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  1. try and make it to Perry georgia this weekend for OP redcircle.
  2. go with systema I highly recomend fight club customs
  3. look at the G-Code SOC thats what I carry for Airsoft and Real steel you cannot go wrong
  4. Hey Specs, look into AWS tactical they have been in business for almost 40 years and they make an amzing piece of kit at a good price point.
  5. Run a DMR we used one alot last year transporting HVT to and from buildings. Overwatch played a key role in mission success. Not to mention gathering intel on movement
  6. I am a professional mechanical engineer and a freelance writer and product tester for many well know tactical magazines and gear mfgs. I also instruct tactical pistol and carbine, and some entry tactics mostly PMC and LEO. Some MIL
  7. My team renamed me after OPFG due to all the spots on EVERY part of my Body I am now known as CHEETAH
  8. Thanks from Team GT for being our fearless leader. Armed with only a pistol and a huge pair of Brass ones JP charged ahead of all of his men and truly led be example. We at Team GT would be honored to serve under your command anytime.

    GTI Maps

    Team GT will be there. Hooah!!!!!!


    What are you guys considering MultiCam, tan or green. I know Games in the GA, SC area multicam is usually tan.
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