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  1. I've noticed that a lot of players (in my area anyway) tend to wear out quickly in the excessive heat and humidity. To that effect, I'm going to make a suggestion to keep people well hydrated. Each time a player has to be medevac-ed, before they can return to play, they must drink a bottle of water (a standard size plastic bottle) like you'd buy in a case, or demonstrate to a squad leader/authority figure that they have adequate water on their person. (You can get sick from over-drinking too). Consider the bottle of water an "IV". Each aid station would be stocked with water for the purpose of the rule.
  2. With guns being made much hotter straight out of the box than they were when I came into the game in 2001, should engagement distances be lengthened? Obviously, you're not going to prevent every close encounter of the unforeseen kind, but I'm seeing guys leaving games bleeding like crazy more often recently. Getting hit is part of the game, we all know that coming in, but let's face it, all or most of us also have to go back to work or school Monday morning. Do we really want to go in looking like we've contracted killer alien measles? The other thing I'm seeing a LOT of (at least in my area, East TN) is overshooting. Nothing causes more problems on our field than some individual who won't give a player the chance to get his dead rag out before they decide to keep on shooting. Tempers flare, and I suspect it's only going to be a matter of time before there's a fight. We have a lot of vegetation, and sometimes hearing is difficult over multiple guns, but that's not always the case. Occasionally, a hit player will also get entangled in the thorns and brush, making it tough to get to the rag or extract himself timely. How does AMS handle this? Lastly, what I think is perhaps the most dishonorable act on the field: revenge shooting. There are always those GI Joe, Sgt. Rock, Rambo, "I never miss what I shoot at" mother so-and-sos who think that every time they aim their weapon at someone, they get a hit. When the guy on the other end doesn't give them their way, they will literally empty magazine after magazine into this player thinking they're somehow teaching them a lesson. (What they're really doing is setting themselves up to get butt-stroked by an understandably irate player, which I'd like to avoid.) What part of "this is a game of honor" do they not understand? If you're firing into a clump of thick brush (at least on our field) your chances of actually hitting someone concealed behind it aren't real high. If you hit someone, 99% of the time, they're going to tell you. There are not cheaters hiding behind every rock or blade of grass just waiting to rob you of a kill. There's no need to revenge shoot people. To do so impugns their honor. Do these people somehow believe in the legend of their own mind that only they have honor? Can they not conceive of the fact that they missed or their BBs deflected away? Personally, revenge shooters should be given a free pass to the parking lot and the rest of the day off until they mature enough to realize the immaturity of their actions. If that takes a week's suspension or more, sobeit, but it needs to stop. Several years ago (maybe 8-10) at a field in New England, there was such an incident that resulted in a hockey-style team brawl. Some of you may recall it, I only heard about it. Nothing makes the sport look worse in the eyes of the public than the cops pulling up at your field because of a brawl. If we don't police the game, it will become disreputable.
  3. I thought I asked this question as well, but apparently it never went through. WIth knives/tomahawks, is throwing permitted? (Obviously you can't throw a knife 20-30 feet, but within reason, if I have the chance to say take down a sentry within 10 ft, can I throw my 'hawk or Kabar and get a kill that way? Also obviously, I don't mean like major league fastball, full speed crazy throw.)
  4. Does it look like airsoft might ever see a Swedish K?
  5. Just for giggles, I looked up 4.5mm airsoft BBs on ebay. Surprisingly, they make them, but is any maker producing an AIRSOFT gun designed to use them? One of you who knows his math, and of course BB weights, etc, would 4.5 mm BBs be safe if an airsoft gun was designed to shoot them? And what about using the smaller BB in say a claymore mine or booby trap (since claymores don't propel BBs at the speeds of an AEG or GBB) to increase the range of the claymore?
  6. I happened across an add on another airsoft venue for fake plates to go into a plate carrier. If you take a hit in the plate carrier (with the plates in) are you considered wounded/incapacitated? I've heard stories regarding what it's like getting hit, but I've never worn a PC and been shot wearing it, so I don't know. If the things I've heard are so, my guess is it still counts as a hit, but I'll because I honestly don't know. Some guys are starting to wear them at our field, so I'm wondering if the rules need to be modified.
