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  1. I just pieced together a PTW/STW hodgepodge. And I've noticed a couple things and was curious what improvements are available. Rate of fire seems slower than other AEGs any way to ramp it up for faster trigger response? Also found my bolt release doesn't always work even with the mag empty or removed. Is there a way to fix this? And the first mag i ran through it i had 1 or 2 bbs drop about 3 feet from the barrel. But the rest flew straight as an arrow. Did i do something wrong when i put it all together?
  2. I need the following parts PTW cylinder m110 spring Outer barrel Upper receiver Delta ring 11.1 lipo Lipo charger PTW magazines metal preferred
  3. Stray


    in desperate need of a PTW lower. Mine is an A&K STW M4A1 i think everything will match up to a systema or G&D. Unless someone has an spare STW laying around. Cause i could always use spare parts
  4. Thanks guys that really helps and JP any specs or tips on the ares LMG? Curious if there are aftermarket applications. Not digging the stock on it for one
  5. My footlocker that had all my AMS swag got water in it and much of my swag was tossed. Sadly my rebel yell broken home and end state patches and dead rags were goners. Was hoping someone may have extras
  6. I have recently gotten back into airsoft and found the group in my area has no support weapon at all and I'm looking for options that are a bit more lefty friendly than my A&K para saw. It just isn't comfortable my arms just too short to shoulder because box mag battery door forces me to hold it funny and i rather have something that doesn't get in the way so much. I saw those krytac Trident MK II LMG things looks like a m249 upper slapped on a AR lower. Looked like it be more lefty friendly but don't think it's AMS legal for a SAW. So has anyone a lefty and have one of the 64 or 96 stoners? Box mag seems smaller and wouldn't get in the way. I've had a m60vn and a m60e4 from a&K and the box mags liked to break that plate off. Any other options?
  7. thanks for the input guys sorry i havent had time to return with a reply wedding and honeymoon took priority lol. i have a WE m16 and a KWA LM4 as of now. the WE M16 is KIA for the moment the seller sold it to me with a broken bolt so when i used it a few days later after the sale it broke the piston out. the kwa seems to be a lot more reliable so i may turn the WE into a mk12 or something. since Snakes LZ is gone and AMS events in the area are spread out i may have time to really fine tune it. been keeping an eye on a kwa AK on the forum here see if i can get it a bit cheaper for a alternative when i dont feel like running a AR.
  8. Looking for a WE GBBR m4 m16 XM177 or scar open bolt and mags co2 or green gas no pref
  9. Currently have a WE M16 looking for spare parts to fix and vuild spare uppers and a spare lower i want to attempt to mod to semi only purely for AMS events. I am also currently in search of a spare XM177E2 GBBR as well as a Open bolt Scar for 2 project ideas im working on. I am in search of a KWA LM4 upper to put on my current project and needing mags for the rifle i own so im not so low on mags during an event.
  10. Hey guys i just bought a KWA LM4 and A WE m16 the LM4 mags need parts and the WE needs parts and mags. Evike has a little but is there any other shop in the US that keeps parts in stock for the WE? I would like to build a second upper and fix the bolt was hoping for like a m16A1 or xm177 upper to swap the stuff i got now for it over and then build a m4 off the railed upper
  11. I just recently decided to take on some larger projects and found someone in my area that collects old spent tubes. well after a while we striked up a bargin and will be getting a contract for sales written up, i will be getting 1-3 a month for the next six months. now here is my problem.... i have ZERO idea of how to go about getting these things going. they are not cheap and i cant afford trial and error like my personal home made IED and other props ive done in the past. does anyone know how to get these to work? i was wondering if anyone could get them torun off air tanks in the tube to keep with the look or make them use the 40mm shells like the deep fire AT4s
  12. thanks for that break down Big Candy. i just got a LM4 today 7 mags KAC URX rail kit with a short barrel and magpul stock and grip for 400. im still curious about the WE stuff. ive heard alot of mixed things. they do have a 416C though and the price is right lol i can get two WE 416s for the same price a s 1 AEG from VFC or more WE for one VFC or TM GBB lol. but a 416C for CQB be cool. ive never really played CQB before and really want to start heading out to OKC to see this Stockyard everyone raves about. if the we can be dependable i may get a 416 and maybe another m4 to tinker with or if i have someone wanting to try to play gbbr stuff i got a loner. i actually had no idea G&P made GBBR. i love my SR 47 AEG i built with a G&P stoner gearbox it has been a monster. plus my sr15E aeg is a GP and CA hybrid and its been crazy reliable. so with the WE and GP are parts and mags compatable or not? id love to be able to have options with bodies barrels and mags if able. this KWA is awesome but i cant find spare parts anywhere. and the likely hood of have the ability of multiple uppers seems low
  13. ok ive been out of the game since my accident after broken home and havent really done anything besides sitting on my fat butt but the doc said im healed up and i can start getting active again. so first thing i want to do it get back into airsoft to help keep me active and loose all this weight i gained being laid up. and due to the past few months ive gotten rid of everything i owned. and now im starting over from scratch. and i thought why not try to go a different route than the typical AEG. why not get a gas rifle or two and have some fun, But i pretty much have no idea which way to go. WA WE KWA KJW the list goes on and on. personally im a AK guy but it seems getting a GBB AK74U is a bit out of the question at the moment so im going to go with a M4, now my idea is to pretty much do what i did for my AR and have a couple uppers for one lower. and since this is airsoft i can have a SBR and not worry about paper work. No i will not get a P* i dont like em and wont ever have one. unless its attached to some huge gattling gun on the back of my jeep lol so please dont bring it up. i ran low cap mags in my AEG in an attempt to have realism so even at large events i ran low caps. i know WE has c02 mags which be better for winter i guess. but idk if you can use CO2 in a KWA mag. So what brand would allow me to build multiple uppers use mostly real steel external parts since i do have a few UBR stocks and things like that around still. and has the ability to take different sized external barrels? i know internals will all have to be replaced just like every AEG to even get close to the same range you all have. creative imput please. i really am wanting to get back into the sport or atleast try too, and use this to attempt to get out of the dark house and be active with people again. thanks for reading
  14. idk if those will work with the SR47 magwell. dumb thing is picky.
  15. as the title says looking for AK47 mid caps metal body are preferred they are going to be used with a SR-47 so it hit the look well I think. also looking for WE glock mags or any glock mags that will be compatable with a WE G19.
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