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  1. Yes, PolarStar loves this event and will be on site with free air fills for PolarStar users as we have done for the two previous years. However, we will most likely have a limited supply (1-2 large cylinders) so please be respectful and come with your tanks already filled. We understand that if you are traveling by air you can not do this but if you are able to fill your tanks before arriving at the AO please do so. Last year we had to fill 29 tanks for players that showed up with no air and greatly decreased our filling capacity before the game even started. We would greatly appreciate if that would not happen again this year, ok?
  2. Sorry for not replying. We were already on site when this was posted. I hope we were able to take care of you on site! Rodd Rambo
  3. Outstanding. If you guys have any special requests, please let us know by the 5th. Look forward to seeing everyone! Rodd Rambo
  4. PolarStar needs some intel from those of you who are using our system at Faded Giant. Since we will be bringing air cylinders to this OP for free air fills, we're trying to determine how much air will be needed. If you are running a PolarStar at this OP, please post up so we'll get an idea of how many players will be using HPA and plan accordingly. Thanks! Rodd Rambo
  5. Jordan and I had a great time talking with everyone this weekend and hope you had just as much fun as we did! The site was incredible, the action was intense and we all still have our teeth! We wanted to put a special thank you out to JP, Bo and Frosty for inviting us down to spend time with you guys. And, of course, thanks to Andy from Elite Force for letting us crash on his hotel floor! We were blown away with everyone's hospitality. We'll definitively be up for future American Milsim events going forward. I hope everyone enjoyed our test range and got a chance to try out one of our guns. If you had any questions about them please feel free to contact us us and we'll be happy to help. Sincerely, Rodd Rambo PolarStar Airsoft
  6. Ok, wow.. that is a bigger response than we were originally anticipating. From what I see so far it looks like we're at approximately 20-30 PolarStars? We are currently looking into means to bring a portable compressor for a regenerative air supply, however, we'll at least have a bank of cylinders to fill from. However, if you have access to multiple tanks, please bring all that you can. And, please make sure they are FILLED before you come to the event. Too often we have people show up with empty tanks and deplete a limited air supply before the first shot is even fired. Again, if you are just seeing this, please post up if you are bringing a PolarStar or other HPA system. If you have any special requests items for us to bring down, please let us know as soon as possible. Looking forward to seeing you all! Rodd Rambo PolarStar Airsoft
  7. As of this morning, PolarStar plans to be on-site for the duration of Faded Giant. A special thanks to American Milsim for the kind invitation to attend! We greatly look forward to meeting everyone and trading gunfire down dark corridors. We would like to take a count of how many people attending this event will be running our system? If you are running our system or a system which uses HPA, please let us know so we can determine how much air we need to bring with us for complimentary on-site air fills. Also, if you have any special request items for us to bring please let us know as soon as possible so we can try and accommodate you.
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