  7. Which is why I said back at the beginning, arrangements to keep a particular in the field would have to be made within the team in advance. If I have a support gun, I want it to stay in the field. I can't hand it to someone but if they know in advance that they have my express permission to use the gun should I be wounded/killed, I don't see that as a rule violation. Alex, since you were a medic, do you think that there's any system simple enough to determine slight, severe, serious and fatal wounds that could be used in a game? Obviously not every wound is incapacitating. A 3 x 5 card with SLIGHT, SEVERE, SERIOUS or FATAL with instructions on the rear as to what the person can/can't do given to each player before an evo starts maybe? (Not necessarily for AMS, but just in general)
  8. As long as I'm alive, I should be able to help my side. (That's why I like the wounded cards Francois from Strikers (OH) made a few years ago. They told just what your wound was and what your capabilities were while wounded. The one with the guy holding his hands over his crotch was actually pretty funny.) I understand you can't possibly game out every possible contingency though.
  9. To be fair Bob, there's wounded and there's dead. You get 2 wounds before you're considered out of combat in AMS rules. So then, while you're in the wounded stage, a 'healthy' player could use your weapon while you're getting patched. If you've gotten to the 'dead' stage, and you're in a vital combat role (support gunner, grenadier) what I'm saying is that you could exchange weapons with a teammate until such time as you return. If my leaving M-249 or M-79 or whatever in the care of the team helps us carry the day, I'm all for it. (God forbid it's broken out of my custody, I'd of course expect the person who broke it to own up to the matter, but MILSIM guys are usually pretty responsible about that sort of thing.) When the player gets back, you simply exchange guns again and continue as you started.
  10. I know a lot of guys carry rubber knives, some even carry tomahawks, but which are actually allowed to be used? Some guys get jumpy about knife kills and "melee weapons" so I figure it never hurts to ask in advance. I went back and checked the ruleset to see if I missed anything, but edged weapon TYPES aren't covered, just the way they're used.
  11. One of the funniest things I ever heard (didn't see it happen, but it obviously did) was a guy take a round through his open front flap. (I guess he had to whiz and forgot to rebutton/zip.) Dude was rollin' around on the ground, holding his crotch and wailing "HE GOT ME IN MY JIMMY! RIGHT ON THE F%^&*(NG HEAD!" I felt bad for him for about 10 secs. Then I had to leave so I wouldn't snicker.
  12. Most fields I've been to don't count gun hits against the player. I've heard a couple of places that do. However, if your weapon takes a round, shouldn't you at least have to drop the mag and reload to simulate checking for damage?
  13. Obviously, you can only have one weapon in use. I don't know too many people who can pick up and fire two weapons in real life. This isn't Sgt Fury and His Howling Commandos (yeah, I'm old) where you can fire two TSMGs one in each arm. If my support gunner/grenadier, etc goes down, having that gun may be the difference between holding out and not holding out. That's my whole problem with the video game 'respawn' horse-crap. There's no respawn in real-life. You take a round, you're there still until someone gets to you and fixes the wound or sees that you've expired. And if you CAN, you're still fighting, even if only to point out enemy positions.
  14. Now you just KNOW someone will try this. Bad enough we have a couple of shirtless moob-sters when it gets hot at our field. Nothing to get the ol' guts churning like man titties flapping in the breeze. (YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK) The underwear unis will last until some poor slob takes a full mag to the branch n berries. (Cringeing)
  15. Hypotheticals: Your support gunner takes a hit. By previous team agreement, he leaves his weapon behind for any teammate until such time as he returns. I say legal. Your support gunner takes a hit. As he goes past he hands you his weapon. Can you legally take it? I say no, since he's 'dead'. If the medic gets to him, can the medic then use his (the wounded guy's) weapon until treatment is completed. I say yes. It's there for the taking. I would think any weapon on a wounded teammate would be eligible to be used by a rescuer/medic or if dead any other teammate. (Unless of course the player has previously stated he doesn't want his guns used by anyone else.) What say you all?
