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  1. Blackout Militias newest Airsoft Vehicle In Game footage. Capacity : 5 9x Airsoft Rocket Launchers (Driver Navigator Controlled) 2x Standalone launchers, 2 Support Weapons.
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  3. Blackout Militia Just checked into 3 Spots on UFS, Look forward to seeing you guys there...!
  4. ON the topic of getting split up from your team - Its VERY important before the game if you want to stay with your squad, you should create a rally point for your guys if you get separated via squad structure. When you get cutoff from the mobile respawn point that's where communication from the dead may come, yes your dead you cant talk to live folks, but if your dead find a respawn and get back into the fight. I know the Technicals on UFS side were very forward in getting the dead back to the respawn and then getting back out in the field to bring more wounded and dead back into the fight. Like mobile mash units per say, and that was up to your command staff to get that accomplished. IF that aspect of the game is not happening you as an individual must push through that and cardio before game, I humped almost 20 miles personally within the two days. I got rides as well , but as a sniper I was able to fall into ANY UFS unit and provide a supporting role , as well as continuing to complete my missions, I would help on a push but after that push I took it apon myself to continue mission. as a rifle man that is homeless you would have that option as well, yes that's initiative. If your group is not there request permission from the local squad Lead or guys at the respawn and move out with them and rejoin your squad or find them. This type of thing is expected , and Actually helps you to make MORE friends and meet people, you may just find some more like minded squaddies to run with. That's how I have met so many people from ALL over the US playing these games. Your game is what you make it. I can't stress this enough , and after a few of them your game will be awesome because you learn what works and what doesn't. If something is not working DURING the game, approach your support staff and command staff. First time I met TOP - I interrupted him during a squad brief , It was an oh shit moment but after words I think he realized I was trying to get shit done. That was at OKI6 before AMS , and since then I think every time he hears of me, Tweakranger or Blackout militia or Midnight rider recon, he gets that we are getting shit done... Of course now I think if he hears the Dirty 3rd of UFS he will know who is amassed in that group cause we knocked this one out of the park.
  5. Here are just a few things I and my Team BM / MRR contribute for AMS Games. 1. Three things you must always bring to attend an AMS OP A. Honor B. Integrity C. Bearing 2. Call YOUR OWN Hits and your OWN Squad. (No one else's) 3. READ THE RULES before Every OP (They Change form OP to OP) 4. HYDRATE and PT at least 2 weeks prior to games 5. OPEN MINDS, You don't know everything. 6. Change your KIT and learn new roles, it will change EVERYTHING 7. Talk to others before and after games, Friends before and after. 8. LEAVE IT ON THE FIELD. 9. You pay to play - Accept the results, get better for the next one. 10. Be a community leader not an airsoft D-Bag. (GREAT Sportsmanship is KEY here) Over the year's people will start respecting what you do out there. We are not perfect but when I goto AMS games, Its like Blackbird said... its like a family reunion, I get to see all my friends and make new ones. On the field its all business but its a whole bunch of small pieces that fit together to make my exp. One final thing. FEEDBACK is the most important metric that AMS pulls from these games. Be respectful but voice your exp. I get tired of seeing people say UFS is bitching or CoST is butthurt. Yes some players get pissed and bitch, but there is a constructive way to do this. If you have an issue , offer a resolution such as you see in the DISCUSSION forum. Don't just say THat GUYS a cheater... Offer a solution with your comments, This is how the ADMIN side works, to resolve that for the future. So FEEDBACK should not be left on the field, if you do , your just hurting the game, As a player that's paying for something, only way to make it better is to tell the folks that have the power to fix it or better improve it. Just my two cents. I know I can be a talker so I will quit on that.
  6. He keeps a little springer derringer in that Beard for special kind of people ZH - Hint Hint... He always has alittle extra something for you though (Gcode)
  7. I was going to say I thought that sounded like Oddball. Last year he carried actual casualty off the field in an emergency - He is Crazy as hell but Sportsmanship - He surprises us all 24/7 . He is one of the founders of BM and has grown up to be quite Operator - I will post this to the forum, and you sire are a class act for voicing this and bringing POSITIVES to the forum. He is also our team tech - He did tell me about this encounter later in the day. Honestly he wanted to fix your situation which s a true airsofter. Don't know many like him . Nice Play ODDBALL.
