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  1. Technically the rules only specify it has to be an m203/m320, but a GL on a UMP isn't very milsim-y. A Heavy Weapon Specialist (HWS) is any Grenadier or Rocket (Simulated) carrying player. They may carry M-203 GL, M-320 GL, M-79 GL, GP-25 GL, M-136 AT4, M-72 LAW, RPG-7, Mortar or Arty Piece. SMGs can only be used on semi. Gas and Electric Submachine guns such as the MP7, KRISS, KMP9 etc fall under the same restrictions as the Rifleman Role.
  2. It's 320 FPS with .32s. This should come out to around 400 with .20s. This is probably to prevent joule creep from HPA guns. "Classic / PolarStar / High Pressure Gas / GBBRs will chronograph using .32g BBs . Hopup to be turned off, Elite Force BIO .32G BBs will be supplied for chrono purposes. Players may use any weight BBs during the game."
  3. Has the squad-level marksman role been removed? I only see Rifleman/Sniper/Heavy/Support in the ruleset now, and sniper is limited to Bolt/Single Actions.
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