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    Mojoe reacted to Bane in Belt Question   
    I'd also echo getting some suspenders if you choose to continue using the same battle belt. I run an Infidel War Belt from US Grunt Gear which I've found has great retention and doesn't bounce around all over my hips (I don't use suspenders) due to the velcro system they use. Like the HSGI, it's a bit pricey, but sometimes you have to drop the beans if you want the quality. Buy once, cry once. 
    I also upgraded the buckle to a Cobra Buckle which I feel is more secure and durable than the plastic one most belts come with.
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    Mojoe got a reaction from Bane in Belt Question   
    I also run a USGG infidel belt, but I also wear suspenders to bear the weight of an integrated chest panel and hydro pack.
    The infidel is rock solid and doesn't move, since it attaches to a Velcro inner belt. The padding is perfect and it never feels off balance. Even when I am running, kneeling and going prone, there is 0 belt movement; which makes it faster to index mags and use a dump pouch as second nature.
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    Mojoe reacted to TheJP in pea grenades?   
    Depending on AO we allow Thunder B's to "Kill a room", this obviously works well on MOST MOUT facilities. Outside a structure it must be a BB strike. Incase of a Pea grenade a "PEA" would count the same as a "BB".
    At OBH because the structures are all such an irregular size only BB / Pea grenade strikes count.
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    Mojoe got a reaction from Dave in pea grenades?   
    AMS, can you weigh in on this real quick please?  Pea grenades are expensive, but I hesitate to order because your rule set states that it must expel bb's and be a recognized airsoft grenade form factor.
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    Mojoe reacted to TheJP in Heli at BH 2   
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    Mojoe reacted to Aswayze in Camping and Camp fire   
    Along a similar line, when we do cold weather winter training events for East Wind, we routinely set up Von Reck shelters using our shelter halves.   In short, all you are looking at is 4 shelter half sections set up in a square instead of as 2 pup tents.  In the middle you then dig a pit and install flaming sticks and logs.  The heat radiating from the fire is retained somewhat by the tent sections and obviously the wind is cut down as well.   We have used these at events with nighttime lows in the 20s sleeping out in only ponchos and poncho liners and down to zero with just the black intermediate bag and a bivy so I can tell you on very good authority that they do work.  
    I clipped a section off an AAR post on the East Wind forum showing one in use, some of you guys might kick the idea around if you happen to have shelter halves sitting around or feel like stopping off at a surplus place and picking some up:  
     Here we have the Von Reck shelter system in its final stages of set up. Another angle from further away.  And the dirt from the fire pit away from the shelter.  We left it in a pile so that we can use it to fill in the pit after we depart from the area. Over head view of the Von Reck shelter system.  Complete with a fire pit in the center. In utilizing this shelter system, you designate only one corner for the doorway.   A closer view into the doorway of the Shelter.  Here Jackson is sending traffic back to Swayze letting him know our shelter is complete.  Martin is working on his personal fire trench so that he can heat up one of his drink mixes. Warnick proving a point about sustainability using only the Von Reck shelter, a poncho liner, and poncho. Our fire pit come Sunday morning.  Fire pit dimensions apx. 12" deep, 18" x 18" wide. Cooking our breakfast Sunday morning.  Per our orders from the tasking list, every individual was to eat all their meals hot.  Here you can see all of us cooking our meals in our canteen cups.  Off the corners of the fire pit, we dug small "slits" / trenches in which we burn small sticks in order to heat the contents of our canteen cups.  This method discharges very little smoke and the fire is concealed inside the trench. Cooking breakfast via the method described above. Side view of what's actually going on down there.  You can see the fire burning strong, yet in the previous photo all can you see is a small amount of smoke being discharged.   After packing up to head back, we took some additional time to naturalize the area of we set up our Von Reck shelter.  Remember, you want to leave as small a foot print as possible on the land.  As you can see here, the only evidence readily visible that anyone was there is the fact that the grass is laying down.   Yep, you guessed it.  That is our fire pit after we filled it and naturalized the top of it.  Almost impossible to tell it was a fire pit... unless you inspect it with a magnify glass.
