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  3. We have all the Demi Gods....we WIN
  4. There are tons watching Alex...hes like the Forums Macgyver....thats all
  5. Looks like these guys ^^^^ have the DAM answers
  6. i tried to have some patches made from them and as Raptorkat stated I waited over a week for a response and then just shut it down. They seem to have good stuff like the custom patches and shapes of them but its a hit or miss. I actually got an email back in like 30 min for my initial email to them and then I responded and they went AFK for like weeks.
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  8. All I hear for those UFS cowards is BLAH BLAH BLAH...........BLAH. We know how to Win in Wyandotte and will do so again this year....CoST Strong
  9. Welcome to the Forums man...glad to have ya!!!
  10. Welcome aboard Viking....glad to have ya!!!!
  11. Welcome to the Forums...look around and enjoy
  12. I want to start off by saying thank you for making this post...All of us at AMS want players to be more respectful, and to do the honorable thing. Im not a fan of having to get between individuals and stopping what seemed to be to much anger during milsim. People need to understand that when they see something that they think is wrong, report it to an admin or a MOD. We have multiple purposes why we are on the field. We are here to help the gameplay and make things more interesting for you, the players but we are also there to help resolve issues and disputes. If you see someone not calling hits, please dont yell at us and say "they arent calling their hit" Let us know who you are referring to, so that we can watch them and correct the issue. If you have other disputes, let us know. Try not to take matters into your own hand. You come off in a nad manner to other players. Other than that I saw a bunch of good sportmanship and many instances in which 2 players shot each other and instead of arguing just both called hit. I want to thank all the players who acted properly and respectful, yall make it easier on us so that we can concetrate on making the game better.
  13. Welcome to the forums man...Glad to have ya
  14. We are trying to establish a better ground as far as the cease fires are concerned...Its tough when players do the right thing and yell the cease fire down the line. Thats exactly what we want but we are going to establish and clarify it little more on when a cease fire needs to be called. But I commend all the players for doing it the right way, just not at the right things.
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