  8. I once was all about the 20ft min engagement distance and the complete safety of players. However I also believed players would have common sense and not shoot or switch to a side arm. I believed in unicorns too... I know that BM and MRR will ALWAYS shoot low even if a primary is the only way to get the kill. We have called safety kills before and the other guy chose not to take it and fired anyways. We have also gotten shot by creeping up on people. With AMS it is part of the game. Too me it does INTENSIFY the game and adrenaline knowing you could get shot like that but it is at the cost of safety. However the safety kill is more of an HONOR based than Safety req with this GAME (AMS Ones) I think it boils down to the operators, and trust me when you have this many NEW people at an open , this type of thing can happen and will for the most part. I think ZH was just being cute - its his personality (IE he has been around and probably seen everything atleast once. I am sure SAFETY is on AMS top priority list , but this is what we sign a waiver for .
  9. ^^^ I love you Man!
  10. I have been to quite a few games for AMS. Raffle = Out of hand. MoshPit mentality just kinda ruined it for me, Went to the car with AC and good tunes. Agree with Jazzman if your willing to fling your fat nasty body over three people to get that sticker , you deserve to be in that trash, I am too old for that type of shit. I know lets have the raffle in the hottest part of the day and have every sponsor say a few words and every 5 minutes toss swag to feed the heathens... (Guys the raffle lasted 2.5 hours.) I saw more SUNBURNS there than any part of the game... Also for the record I have never won a raffle at any of the OP's non AMS either, Not jealous, I go to the raffle to hear my command speak and the other command, that way I can judge who really won if points don't get tallied till weeks later. We play cause we love airsoft but SOMEONE has to lose and WIN. The world should have winners and losers not participation trophies for everyone just for showing up, that's called getting a SWAG BAG. Just Saying ... Most of it was tossing swag and stickers...to a feeding frenzy. ) I ended up giving my raffle ticket away because I still have a 6 hour drive ahead of me. Maybe a shaded area would be a better spot to raffle . I know at RY we always find some shady tank or better area to do it in... Probably why every prize required 3-4 draws cause most people left by then. Several people around me got their chairs broken by leaping swag lizards... I wish some of these folks had that energy on the field I'd put stickers all over the SQD Leads and told em to run into enemy lines and sure enough the swag lizards would follow... Speakers = UFS command got up to speak which I wanted to hear but busted my ass all weekend and wanted to relax, could not hear due to the White Deuce that drove around gathering trash then parked , so couldn't hear anything but that . On missions, OP RY - we always have cool missions props and roleplaying. I think with BH series there's just too much going on to inc smaller missions, not to mention the cost for props. I think if AMS Created a storyline mission concept and gave it to the commands , with a bit of initiative, the Squads doing those missions could help out on building props etc... Just a thought.
  11. I was under the idea RY had to be 18 or LEGAL guardian of the kid you brought. IE LEGAL guardian with paperwork because its on a base but I could have been misinformed. But if its not that way , I would be interested in the rules of that AO because I wouldn't mind taking one of mine.
  12. I am not pissed they broke the rules... I am pissed they chose to Interpret the rules... Its a RULE. Period. If you have to spend the time on youtube to defend why you did it , Its unacceptable because after the fact you knew it was wrong but chose to defend those actions. That makes it a violation. People usually only do that when they get caught and try to justify it. That's what makes me mad. I am sure it wasn't on purpose but it looked very intentional after the fact to post the video and then defend it. Most people would have crushed the video and then went on to a different subject but instead its being defended as though its all good and awww shucks .... Now I am not one to whine and bitch about hit calling , but I was one of the ones shooting at this particular vehicle and I called my hits and took my walk back to Respawn. I don't have to defned my actions at all because they were honorable and according to the way the game is played. There is NO Defense at all for them to do it, and yes It has come out there were POV violations on both sides. Shouldn't happen either way from either team... but to defend it is out right disrespectful. That's all I am saying and now I will crush it and not post on this thread, hopefully it will die and go away =)
  13. According to the Youtube comments , they feel they were legit in medic'g and are even defending via AMS rule sets with actual content from the rules... Ok Here is my only thing I have to say about that... If I get a gun hit, AMS says I am not dead... But if I get a gun hit I call myself dead, why , because nine times out of 10 if I got hit in the weapon for real... I would be dead or slightly injured... either way it kills my effectiveness. Now... If I am in a vehicle that goes BOOM, GTFO out fight on foot. If I am Shot inside a vehicle - Well it has four walls. I am dead. Not bleeding out. In a standing still enclosure or one on wheels. I am dead no medic should be trying to heal me or bandaging themselves (This is not BF3) And quite frankly if these guys WANT to DEFEND what they did in that truck and say IT WAS A GOOD INTERPETATION of the AMS rule set and what AMS believes in... You guys can jump in a lake. HONOR and Integrity should be your first and foremost RULESET... its not a guideline - Everyone knows its illegal to medic INSIDE - That's cause you could Medic all day long INSIDE , If people are arguing that its NOT defined right in the AMS rule set and you have to be a big enough D-Bag that you are willing to GIVE UP YOUR Honor and integrity ... Then F YOU and all you stand for. Go back to Battlefield or whatever Anal cavity you crawled out of to get to this point in your Milsim Career . This whole video makes REAL Milsim folks sic just to watch! Blantant rule violations and you have the audacity to defend it because its not CLEARLY Stated.... All I will say on this cause you sir will not ruin my BH3 Fun times. You aint Operator enough to know your ass from your head or which one is stuck up which... Sorry had to get that out.