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    Mojoe reacted to Top in Cold: signs and symptoms to watch for   
    Prepare for the worst! Have a cold weather kit (space blanket, matches or lighter at a minimum)
    Dress in layers, drink water, eat, now your limits and rest when you need to. Dehydration is easier in cold then hot because you don't feel like drinking..
    This is not an all inclusive article but I hope this gets the conversation going and awareness up, we need to prepare for the worst.
    Cold weather-related injuries occur with and without freezing of body tissues. Cold weather-related injuries include chilblains, trench foot, frostnip, and frostbite. Signs and symptoms may include tingling, numbness, and changes in the color and texture of the skin. Treatment generally includes moving out of the cold environment, removing wet clothing, and re-warming the affected area. Frostbite is a serious cold weather-related injury that requires immediate medical attention and rapid re-warming. Do not thaw the affected area if there is the risk of refreezing. Certain individuals, such as the elderly, children, alcoholics, and the homeless, are at increased risk of developing cold weather-related injuries. Prevention of cold weather-related injuries is best accomplished through proper planning and preparation for cold weather. Introduction to frostbite and cold weather-related injuries
    Winter cold and snow provide a number of opportunities to get outside and participate in activities such as skiing, sledding, and snowmobiling. However, without proper protection, cold weather-related injuries can occur even when temperatures are above freezing (32 F, 0 C). This is especially true if there are high winds or if clothing is wet. In general, however, it is both the temperature and the duration of exposure that play a role in determining the extent and severity of cold weather-related injuries. This information describes the different types of cold weather-related injuries, as well as what to do to prevent and treat them prior to reaching a health care practitioner
    What type of injuries can be caused by cold weather?
    Cold weather-related injuries can be divided into two general categories. There are those injuries that occur without the freezing of body tissue, such as chilblains, trench foot, and frostnip, and those injuries that occur with the freezing of body tissue, such as frostbite. Hypothermia is a medical condition characterized by a core body temperature that is abnormally low.
    Chilblains (also known as pernio) are a common type of cold weather-related injury that can develop in predisposed individuals after exposure to nonfreezing temperatures and humid conditions. Chilblains typically develop because of an abnormal vascular response several hours after the area exposed to cold is re-warmed. Chilblains are itchy, painful, reddish, or purplish areas of swelling that usually affect the fingers, toes, nose, or ears. In some individuals, blisters or small open sores may also form, increasing the risk for developing an infection. Chilblains usually last for several days, and the affected area usually heals after several weeks. Though the affected area may remain sensitive to the cold in the future, there is usually no permanent damage. It is not uncommon for chilblains to recur in susceptible individuals.
    Trench foot
    Trench foot was named after the condition suffered by many soldiers in the trenches during World War I, though it is a condition still encountered today, often found in homeless individuals. Trench foot develops after feet have a prolonged exposure to a wet, cold, environment and is typically a more serious condition than chilblains. Tight-fitting, constricting boots and footwear serve to exacerbate the condition. Trench foot does not require freezing temperatures, and can occur with temperatures of up to 60 F (15.5 C).
    The symptoms of trench foot may include pain, itching, numbness, and swelling. The affected foot may appear red, or blotchy (red and pale areas mixed together) or even bluish-black with advanced injury.
    As with chilblains, blisters and open sores can develop. With severe trench foot, the tissue dies and sloughs off, and the development of gangrene can occur, sometimes requiring amputation. The usual recovery period for uncomplicated trench foot can be several weeks.
    Frostnip is a mild cold weather-related injury that typically affects the face, ears, toes, and fingers. After exposure to cold weather, the affected area may appear pale, and may be accompanied by burning, itching or pain. Tingling or numbness are frequently present. Simple re-warming restores normal color and sensation, and there is no subsequent permanent tissue damage.
    Frostbite occurs when there is freezing of body tissue, and it is the most serious of the cold weather-related injuries. Frostbite usually affects the hands, feet, nose, ears, and cheeks, though other areas of the body may also be affected. This type of injury results from decreased blood flow and heat delivery to body tissues resulting in damaging ice crystal formation, which ultimately leads to cell death. Upon re-warming of the affected tissue, vascular damage and complex cellular metabolic abnormalities lead to tissue death. Damage to tissue is most pronounced when there is prolonged cold weather exposure, the affected area slowly freezes, and the subsequent re-warming process is slow. Repeated thawing and refreezing of the affected tissue is particularly damaging, and should be avoided.
