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  1. Has anyone had experience with prescription lens holders that fit inside goggles? Specifically looking for ESS Turbofan usage experience as that's what goggles I use now but any kind of experience with Rx inserts will do. Do they have the same viewing perception as regular street glasses do? Was getting lens's from your eye Dr easy or was it a hassle? I don't want ESS to fill the prescription as I need to get an updated set of eye-wear anyway but curious to know how your experience was at the eye Dr was getting lenses into the holders. Thanks everyone!
  2. Wouldn't it just be easier to carry 8 mags and 1-2 KWA speedloaders and bottle of BBs?
  3. Check out what Primary Arms offers too. https://www.primaryarms.com/Primary_Arms_s/586.htm
  4. NatGeo puts full episodes up on youtube.
  5. I just got these Pig gloves https://www.skdtac.com/PIG-Full-Dexterity-Tactical-FDT-Alpha-Glove-p/pig.700.htm and man are they nice. fit my hand perfectly, excellent dexterity with them on and the fingers are more curved to fit the natural shape of your fingers better. overall i love these.
  6. Strike force is a legit indoor CQB arena in Long Island. I got mine in like 2 days
  7. strikeForcesports.net has l/xl in multi and tan in stock. And I think m/l multi
  8. So what do you guys do when the temp drops and its game time. What kind of pregame precautions do you take for your gear and dress and youself too. I'm curious to know what to do with my AEGs and gear in general.
  9. AMS only has M/L and I need a L/XL for my big head LOL Thanks Bagel! I just sent them an email
  10. Does anyone have any insight into dealers that carry the Ops-Core military? I'm trying to find one w/o having to wait the 10-12 weeks from ops-core direct... Thanks!
  11. I'm very curious to know the location of this video lol that's one sweet freakin wall-o-guns!
  12. I went to the Army Navy surplus store by my work, a little old lady runs it and for $7 you get 3 nametaps on just about whatever velcro-backed color combo you want and she said she has this older gentleman who's an Army vet that sews them up for her. turn around was like 1 week. So for $7 and supporting a local business and an Army vet, I'd have bene fine with double the price. I got my online callsign DisrupTer done and have had them for almost a year now and they haven't frayed or fallen apart so I'm happy with them
  13. Any time anyone wants to go on a soapbox, when they do it calmly...it means so much more. compared to james yeagers recent video or alex jones going bonkers on cnn...Haley should be one of our spokes people....
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