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    Spook got a reaction from Aswayze in Hydration rule?   
    I've noticed that a lot of players (in my area anyway) tend to wear out quickly in the excessive heat and humidity. To that effect, I'm going to make a suggestion to keep people well hydrated. 

    Each time a player has to be medevac-ed, before they can return to play, they must drink a bottle of water (a standard size plastic bottle) like you'd buy in a case, or demonstrate to a squad leader/authority figure that they have adequate water on their person. (You can get sick from over-drinking too). Consider the bottle of water an "IV". 

    Each aid station would be stocked with water for the purpose of the rule. 
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    Spook reacted to Aswayze in 4.5mm plastic BBs?   
    4.5mm airsoft has been around longer than 6mm.   I remember using them back in the 1970s in regular bb guns.   The main market these are intended for is standard Crossman and Daisy bb guns that usually use steel .177 bbs or lead pellets.  
    I doubt that we'll see 4.5mm airsoft specific systems and if we do, I doubt even more that event hosts will be willing to allow their use since obviously that would involve the risks associated with some asshole just deciding to use a steel bb instead of a plastic one.  
    I don't think 4.5mm would offer any particular advantage to mines or other applications.  6mm seems to cover that quite well.  
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    Spook reacted in Switching weapons with the 'dead' legal or not?   
    On the dead/wounded continued play issue, I could see how allowing simple abilities like talking to a wounded player could still be fun. Or perhaps the downed player is limited to sidearm only. But that still leads to confusion on the other team's part, in downing a player, but he's still continuing on. Not to mention all the continued hits the downed player would continue to take...
    Essentially, it's easier to simply understand that the downed player is incapacitated, and incapable of physical activity. I'll admit that even after I'm downed, I typically still talk with my team as I believe that's how it should be. I'm sure many other's do the same. However, once bleed out occurs, and I'm in transit to the FOB, my lips are sealed. That whole "dead men can't talk" bit, is and should be completely mandatory IMHO.
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    Spook reacted to TheJP in Switching weapons with the 'dead' legal or not?   
    This ---^
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    Spook got a reaction from Kolt1911 in Which hand to hand weapons are allowedto be used in your rules?   
    I know a lot of guys carry rubber knives, some even carry tomahawks, but which are actually allowed to be used? Some guys get jumpy about knife kills and "melee weapons" so I figure it never hurts to ask in advance.

    I went back and checked the ruleset to see if I missed anything, but edged weapon TYPES aren't covered, just the way they're used. 
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    Spook reacted in Switching weapons with the 'dead' legal or not?   
    Agreed with Alex and JP. Provided the player is still in play (albeit downed), I'd say there weapon is still rightfully in play for any other team member. But as the man is downed, there shouldn't be any physical assistance in getting the weapon to said new user from said downed man. The moment bleedout happens, I'd say the gun goes with him. 
    And as an added note: Provided I was the squadmate of the downed player, I'd want him to go back to respawn with the weapon, not only to get everything in working order at spawn, but to have the weapon he's comfortable with with him when he attempts to relink with my squad after spawn.
    A somewhat ridiculous note: I would also assume that only 1 weapon could be in the living users hands, provided the weapon of the downed player belonged to a special role. For example, As a DM, if I pick up the MG of my support, I'd have to either sling my rifle out of way or set it down to use only the MG. Dual wielding support and DMR would be in conflict with the 1 weapon role per player ruleset, and quite silly. Though I would say dual wielding any gun would be in conflict with the blind fire rules as you aren't capable of looking down the sites of both guns simultaneously.
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    Spook got a reaction from RangerFox in UFS launch failed raid on CoST Air Defense Training Site.   
    Now you just KNOW someone will try this. Bad enough we have a couple of shirtless moob-sters when it gets hot at our field. Nothing to get the ol' guts churning like man titties flapping in the breeze. (YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK) 

    The underwear unis will last until some poor slob takes a full mag to the branch n berries. (Cringeing)
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    Spook reacted to Dave in UFS launch failed raid on CoST Air Defense Training Site.   
    Why would UFS fly Ospreys into a known ADA location lol
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    Spook got a reaction from TheJP in Reintro   
    I joined AMS back in 2012. I thought I had written an intro, but it either aged off, or I was mistaken. So, here's the short 'unclassified version'. 

    I started playing in 2001, a month after 9-11. My first games were in MD and WV. From there, I started rounding up guys in PA, where I was living at the time. Pretty much helped form organized airsoft in Western PA. Angus from Amped Airsoft played for me.

    Also played for Ohio Valley Mountain Battalion in Huntington WV. 

    Went to the very first Irene in Dalton GA (pre-Lion Claws) and have Col McKnight's signature on my T-shirt to prove it. Still folded up in the drawer, never worn. Also fought in almost all the Northern Wind games in OH. 

    Had a near fatal heart episode in 2005, wound up in hospital for awhile. Came back into the game in 2006, got sick again in 2010, lost 40# and I'm back again. I'm 59 on 13 July, so I'm an ol' fart, but sort of a Cal Ripken, I'll play until I can't anymore, or they carry me off on a stretcher. 

