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  1. Query: Where the f**k is Rocketman?
  2. So, maybe an AMS app w/ the MMX checklist as a feature someday? I'd buy it.
  3. Yep, any kenwood 2 pin connector will work on a Baofeng. I like Z-tactical's Peltor PTT. http://tinyurl.com/bze5r88
  4. Wait, was that a 40K reference? If so, you have scored mondo respect points for nerdy sci-fi knowledge.
  5. I've noticed there are no PoV rules pertaining to jetpacks. Why is this? http://bit.ly/XwwCxw
  6. Mark your rails & your zero should stay pretty close.
  7. You are on target JP. http://www.metrocor.us/info/ctcss.htm
  8. I don't have one myself, but I think every Op could use an amphibious UAV that could also transpo tasty beverages to your command elements or admins. http://bit.ly/LFEMST
  9. Obi1

    Tactical kicks

    Now you can stay tactical wherever you go. Also good for replacing those annoying skate shoe load-outs you see so often at CQB sites. http://bit.ly/Xqwhzc
  10. Are the CoST command net frequencies supposed to be the same as 4-1's? Maybe I'm just reading it wrong, I am a little tired today. :-)
  11. Hey JP, do you know which version of the TCI MAST works for a Baofeng UV-5R? Seems like someone told me the version 4 for Kenwoods, but I'm not sure. -Thanks.
  12. Obi1

    Night game?

    Anyone who is looking for a red stick / IR / flashlight for a night OP, these are worth checking out. And the best part: they're made in the U.S. of A. https://www.lazerbrite.com
  13. I've got a Baofeng UV5R. Thing's a freak'n rock. You can buy em all day long for $40.
  14. Just some kind of pouch that your medic can identify easily. HSGI's Bleeder/Blowout pouch works pretty good. http://www.hsgi.us/proddetail.php?prod=HSG-MBP&cat=36
  15. Looks like you can put it on about anything. http://battletac.com/web/guest/download
  16. Anyone used this on a large scale? http://battletac.com/web/guest Ive used a little in the past to keep track of a battle-buddy or two after respawn & it was useful. Of course, the good old radio works pretty well too.
  17. JPC replica ( Emerson ) Condor Utility Pouch for dead-rag/phone, etc. Condor Radio Pouch Z-Tactical TCI PTT Camelbak Thermobak 3L Simple stuff, I keep it light.
  18. NcStar Battle Belt HSGI Pistol TACO x 2 HSGI Rifle Magazine TACO w/ Thunder B HSGI Mag-Net HSGI Bleeder/Blowout Pouch G-Code RTI Molle Adapter for my KWA USP Tactical Condor Drop Leg Dump ( had it forever, good catch-all )
  19. Thanks, but I didn't paint it. It's a laser engraved aluminum rail cover I had made by Custom Gun Rails, Inc. Check em out if you want: http://shop.customgunrails.com/main.sc
  20. Obi1

    Night game?

    Yup. http://bit.ly/S0ATeu Super hard to find in .25's though.
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