  16. Not sure if AMS uses such an idea or not. We've used it on occasion at our local field and it's MUCH more realistic (and practical) than having individuals wandering through the field trying find their long lost teammates. NO return to game is permitted until a fire team sized element is at the re-entry point.A USMC fire team is 4 men. If you have extremely small numbers, 3 or even 2 men may have to suffice. It's just more MC (militarily correct, LOL).
  17. I should've made myself more clear, I'm referring to scenario/medic rules. I can't get the people at my current field to get beyond the one hit/out respawn thing as yet. There are players I believe who would embrace the idea of medic rules being a little more 'complex', the problem is management. Also, in the AMS system, can't a buddy treat a wounded man, or am I misunderstanding the rules?
  18. Trying to bring our field (kicking and screaming) into more MILSIM. What is the average airsoft medic carrying in game these days? Fake IV bags? Just bandages? Just curious.
  19. Overshooting is merely shooting too much for no good reason at a target already clearly out of play. Once a player displays his flag or indicates he's hit, there's no reason to continue to lean on the trigger. I've got scars from regular game play, and I had three rounds go down my left ear canal, because someone didn't see my red rag. Nearly lost my hearing in that ear. I'm still playing. I know some guys will squeal at anything, I've seen it. Unfortunately, there are also those who are overzealous and they need to be curbed so as not to do serious injury. Most of us have to go back to work Mon AM.
  20. OK, admins, refs, seems to be same difference. Honestly for years, we never needed them. Most players called their hits and life was fine. As rules get more realistic and things like rockets and bombs come into the game, then yes, I see the need. There IS such a thing as overshooting, and if you catch it, you need to tell the player it isn't necessary. Nobody should have to go home bruised and bleeding, I don't see any reason to shoot a player with a full magazine. None, Period. At all. I'm not a fan of vengeance shooting either, it causes nothing but trouble.
  21. Thanks bud. I'm an ol' fart, but I can still hit a target downrange. And my opponents hate the tiger stripes in the jungle-y area where we play. "Where IS that dude? We never see him." I can't run fast, so I gots to be sneaky.
  22. When I first came in back in 2001, there were no referees in Airsoft. That was a PB concept, and 99.9% of the airsofters I know wanted to be as far from "goo-ball" as they possibly could. Their reasoning, pretty much to a man, was "We're a game of honor, we don't need any refs." But flash ahead to about 2010, I have begun to see many fields using referees. I've even been one on occasion to help out at a friend's field. When I do ref, I am mainly looking for rule violations and safety infractions, not cheaters. I'm there to point out respawn locations to confused players, remind people that friendly fire still counts, tell players how much time is left in a scenario, and about any house rules peculiar to the field/scenario. I'm not there to look for cheaters. If someone tells me they think X is not calling hits, I will keep an eye on X and see what happens. If I observe BBs impact a player and they fail to call,THEN, I will call X out. Honestly, I still not 100% convinced refs are necessary. What say y'all?
  23. I've only felt like I ever needed to pull 'rank' twice in all the time I've been playing. A few years ago, I was leading a small unit and there was one kid (minor) who just didn't seem to grasp that I need him to do what I told him so we could win. I let it go for a bit, until the lil peckerwood got all evil. So, I decided I'd had enough and asked him if he would do what I asked. Again, he ignored me. So, I took out my pistol and I shot him square in the chest. Then I told him to go to the OTHER team's respawn because he was no longer welcome on my side. The other time was about a month ago. A couple of Young Marine cadets showed up. One was a Sgt, the other a L/Cpl. I watched as over and over, this Caucasian "Sgt" who told me he aspired to be an officer in the real Marines was using the young African American L/Cpl for his personal house mouse. The "Sgt" walked off and I called the L/Cpl (far more squared away) over and asked him if his friend always acted like that. His answer was in the affirmative, and he stated flatly that the "Sgt" was lazy as well. I saw that he was telling the truth to a fault. So, during a lull in the game, I called the young "Sgt" over, explained what my former rank was and that I needed to speak to him about something. The jist of the talk was that if he wanted to be an officer his men respected, he needed to stop using his men like personal errand boys. I then explained to him what can happen to officers who keep on doing that: i.e.: they wind up as unexplainable casualties in big firefights. They haven't been back since, so I don't know how much good my talk did,but hopefully, it got through.
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