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  1. I predict this will be awesome. First thing that popped in my head was this:
  2. Just to be clear; I didn't post the thread to start $h*t or disparage our sport, and I'm sorry that it seems to be the result. I just had a few minutes to peruse the interwebs & ran across what I now know is old hack, and thought it warranted discussion. Because this is, y'know, a forum. The lesson learned: Never surf the web after an exhausting day with 3 kids followed by three delicious beers. Sorry guys, love this game though.
  3. Obi1

    Night game?

    What's the consensus on 'tracer' units in the community? Are they allowed/discouraged? I've used them in the past & the biggest problem was finding heavy bio ammo for them. (.20 being the heaviest I could ever find) I know they don't really add any tactical advantage, just 'tacti-coolness', but I was just curious what some of you thought. -thanks, Obi1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyQBPccc15Y
  4. Yeah, should have been a little clearer when I posted it. Found it after I had three tasty Mother's Brewery products, then I got sleepy. Thanks for clarifying, Raptorkat.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVHk3MJBeYs&feature=em-uploademail Why does this keep happening?
  6. I kid. I'll be there no problem. Everyone loves a good road trip.
  7. I tend to play more of a 'scout' role & like to keep my rig really slim, so I run 3 Hi-caps on my JPC + 1 in my primary, 2 + 1 secondary mags on my belt rig & sidearm.
  8. Obi1

    Bio ammo?

    Thanks Metal.
  9. Obi1

    Bio ammo?

    Sorry if this is answered somewhere else, but is ammo required to be biodegradable at the AO?
  10. ^ Nice, Pup. For a sec, I went kinda dyslectic and thought you said 'reddragonairsoft'. That dude is pretty much bad news for all things airsoft.
  11. Someone has a lot of extra time... http://bit.ly/12pQMhz
  12. Obi1


    Roger that. Thanks!
  13. Obi1


    Is it possible to pay for more than one registration? I've got a brokea$$ friend who I'd like help out.
  14. Beta Project Magpul Mag-K CYMA AKS74U KWA USP 45 I have a problem covering my stuff in all things Magpul. I also really like putting CYMA AK's thru the ringer, which always take awhile, since they're apparently indestructible. All I ever do to mine is replace the inner barrel and hopup bucking & run em till they break. Once that happens, then start dumping $$ into the internals.
  15. Thanks for all the info guys, I really appreciate it.
  16. Yo, (sorry, to much Breaking Bad lately) I got into airsoft around 5 years ago and play as often as I can. (although that gets harder & harder with three kids. Priorities y'know) Looking forward to slinging some plastic at some AMS events soon & perfecting my walking to respawn technique, being the human shield that I am.
  17. Springfield MO. Used to travel back & forth to play with my group in Cape Girardeau, but just kinda outgrew all but one of them after awhile. We both decided that we need something more if we're going to continue the sport.
  18. Is there a place for a player who isn't affiliated with a team in AM events? I've relocated & have been out of the loop for a little while & I really like what I've seen in AM posts & videos. It's so good to see a strong airsoft community happening somewhere other than SoCal.
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