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  1. Prepare for Cold weather, I mean Cold. Layer up and dress down if you get warm. Good boots help, there is Lots of loose rocks so slippage is High risk there. I think maybe.......4 or 5(?) people turned their ankles last year and it wasn't slick either. Watch where ya step and you'll be good haha Lots of little valleys and a couple of steep hills
  2. JP uses a polarstar on occasion. If you Really Really want to go GBBR *Only*, just realize you're gonna have to carry a bunch of mags (which will weigh you down a lot) And be expected to make Lots (and I mean Lots) of trips to your fob to reload (30 rounds goes Fast) I'd stick with Dave's advice and just go AEG ---Coming from a former GBBR user
  3. ttsupra98

    Gruber AO

    Braggs, Ok is about 20 minutes east of Muskogee. That's where the Actual AO is. Just lists Muskogee (probably) by mistake as it is the closest major town to the ao
  4. Drat! All my playing Besiege has gone to waste!
  5. If only they made hip waders in a-tacs fg....
  6. Carry a bb magnet from objectibve to objectibe
  7. I've seen it done Once. and that person looked like an idiot every time they got shot and wondered why he was targeted.... Not saying it's a Good or a Bad idea, but..... Haha
  8. All he has is CoST x-points/UFS x-points Not Player X-No medic bangades (just for an example)
  9. Seeing that it was done for Faded Giant 3, would there ever be a list given of the war crimes commited during the ops? Of course, player names marked out, just what faction/crime commited Was waiting to see from Reindeer Games, and haven't seen one yet for ESR Just curious! Tanks!
  10. There's not really been anything like that in the past. That would take Quite a bit of time/effort away from the event for the organizers. (That is, that's If what I'm thinking you're saying) Other than that, Specs hit the nail on the head, social media is going to be your best bet as far as who is doing what/better ect ect
  11. Due to unforseen circumstances, I will Not be able to attend the op (yes yes i know) Question is-Who would I get in contact of in order to get my ticket as a credit for another op? I Am planning on going to other ops this year so I'm not wanting to "sell" my ticket....
  12. Now on the Other hand, what if a black longsleeve Undershirt is worn? So long as an overshirt is on that Is team color? Just for example the people that Can't get a softshell (of sorts) in time?
  13. Out of curiosity, will there be no print-off waiver option(s) because of this? Like....We hear the safety briefing, Then sign the waiver (after everything (of what we already Should know) has been explained to us)? Thanks!
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