  14. I think there was a little bit of arope adope going on there Dave at that point. We were pushing HARD on Sunday , but not as large units - Our job at that time was Raptoring the incoming forces staging on the towns and airport. We actually were hoping the flanks and taking out reinforced positions that were attacking those points, We did get pinned down by some really good guerilla tactics until we started hoping those points with fast moving runners to get the attention on those guys, then the main shooters would flank those positions, worked really well - and you guys earned our respect for sure on Sunday.
  15. 3-Gun - We are all somebodies , this is what makes our sport so liked. Its not just about the shooting . Once you come to one of these you realize that its not just LARPING , COD Chairsofters... We bond in the field and off the field, We are all friends, those that choose not to be don't stay and don't last. AMS is all about listening and revising. Your community will listen , and sometimes we get bent some but its all good and really does work to resolve the issues. This is a game, but our community is still that without sides ... That's what leaving it on the field really means...
  16. It was a good game dude. But as always no one ever really wins in points, after the game we all know who won and lost, IE OPRY2 - UFS got beaten - but we stayed in the fight and still made the best of the situation. Its all good in the end and we all know we are Operators and that's what really counts
  17. Jazzman I love you man in the worst way Gcode can be admitted. I liked the goggle fogging I didn't traverse a cliff , I went off one running for my ghilie-suited life - I am sure it looked planned out from the guys who gave chase but stopped pursuit after I went over , but what a fracking ride my man!!!
  18. One of the reasons we did well , communicate and decimate excellent example guys
  19. http://kdogphotog.zenfolio.com/all (Not up Yet) I think that's the site Facebook (Zshot) Facebook https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.399027666902197.1073741867.133805510091082&type=3
  20. Its going to happen, I don't condone that sort of thing but it does happen. We never really see the whole thing till after the vids start coming out , I am sure UFS had some issues too... this sort of thing would not happen if you police your squads though. I know with BM and MRR we police our squads and make sure this think doesn't happen.
  21. Yeah I thought you could not medic inside a vehicle at all... ouch - no wonder taking out the vehicles with small arms fire seemed to be in god mode =)Live and learn and I don't recall seeing SHAMAN as a class in the squad.
  22. And 3 guns is actually right on that charge, when I got to the bridge there was CoSt everywhere but the spearhead came from the 5 guys charging . Good job to you guys. Most of our squads were 10-15 guys and I only know of one squad that was attached to Pegasus at that time , but you gotta admit 1-3 odds is pretty good for a squad that booked ass to get there. Good deal.
  23. Guys to clarify - For the record The BUSSES did not goto Pegasus. They went to the airfield, There was approximately 10-15 guys that humped it into Pegasus - I saw this with my own eyes. I congratulated them on this, they looked beat down tired. It was light resistance however because we were in pullback operations we all fought really hard , don't take what I said as disrespect to those guys. They had no clue that things were changing on the field , and still charged in to mop up what was left. Anyone that was there probably had no idea why the main forces were pulling back, we follow the orders period whether we like it or not. those on comms knew, the rest did not so they did put up a helluva a fight don't discredit. We all know what one or two small squads can do if you know your United States Marine history. Repeat - The Pegasus bridge was taken successfully by CoST and not airlifted . They went to the airfield. Sorry if my post made some of you believe those guys took Pegasus - This is a game and therefore those in Charge knew CoSt would be lighter because of those who did not attend Sunday. It was hotter than balls out there . Good job CoST. Sucking it up and hanging in there.
  24. AMS is one of the only events that I see that DOES listen to the Players... You never know unless you ask bud?
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