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  1. Thank you JP. I figured I'd ask questions and do my research before I get ready for my very first big milsim with my friends in Alabama. I cannot wait for Black Site 2 to begin on November 6th and 7th.
  2. Ok, that answers that question. Now I know M81 Woodland will count as green, but what about digital woodland? Because that's the only camo that I own right now.
  3. Does ATACS-FG count as green for COST? I'm just wondering because this year will be my first time in a big milsim coming up this November at the XCI training facility in Anniston, AL. The reason why I ask is because to me there is a bit of tan in it and I might get mistaken for being on the tan team (UFS) rather than on green team (COST). Just need an honest answer to who ever can help me out before I make changes to my loadout. Plus, it kind of looks like multicam but everything is all smeared out and stuff.
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