    Frostbite injuries can be classified as either superficial or deep, depending on the tissue depth of injury. Superficial frostbite injuries involve the skin and subcutaneous tissues, while deep frostbite injuries extend beyond the subcutaneous tissues and involve the tendons, muscles, nerves, and even bone. Superficial frostbite injuries have a better prognosis than deep frostbite injuries.
    What are the signs and symptoms of frostbite?
    The signs and symptoms of frostbite depend on the extent and depth of tissue injury. Individuals with superficial frostbite may experience the following signs and symptoms to the affected area:
    pain, burning, tingling, numbness, pale colored skin, clear-colored skin blisters may develop, and firm-feeling skin with soft underlying tissue which can move over bony ridges. As the degree of injury progresses (1st to 3rd) to involve deeper tissue structures, the signs and symptoms of deep frostbite can develop, which may include the following:
    complete loss of sensation, pale, yellowish, bluish, gray, or mottled skin color, formation of blood-filled skin blisters, and firm-feeling skin and underlying tissue, with the affected area feeling hard and solid. With advanced frostbite injuries, the affected area can subsequently appear blackened and gangrene can develop, placing the affected individual at high-risk for infection.
    Who is most likely to get a cold weather-related injury and what can be done to prevent it?
    Anybody can develop a cold weather-related injury.
    The young and the elderly are more prone to these types of injuries due to vascular compromise or inability to effectively redistribute body heat. In addition, individuals who work outdoors, the homeless, and those who engage in outdoor activities are more likely to develop cold weather-related injuries due to their increased chance and time of of exposure to the cold conditions. Alcohol and illicit drug use also make it more likely that individuals will develop a cold weather-related injury because these individuals have impaired judgment and they may not sense that they are in danger. Patients with certain medical conditions including psychiatric illness, circulatory problems, diabetes, scleroderma, dehydration, and smoking can develop a cold weather-related injury more quickly than other individuals. The prevention of cold weather-related injuries is best achieved through careful pre-planning and preparation for the cold, when possible.
    Travel with another person in case an emergency occurs. Take along an emergency kit and blankets in your car in case of a breakdown or accident. Dress warmly using multiple layers and adequately cover body areas prone to injury. Try to have an extra change of dry clothing so you can remove any wet clothing if necessary. Always keep your hands and feet dry and avoid wearing tight fitting clothing on these areas as it may decrease the circulation. Use waterproof shoes. Drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol, caffeinated drinks, and smoking. Carry high-calorie snacks to provide adequate nutrition. Most importantly, however, move indoors to a warmer environment when you begin to feel cold.
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    Mojoe reacted to Tusk in Another turd in the Airsoft community located in the North East...   
    This is freakin' crazy. The dude's brother stepped up big time. And wouldn't you know it - he still had my gun. Absolutely amazing. He says he's going to ship it back this week. He even took a picture of my gear and sent it to me to confirm... truly amazing news today.
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    Mojoe reacted to Top in LEADERSHIP   
    The title for this post says it all!
    Broken Home is the Premier Military simulation event in this country!! This is because of the great work that the AMS crew put into building the scenario and props. But even with all the planning and late night it takes the dedication of the player to make it great.
    A definition of MILSIM (or one of many):
    *Milsim should be about teams training and preparing for simulated war against each other. The simulated war should be as realistic as possible, while maintaining safety. Milsim requires but is not limited to the following: leadership, structure, discipline, honor, teamwork, dedication, obedience and more. Any team that calls themselves milsim should aspire to these qualities. If we settle for less then we're not getting the full experience that milsim should offer. (Borrowed from a forum: Air soft Ohio)*    
    With all that said the only way MILSIM is going to be as realistic as possible is to have and create units with LEADERSHIP at the head of each unit. Without leadership the body has no control or direction and will go everywhere at once. Which doesn’t work unless you are a high-speed low drag chair-softer who talks a great game but cant fight out of a wet paper bag if given a pair of scissors?
