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  1. KDog's photos are (as always) amazing, bountiful, and readily available. However, I'd love to see the video and photos that the Gray State folks were shooting. I didn't see much of KDog most of the weekend, but every time I turned around, I bumped into a Gray State shooter. I don't care about photos or video of my ugly mug, but some of the firefights I was in were pretty great, and I'd love to see them from another angle.
  2. As a Colorado airsofter who did not run with the CDF, I was able to get a tan perspective on the whole thing. There was an element that did offer their services and fire on their own CDF team on Sunday. I won't get into names of teams or specific individuals in a public setting. If you wish to know the W's, PM me. They were paid more than once for this offer (once by myself), but I was not around to see any aftermath of them firing on their own, or fighting alongside UFS forces. CDF entered into negotiations on Saturday with UFS command, and at NO TIME were they ever friendly. This fact was wrongly reported to me while I was performing duties as the S3, and it made its way out to the boots on the ground. This is a failure to get facts from those in positions higher than myself, either from myself, higher-ups, or both. UFS struggled with communication with their COC all day, which led to its abandonment on Sunday. Speaking of Sunday, CDF had been given orders to attack the UFS COC that morning, and we had been told this fact by those I mentioned in my first paragraph. Myself, and 3 others then decided to make use of an ambush when they decided to roll up on it. However, 4 men against 3 technicals and 25 personnel is rarely going to succeed. Even though I took WAY more fire after I called hit several times, all was settled very sportsmanlike, professionally, and without any bad blood. At no point on Sunday was there any doubt that CDF was hostile. UFS battled hard all day, and lost fairly. While I must say there was some issue with one small sect of the CDF and questionable gameplay, it was passed on to a CDF muckity-muck, and dealt with. Again, I won't get into specifics, because it was handled quickly and professionally. It all boils down to how you handle yourself and the situation. With hundreds of players coming from dozens of states, there is an incalculable amount of different ways to accomplish the same goal. If you don't like the way things go, either take it upon yourself to address it with those involved, or get with an admin if you don't feel you can address it professionally and courteously with the offending party. Nothing gets solved by complaining endlessly to anyone in earshot. They don't care, they have their own issues to address at that given time. There's a reason CDF rolled over everyone in their path: TRAINING. Everyone on the CDF trained together for weeks ahead of time in conditions similar to or worse than those seen this past weekend. They hit it hard as a cohesive element, and it paid off. Granted there may have been a few that didn't train with them, but they integrated quickly, and it showed. If anyone had a disadvantage, it was the rest of us on UFS and CoST because we all came together from different parts of the US and expected each other to know how each person/squad operated. I can't speak for CoST leadership, as I only saw maybe 3 CoST fighters all weekend on the field, but Top and Raptorkat are keen on recognizing these differences and utilizing their strengths and weaknesses. However, when morale dies in one operator, it spreads like the plague to the rest of those around him. AMS staff tells you this during the Safety Brief, "If you aren't having fun, tell us or do something about it yourself!" Kind of a no-nonsense, common-sense statement, if you ask me. I made my own fun, in spite of being injured, overheated, and tired on Sunday, and my Saturday was just as fun with being a part of the command staff. It was an eye-opening experience with some of the best players that Milsim has to offer. Thank you to AMS, Colorado milsimmers, and anyone else on the field for a great weekend. I look forward to playing there again, no matter what side I'm on....
  3. To add to this question, what kind of registration fee would be needed to bring a "combat journalist"?
  4. Thanks Croaker, but I have a waiting list for that already.... seriously though, I can deal with a payment plan, as long as you're paid up by end of the raffle on Sunday at OBH2.
  5. Op season is in full swing, so I thought you all might be interested in a tent I have. FS: Base-X 203 tent. 14'x15', 8-10 personnel. OD Green, NEW condition. This is the full shelter system, containing the repair kit, liner, wind kit, stake kit. Tent has only been set up once for condition check, otherwise has never been used. Price new is $3300-$3600 depending on source. SERIOUS inquiries only, ABSOLUTELY NO AIRSOFT TRADES. Asking $1200 OBO. Additionally, freight on a 400lb tent is close to $1200, so if you want to pick it up at OBH2, I have no problem with that. If you want it before-hand, we can arrange alternative delivery. Specs: http://www.hdtglobal.com/products/shelters/base-xreg-shelters/hdt-base-xreg-model-203/ Pics available here: http://www.rddusa.com/Images/products/Base-X-Tents/Base-X-tent-model-203-hdt-R.jpg http://cdn2.bigcommerce.com/server700/63053/products/111885/images/14285/Picture_2__35174.1325267797.1280.1280.png
  6. I will be there, even if I have to walk from Colorado. Who else is gonna save RaptorKat from the helo by sacrificing himself?
  7. I vote for OP: Peacemaker.... As a fan of Great Plains history, the Peacemaker pistol helped to tame the West, as well as fertilize it with those that would challenge its prosperity, progress, or happiness. It aided in quelling Indian uprisings, raids, and protected the Great Plains settlers from other dangers. In the case of Broken Home storyline, UFS is attempting to squash the upstarts and regain its control over rich resources, as well as sovereignty over its citizens. CoST forces can see this piece of history as a sort of badge of rebellion against the UFS and its armies. UFS could consider the word "Peacemaker" as a veil for ending this feeble attempt at independence by nothing more than farmers, yokels, and rednecks who were lucky enough to capture resources to even initiate the movement. I dunno... this was a way for me to burn 20 minutes of dead time at work at 2 in the morning.
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  11. Dutch

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    BAAAHAHAAAAHAAHAAHAAA!!!! "Right in the kisser". That &%&% gets me every time!
  12. I saw this, and couldn't believe how long I laughed.
  13. I've cut grains and dairy from my daily intake, so I'm primarily ingesting a ton of proteins. I still stick to around 1900-2000 calories a day, plus more supplements than I care to count. I hit the gym for weight training and some cardio for 2-3 hours three days a week, and I am proud to see some of my teammates join me for a full-gear, 5 mile road march/jog 3 days a week. So far in the last 2 months that I've been actively making this my routine, I've lost 14 pounds of nastiness, and back to under a 40 inch waist. I still want to lose more, but it's going to be rough with my body type. Now I'm sitting at 5'10" and 258 pounds.
  14. I know it's a little necro, but I thought I'd weigh in on this. Boulder Airsoft has prohibited the use of these at any function we host. Our primary concerns for our attendees are safety and enjoyment. Having a projectile like that in play compromises safety, which in turn kills the fun factor. Our primary fields are roughly 20-30 minutes from any medical center, and at 8000-9000 feet in moderate to rough terrain. Noone needs a crash course in high-country med-evac. Granted, they look cool, and are most likely fun to shoot, they're just too dangerous to be fired downrange toward players or vehicles.
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