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  1. I needed a plate carrier. Bought a $10 POS either at TA's or AirsoftMegastore. Ran with it for a while, liked it well enough, then quickly got tired of not having anywhere to stow my gear AND BBs hitting me in the side (It was modeled after a Police vest). So I waited and saved, tried out a few of my buddies' rigs (both airsoft and real steel) and then snagged a Pantac plate carrier in ACU (I was running ACUs at the time.). It has side-flaps and plenty of MOLLE real-estate, it's lightweight, and it's comfortable. A few pouches and patches later and BOOM! Still running it to this day.
  2. Are you guys gonna be carrying combat shirts? (Looks like mine has gotten up and walked off. In addition to my ASGI order coming in way too late to help me at this match. >_<)
  3. I once lost a whole pistol and holster and have yet to hear anything about anyone finding it, though I'm sure someone did. On the subject of knives, I keep them in my pocket. Seriously. Unless you wear your pants really baggy, you're going to have one hell of a time getting something to just fly out of your hip pocket.
  4. I forgot to post - the radio arrived in good condition. (Not expecting it to be bad from you, but... postal is postal.)
  5. So I can get my forecast while I'm shooting the shit with my squad leader. Awesome.
  6. Well, I kinda *need* the programming cable.
  7. Damn. Just the F3 then. Like I said, I'll send the money next Monday.
  8. True enough I suppose. Nix the charger. What does that headset look like?
  9. Yeah, and I can't imagine the shipping is too horrendous. Tell you what, I'll buy it from you next Monday when I get paid, as well as a charger.
  10. A bit too long a drive. Are you going to be at ORY II?
  11. I might be interested in that F3S. What part of the country are you in?
  12. Hey JP, just a mention, but I signed on as a Medic. Would you please update the roster to reflect that?
  13. If I was the dude's brother I'd send the little bastard's gun along with your gun, just for good measure. Let's hope it comes in, though!
  14. Now, looking through the rules, I think that I, as a medic, am allowed to also carry a rocket launcher with me and use it, without needing to be a dedicated HWS. I enjoy playing medic. I don't enjoy having enemy tanks/APCs/tan Suburbans with firing ports around quite so much, and I like to see them retreat to spawn as often as possible. So, as a medic, am I also allowed to use my rocket launcher?
  15. She beats me regularly to improve my concentration.
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