    There has to be a chain of command, it isn’t supposed to be the commander and then the troops. There is no way a commander can command unless there are leaders out there to make what is planned happen. Commanders plan how use their resources to accomplish a mission, leaders use those resources they have to accomplish the mission. Without that leadership you cannot accomplish anything.
     Squad leaders are important but so are PLATOON LEADERS! This is the guy is the head of the snake and is directly tied to the command staff, managing his squads effectively to accomplish whatever the mission that has been tasked. He is the guy with the help of the platoon Sergeant that needs to be in the loop on the level of readiness of his team and know what they are capable of and how to use those capabilities to accomplish those missions assigned.
    Now those who have an inkling of what it means to lead troops into the great battle that is about to begin. Then step up and let it be known to your COMMANDERS and COMMAND STAFF that you are willing to except the responsibility of commanding fine men and women into the fires of battle (simulated of course).
    The Commanders cannot do it alone they need you to execute the battle plan for victory!
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    Mojoe got a reaction from Reaper 1-8 in Trying to understand the storyline a little better.....   
    I'd tell you the story, but unfortunately I am dead. I was killed (knifed) by the murderous CDF, while peacefully gathered at their check point.
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    Mojoe got a reaction from REDCORN in Trying to understand the storyline a little better.....   
    I'd tell you the story, but unfortunately I am dead. I was killed (knifed) by the murderous CDF, while peacefully gathered at their check point.
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    Mojoe got a reaction from MAYO in Trying to understand the storyline a little better.....   
    I'd tell you the story, but unfortunately I am dead. I was killed (knifed) by the murderous CDF, while peacefully gathered at their check point.
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    Mojoe got a reaction from TheJP in Trying to understand the storyline a little better.....   
    I'd tell you the story, but unfortunately I am dead. I was killed (knifed) by the murderous CDF, while peacefully gathered at their check point.
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    Mojoe reacted to Spektre in ESR 19 Lost and Found   
    Dear fellow tan player,
    I gave you a Thunder B to clear the building near our FOB. Merry Christmas, I'm not paying shipping so it's yours, I'll get another.
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    Mojoe reacted to voodoo1 in AAR   
    Ok guys this was my first ams game and any game in Oklahoma for that matter. I first want to thank the ams crew for a great target rich environment and I loved every second of it. Great ao and great people on all sides. I just want to point out something's that I noticed while playing that was kinda different from what I am used to in Ohio.
    1. Safety kills:
    First I want to explain the circumstance and then explain why I am upset. For the first couple of hours of Saturday tan was making a great push. Then the hummer came our way and pretty much wiped us out. The incident happened when I took cover behind a car, which was unknown to the hummer. When the pov was close enough I popped out of the car and began firing on an open window. I personally watched bbs fly into the window and hit the passengers rig to which he said safety. Now I thought safety was "optional" and I didn't know you could call safety after you are dead. However I took the safety because I never want to be considered as a cheat. So I smoked a cigarette, waited my bleed out and re-spawned back at our fob. Not to pick on the hummer but I did hear of multiple instances where that particular pov was mention negatively.
    2. Leadership
    I was assigned to platoon 1 squad 3 on ufs. Now I am really upset about the leadership that took place for my squad/platoon. After the safety briefing my squad leader and all but 2 or my squad disappeared to go chrono. This is an Airsoft game people chrono your freakin weapons before you go in the ao. I heard that our platoon leader got demoted but I can't really say much on that because no one even cared to regroup after they chronoed. I don't know how ams picks leadership and maybe this was just a rarity but maybe leadership should be picked more wisely. I apologize if I'm wrong in that. However I will say that this has been the only game where everyone in my squad didn't even try to stick with their squad. I say that in confidence because only bravo and spartan even tried to stick with me. So out of 14-17 operators only 3 stuck together?
    Terrible, that's the word that comes to mind.like previously stated This is the only game I've ever been to that comms where not used as a key part. I want to state this is not ams fault by any means. When you looked in the field I bet 50% didn't have any kind of comms. That is beyond mind blowing. Again this might just have been my platoon/squad but I just speak on hat I experienced.