    I like early Nam and WW 2 the best. Not a fan of zombies, juggernauts or any of that foolishness. 

    I enjoy being an innovator trying to make MILSIM as real as possible without over-complicating it. 

    OK, that's me.

    Spook out.
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    Spook got a reaction from Joe in Ranks In Airsoft   
    I've only felt like I ever needed to pull 'rank' twice in all the time I've been playing.

    A few years ago, I was leading a small unit and there was one kid (minor) who just didn't seem to grasp that I need him to do what I told him so we could win. I let it go for a bit, until the lil peckerwood got all evil. So, I decided I'd had enough and asked him if he would do what I asked. Again, he ignored me. So, I took out my pistol and I shot him square in the chest. Then I told him to go to the OTHER team's respawn because he was no longer welcome on my side.

    The other time was about a month ago. A couple of Young Marine cadets showed up. One was a Sgt, the other a L/Cpl. I watched as over and over, this Caucasian "Sgt" who told me he aspired to be an officer in the real Marines was using the young African American L/Cpl for his personal house mouse. The "Sgt" walked off and I called the L/Cpl (far more squared away) over and asked him if his friend always acted like that. His answer was in the affirmative, and he stated flatly that the "Sgt" was lazy as well. I saw that he was telling the truth to a fault. So, during a lull in the game, I called the young "Sgt" over, explained what my former rank was and that I needed to speak to him about something. The jist of the talk was that if he wanted to be an officer his men respected, he needed to stop using his men like personal errand boys. I then explained to him what can happen to officers who keep on doing that: i.e.: they wind up as unexplainable casualties in big firefights. They haven't been back since, so I don't know how much good my talk did,but hopefully, it got through.
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    Spook reacted to Rainmaker in Referees in Airsoft: Do they detract from the honor of the game?   
    Do I think we need refs to watch players making sure they call their hits? No. Do I think we need admins to verify rules with and to answer any rule based questions people have? Yes. I for one thought the admins did an excellent job at BH3 when ever a rule was questioned.
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    Spook reacted to Doc Dodge in Ranks In Airsoft   
    An Okie rank system:
    Good Ol' Boy
    That Ol'Man
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    Spook reacted to Doc Dodge in Ranks In Airsoft   
    Around here, your position is your rank. CO,XO, Plt Ldr, Sqd Ldr, Fire Team Ldr,,,,,
    Since we do work at the platoon-squad level, stripes, bars, or pips aren't needed.
     Now if you're cast as El Generalissimo e' Presidente  de' Alto Jeffe, the HVT for the snipers or snatch squad, we can slap more gold braid and scrambled eggs on you than the doorman at the Ritz.

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    Spook reacted to TheJP in A new medic rule thought   
    In previous events I have used what I called a "Medic" tube. Which had a single 6 sided die in it and a chart that told the medic the outcome.
    The medic would shake it and the number would indicate a wound, I believe..
    1 and 6 was a mortal head and/or abdominal wound player had to bleed out and expire.
    2 a minor arm wound use a 1 bandage
    3 a major leg wound use 2 banges
    4 a major arm wound use 2 bangdes
    5 a minor leg wound use 1 bandage
    Problem with this is....
    Making Medic tubes for 600-700 player events.
    Medics losing their tubes.
    Re-rolling if they didn't like the tube said.
    I personally enjoyed the Medic tube system and on a smaller scale it adds a bit more randomness you might see in combat. But on large scale it seems to become too  much of a logistical issue for staff when a player can just have his IFAK and that's that.
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    Spook got a reaction from TheJP in A new medic rule thought   
    This may be the simplest of all the medic I've concocted over my 15 years in the game. It takes two dice and a brain, LOL.

    All a medic has to do is: Ask the player his age, and add the two numbers together. Example: I'm 23. 2+3=5. 

    Now the medic has 3 chances to roll 5 or higher. If he does, the patient survives, slap a bandage on him, and put him back in the game. If he fails, the patient dies, and returns to the reinforcement pool for reassignment.

    There will be some occasions, for older players like myself at 59, when you can't roll the number you need. 5+9=14. So...add the 1+4 and get 5. BUT...that takes a die roll. So, I get two chances to live instead of three. (Us old guys are a little more fragile, LOL. More mileage.) Anytime a player's numbers add up to more than 12, they must lose one chance at life. 

    There is always the chance you will lose your patient, just as in real life. 
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    Spook got a reaction from SpectreAlpha in Another turd in the Airsoft community located in the North East...   
    Makes me think we need Central Intellgence Airsoft and a Mitch Rapp. (Vince Flynn fans know who I mean.)
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    Spook got a reaction from DisrupTer911 in Another turd in the Airsoft community located in the North East...   
    Makes me think we need Central Intellgence Airsoft and a Mitch Rapp. (Vince Flynn fans know who I mean.)
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