a fire fight. 3. Reload at Respawn only – makes you keep track of you ammo. 4. Check in, crono, and safety briefings (every 30 min). - Smooth as silk. 5. DAM mission fun and challenging. Philip and Gabe - friendly and professional. 6. Rick Kastner - for setting up that bad ass store. 7. The AO – very challenging with the size and terrain. 8. The raffle – VERY GOOD! 9. Good overall sportsmanship. 10. UFS leadership. They had a plan and it seemed to work. Dislikes 1. The technical/vehicle rules. Almost no one seemed to understand them 100%. 2. Having to wait almost an hour to start our DAM. Suggestions 1. Use AMS/MMX for the OP4 during the DAM (like at OP: ES). That may help with getting OP4 in position and on time for the DAM. 2. Simplify the vehicle/technical rule set. I.E. - One hit (any place) on the technical with a RPG or grenade launcher and vehicle is dead and ALL passengers killed. Two hits (any place) on an APC or tank with a RPG or grenade launcher and the vehicle is dead and ALL passengers killed. 3.This last suggestion may be logistically very difficult. Instead of having admins just roaming the field. Assign an admin to follow each squad leader. No “shirts†walking around the AO would be very cool. They could even be player-admins assigned to that squad. Just a thought, if anyone could pull that off, I’m sure it would be AMS. Keep up the GOOD WORK!
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  17. If you can wear contacts, do that. I can not stand contacts and I cant wear them in my line of work. So, I use this ESS Turbo Fan goggles with the RX insert and they are great! Getting the lenses from the eye doctor was easy.I just took the insert with me and they made and installed the lenses. The view is fine, I don't even notice they are their. Also, the insert will fit in other ESS products. I love mine. Hope this helps.
  18. I got a Bushmaster Carbon 15 ORC and cant find ammo AT ALL. I have had it a couple months and not even fired it yet Maybe DHS would let me borrow a couple thousand.
  19. Hope yall enjoy. On the cease issue fire like Missionspec said above. I think alot of the game stopping cease fires where caused by people yelling "cease fire" as an order to their teammates to stop engaging the enemy/target. I did that in the last DAM mission, lucky it did not cause the game to stop! I think we need a new term for stoping game play for real world problems. AMS, you guys did a great job!
  20. I wanted to confirm that the only place you can reload will be in FOB/Respawns. Is that correct? Thanks in advance.
  21. RedCell


    This is what I put together. Cheap and will get the job done. http://www.facebook.com/ViperTacticalMilSim#!/photo.php?fbid=551652784846016&set=pb.150778191600146.-2207520000.1359643171&type=3&theater
  22. It is what it is. See ya in .Roosevelt!
  23. The idea of a 24h Evo. is very cool. I have yet to do anything like that and think it would be more of a challenge than how normal OPs are done. Also, it would force me not to get a hotel room for sat night and use that money for a DAM mission.
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