    I'm not trying to trash anyone I'm just stating what I noticed and maybe make a contribution on how to make things better. Thanks again for a great time everyone and ill see you all at broken home 2.
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    Mojoe reacted to MAYO in Something That Needs To Be Said   
    First of all I would like to state that the AMS crew are an awesome group of guys. They put a lot of their own personal time into these events for us. They have fought a couple very serious fights to bring us the best product they can provide. They've, on numerous accounts, put us all in front of their own personal lives. They have a love for the hobby and it shows.
    However, I think it needs to go ahead and be brought to light that some of the people's behavior during the game are unacceptabe.
    I was infomred that players were throwing car parts at enemy forces at one point. While I didn't see this I did see several other events that were an embarrasment to us and reflected poorly on AMS to others.
    Before I get into specific I'd like to state that I am in no way perfect. I make mistakes just like everyone else. So does my team. Some of the things I'm about to speak about I, or team mates, are likely guilty of at some point in our 'airsoft career'.
    That being said, I think the first thing that needs to be addressed is RESPECT. These poeple, while airsofters, are complete strangers to most of us. In what situation do you believe it is acceptable to scream and curse at another adult?
    I saw players screaming and cursing at eachother for the most trivial things. We're all civilized adults here. My team brought several kids of varying ages. 14, 15, 16, and 17 actually. These kids showed more personal restraint, respect to others, and humbelness than a large portion of the adult 'milsimmers'.
    The next thing I think needs to be stated is AUTHORITY. Specifically that unless you are an AMS staff member or an in game admin you have absolutely no authority what so ever. That player you've shot 100 times in a row from 20 feet away not calling his hits? Yeah, not your place to 'call him out' or 'rule lawyer' him. There is no good leg to stand on with this. Nothing kills a game for me more than seeing someone yell at another player about "calling your hits" or some other bullshit explaination like "I see them bouncing off of you!". I've watched several players get heated over rules that they weren't even right about. But that isn't the point. Even if you are right, you have no authority.
    Third, HUMBLENESS. We're all playing make believe. We're only a dice throw away from raiding a dungeon. Hell, the DAMs are practically LARPing. So, take that image of yourself being a bad ass operator and shove it. Have some humility about what you do. You are not the best out there. Even if you were the best on the field you will take hits from 12 year olds you never even saw.
    Finally, UNDERSTANDING. We're all civilized people. And if you arent, then I don't think you have a place in the hobby honestly. But that is my opinion. We all need to be understanding to other players. Sure, I've shot people who hadn't called it. Close friends even who I know don't cheat. But I also understand helmet, vest, backpack, and gun hits can be hard to keep track of during a heated engagement. Pain talks. It's the truth. However, I don't throw a man child fit about it like several people I saw throughout the day. We all need to be understanding to other players. One example is dead rags. Players scream 'IM HIT!" to other players when they're just walking normally back to their respawn point. The rules state you MUST have a red dead rag. It is your responsbility to have these item during play. It isn't the firing player's responsibility to 'guess' if you're dead. Likewise, if there are 4 people standing around dead and one person is hiding behind cover 2 ft behind you what do you expect them to do? Stop shooting? Let the player behind you shoot them? If you're inbetween fire, move. We have all played enough to understand how the game works and some of the problems within gameplay. However, I will never expect another player to sacrifice their advantage during gameplay just because of my unfortunate position. No one will care if you move out of the line of fire. We all definitely need to be more understanding to eachother. Yelling at eacother only produced noise pollution and actually prevents resolution.
    That being said I'll list some examples of 'bad' and 'good' from End State Route 19 to further bring home my point. I will not be identifying any team colors or names. I'm not here to 'bash' anyone. I'm making this post hoping that other will read them and apply it to their team mentalities.

    First, the bad.

    1) While pinned inside of a house a team moved up and assaulted us. The first 'hit' was from a team behind a metal fence. They killed 2-3 of us. They moved and shot very well and we never knew they were there until hit. The 10 BBs to the same spot in my leg hurt like hell, but that isn't their fault. Guns shoot faster than people can say 'hit'. Hurts, but man, good job guys. However, after the outside of my team had been eliminated the rest of the opposing team began surrounding the house. This house was a multiple room house with trash all over the place inside. While the majority of the assault team were great sports there were several people who took it upon themselves to misjudge their authority in the situation and even further take the matter into their own hands.
