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  1. Mojoe

    Belt Question

    I also run a USGG infidel belt, but I also wear suspenders to bear the weight of an integrated chest panel and hydro pack. The infidel is rock solid and doesn't move, since it attaches to a Velcro inner belt. The padding is perfect and it never feels off balance. Even when I am running, kneeling and going prone, there is 0 belt movement; which makes it faster to index mags and use a dump pouch as second nature.
  2. AMS, can you weigh in on this real quick please? Pea grenades are expensive, but I hesitate to order because your rule set states that it must expel bb's and be a recognized airsoft grenade form factor. Thanks!
  3. Will helo runs be subject to single fire rules? That would kind of suck.
  4. I called Oakley, they told me that all if their lenses surpass the ANSI rating. However, they do not stamp all the lenses they make with the z87 rating. The fit into the frame which also has to be certified and stamped, also plays as a factor. This was a couple years ago when I was considering the brand. I'd feel safe wearing the lenses as long as I got them from Oakley directly or an authorized reseller. I used to be a competitive shooter and have seen many people wear Oakley lenses. For reassurance, don't take anyone's word on the lenses, call Oakley. They are very helpful and a educated consumer is a smart consumer. Your eye sight is too valuable not take the extra 15 minutes to place a call to California (Oakley). Great choice, I wish their frames fit my face right. I ended up buy Rudy Project Guardyans.
  5. I run a war belt as my primary load carrier. I like the hsgi belt, but I went with u.s. grunt gear's infidel war belt. I liked that I didn't have to add weight by adding another belt over my trouser belt. The inner Velcro holds the belt super stable. The suspenders I have let me easily bear the weight. I had USGG build me a war belt that I could integrate a chest panel if I needed to carry more. Mostly, I just use my belt set up. My USGG was crazy $, because I wanted a custom build in ranger green that I could use in pistol classes as well as airsoft. You can see my belt over in the first line discussion in the thread "just a belt." The only changes I've made is replacing all my pouches with tacos and holster to a RTI safariland. The condor will not bear the weight over time. The frame sheet is nonexistent and the belt will lose the rigidity you need to keep all your stuff where you need it. I have a tactical tailor belt that is floppy and it buckles under of the weight of mags, dump, and pistol. The hsgi belt has a hdpe (kydex) frame stiffener that's is light, pliable and nearly perfect. Save your money and buy the hsgi belt, IMO. The adage of buy once, cry once is 100% applicable to your being to enjoy the hobby without being constantly annoyed and reminded that you should have held out and bought one of the very best pieces out there.
  6. I'd tell you the story, but unfortunately I am dead. I was killed (knifed) by the murderous CDF, while peacefully gathered at their check point. UFS
  7. You can also look around your area for someone to press a custom kydex holster, because of that handle. That still would be a 100% better then the fabric holsters that condor offers and you wouldn't have to worry about losing a mag. I would have the holster maker have it mount to the RTI wheel stud plate as mentioned above. I have my safarilands and serpa (yuk) mounted on a RTI wheel to my first line. I don't use my serpa any more. I've actually had very fine dust accumulate in the release button and I had to take a screwdriver handle to push it down. Also, it's unsafe for me due to the trigger finger placement upon draw. IMO your ultimate option would be to have g-code press out a custom lower section (cowling) of the modular SOC holster. That way, if you want to use a regular 92/96 (or real steel) you would just have to change the cowling out to match. Your barrel may stick out of the bottom of the holster, but at least you have a little more usability beyond the Raffica. G-code has excellent customer service and the guys there won't lol@you for playing airsoft. http://www.tacticalholsters.com/category/SOC.html
  8. If anyone found any vortex nerf rockets that were labeled "Reckoning", "CR", or "Wraven", I'd be happy to pay for shipping back to us. We generally shot rockets that were black and white. Thanks!
  9. Wow, I just noticed that Vertx was added as an AMS sponsor! They are fantastic company that offer a great line of clothing. I have 5 pairs of their pants and the comfort reminds me of a karate gi pant. IMO they run a tad small after washing, I normally wear a 34 jean, and the 34 regular vertx are a little tighter. The phantom LTs are a fantastic pant, with the gusseted on crotch, no more blow outs; and the phantom material wicks and doesn't absorb a lot of moisture. Nice play AMS!
  10. Roger that........improvise, adapt, overcome. Hell, the way Top yells, none of us will need radios.
  11. Another question for you.... the Platoon Leader for 4PL is going to have monitor channels 2, 10 and 11? Normally, our SL has to carry 2 Icoms, ones for squad net, the other for platoon net. In this case, there is no designated platoon frequency?
  12. Toboggan in clothing? Am I missing something? Is that a brand name like "taco"? Or are they prepping for the Colorado op?
  13. I am a little confused on this, according to http://wiki.radioreference.com/index.php/FRS/GMRS_combined_channel_chart, Channel 10 Privacy 3, should be 467.6125?
  14. Mojoe

    AO Map?

    Any idea when a AO map will be available? I know one is provided at registration, but we normally like to make sure we size them up/down to fit into commander panels.
  15. We are coming from Austin/San Antonio/Fort Hood area.
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