    One player threw in a ThunderBee grenade into the main room of the building. AMS rules state that ThunderBees are distraction devices only normally. For End State they were allowed as room kills but only of players inside of that immediate room, not the connected ones as well. Yet, this player decided to police one of my members about how he was 'dead'. I, being the type to police my own, asked if anyone was in that room over the radio. Not a single person was. Another player yelled at one of my team members about 'CALL YOUR HITS'. I'm fairly confident my guys will call their hits. I understand you aren't, but I am. However, even if my team member wasn't calling his hit.. do you think some random person screaming at him disrespectfully is going to improve the situation with anyone? Negative. My team pretty much will call any hit as long as someone tells us in a respectful manner. It is MORE IMPORTANT for us to provide a good show of sportmanship than to continue playing. Then, after everything was said and done these players then decided to breach the building and shoot several of my team members full auto inside of the building which didn't have a spot in the building that was less than 20ft. There was some misunderstanding about safeties as well as the rules appeared to change in the middle of the day (aka, safeties changing from 'optional' to 'mandatory'). The AMS rules state that a player does not have to automatically take a safety kill. If safeties were mandatory it would make pistols completely useless in a cqb environment. However, this was an AMS miscommunication during the OP rather than a player problem.
    2) After even #1 my team gathered around and began whining about the situation, commenting about the breaching team, the safeties, and other nonsense. I don't stand for this. We immediately 'corrected' our team and made it clear that this type of behavior did NOT have a place on our team and to cut it out.
    3) On the way back to respawn I saw a player I know personall screaming at another player about cheating. It wasn't a normal 'I hit you' comment. He was screaming violently at the other player and being extremely aggresive with his body language. I have seen the same behavior from this individual in the past and this situation goes back to Authority, which he has none.
    4) During the night game two players on Green began screaming at eachother regarding flashlights and 'natural night vision'. Players cursing at eachother and threatening eachother. What the hell is wrong with you people? This alone almost made my team leave the night game alone. These kinds of players will ruin it for everyone else when people stop showing up to AMS events because of them.

    Now, for the Good.
    1) While clearing a part of the junk yard an opposing team player was hit. During our push through he asked which player was behind 'vehicle x' and that he had been shooting the guy in the helmet a couple of times. At first we thought it was one of our younger players and immediately began to having him move back to that location and pull his dead rag. However, upon further inspection we found out it was another player who HAD called his hit but had just hid back behind cover after pulling his dead rag. The player who addressed us did it in a calm professional manner and I applaud you for your way of handling the situation. You are staple of how things should be.
    2) During the briefing a larger team with several vehicles explained that they were 'trained' to call vehicle hits when their windshields were tapped by opposing players. According to AMS rules this wasn't necessary for them to do. However, they still announce it to everyone during the briefing as it was obvious that not many players brought anti vehicle weapons. You guys were thinking of other players rather than yourself and made the game more fun for everyone included in the event. Again, I applaud you and wish more were like you. You took something that people were getting down about (not being able to fight technicals effectively) and gave them some sort of form of combating them, even at your own team's expense.
    3) During a fire fight a player shot one of my own team members who then complained that they were shot too close with a rifle (under 20ft, almost point blankt). However, under further investigation of the video I don't htink there was any evidence to support my team member's claim. However, regardless the opposing player made a compromise and claimed himself 'hit' as well before shaking my team member's hand. Again, an amazing display of sportmanship as it was very much likely he did absolutely nothing wrong. He put the gameplay of others ahead of his own and because of it I'm sure many of the surrounding players had a much more enjoyable time.
    4) We had several teams come up to us and tell us how much fun they had fighting against us and complimenting our team after the whole engagement. We really appreciated the feedback. Winning is almost always more fun than losing but these guys took it so well and let us know we were doing well. We appreciated your words and your sportsmanship more than you'd think.

    So, what should we do to resolve these issues? Self Policing. Most people joining an AMS event are apart of a team of some sort.
    I'd ask that all leadership take some of the fundamental ideas I've explained here and apply them to their teams as well. We aren't all perfect, but we should strive to make the game as enjoyable as possible FOR OTHERS as well as ourselves.
    If you are some sort of leadership and see your team members calling other people's hit, get on to them.
    If your players begin badmouthing other players, get on to them.
    If your team members have a problem with someone, make it a standard procedure to POLITELY BRING THE SUBJECT up other than yelling at eachother in such an embarrasing manner.
    AMS is relatively new but they aren't stupid. As the providing business they can only comment on things so far. However, take my word, they are aware of these things. Don't be surprised when they start implimenting rules to weed out the undesirables if we don't start getting our act together as a community and policing our own under the AMS rules.
    That being said I'd like to also state that the majority of players are awesome people. But lets not let a word like 'majority' keep us from improving ourselves and providing the community AMS deserves.
    I of course welcome any feedback, stories, or comment regarding the topic. I only ask that people be RESPECTFUL, HUMBLE, UNDERSTANDING, and leave the AUTHORITY to AMS.
    ( I will edit the post for spelling, punctuation, and formatting at a later date to make more 'readable'. Admins welcome to make any of these changes at any port as well.)
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    Mojoe got a reaction from TheJP in ESR 19 Lost and Found   
    If anyone found any vortex nerf rockets that were labeled "Reckoning", "CR", or "Wraven", I'd be happy to pay for shipping back to us.
    We generally shot rockets that were black and white.
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    Mojoe reacted to Croaker in Different Camos   
    That's why we have these rules there so people can see what is needed before coming to an event.... If you come to an AMS event and don't have the proper gear or uniform then you must be retarded and not read the forums or the rule set... We make this as easy as possibly to get your gear and have it ready by the time the event starts, So yes you have to have matching uniforms unless you are playing a militia or guerrilla group. Its common sense, you're in a standing army that dresses the same, no exceptions..
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    Mojoe got a reaction from Spektre in VERTX!   
    Wow, I just noticed that Vertx was added as an AMS sponsor!  They are fantastic company that offer a great line of clothing.  I have 5 pairs of their pants and the comfort reminds me of a karate gi pant.  
    IMO they run a tad small after washing, I normally wear a 34 jean, and the 34 regular vertx are a little tighter.  The phantom LTs are a fantastic pant, with the gusseted on crotch, no more blow outs; and the phantom material wicks and doesn't absorb a lot of moisture.
    Nice play AMS!
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    Mojoe got a reaction from TheJP in VERTX!   
    Wow, I just noticed that Vertx was added as an AMS sponsor!  They are fantastic company that offer a great line of clothing.  I have 5 pairs of their pants and the comfort reminds me of a karate gi pant.  
    IMO they run a tad small after washing, I normally wear a 34 jean, and the 34 regular vertx are a little tighter.  The phantom LTs are a fantastic pant, with the gusseted on crotch, no more blow outs; and the phantom material wicks and doesn't absorb a lot of moisture.
    Nice play AMS!
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    Mojoe got a reaction from TheJP in OESR19 COMM MATRIX   
    Roger that........improvise, adapt, overcome.  Hell, the way Top yells, none of us will need radios.
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    Mojoe reacted to TheJP in MMX Kit Check List   
    It's a term for a patrol cap or "beanie".
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    Mojoe got a reaction from TheJP in MMX Kit Check List   
    Toboggan in clothing? Am I missing something? Is that a brand name like "taco"?
    Or are they prepping for the Colorado op?
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    Mojoe got a reaction from TheJP in OESR19 COMM MATRIX   
    I am a little confused on this, according to http://wiki.radioreference.com/index.php/FRS/GMRS_combined_channel_chart, Channel 10 Privacy 3, should be 467.6125?
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    Mojoe reacted to TheJP in AO Map?   
    Excellent question!
    Will have it up 2 weeks prior to the event, with Comm Matrix and OPORDs.
    Actually I will try and get the AO map up sooner, we have had it for a while but are still marking it up.
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