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  1. Not yet, their patterns are pretty random. But I figure it's just a matter of time.
  2. Yea, I put the UR tactical stuff up on our FB page after trying one of their Kryptek Mandrake helmet covers. Good stuff and really well made. Definitely getting some of those Integrated pants now.
  3. I've had em on mine for awhile now, they do pretty much use up your rail-space, but otherwise they're great IMO.
  4. As it's been explained to me; since its not a garrison uniform, it's good to go.
  5. Why no digital/marpat love for CoST on this one?
  6. Obi1

    Player cap

    Thanks JP. You are once again, as they say, the man.
  7. Obi1

    Player cap

    Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, but does anyone know what will be the player-cap on this one? -Thanks, Obi1.
  8. Or an Adventure Time 'knife storm'. Count me the f**k out. Sorry, I have kids...
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  10. Shellback Banshee. Accept no substitute.
  11. "He wields the Foe-Hammer! The Beater, bright as daylight!" —The Great Goblin upon seeing Gandalf's sword, Glamdring Wait, it's probably a HALO thing, isn't it? Dammit…I'm old. Still, nice callsign..
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  13. Damn, PL1 is filling out nice. Mako, D9, CCC, SI...
  14. I actually went to contacts 7 years ago just because I started playing airsoft. Best piece of kit I've ever bought.
  15. Yeah, I used the TDR A/B function @ ESR-19 to monitor command and TX/RX on SQD freqs. Worked great till I wanted to talk to command once or twice, so I added another radio & dual Ptt.
  16. The dual mode is nice, but not easy to mess w/ once you're in field & engaging. Since I roll as an RTO for our squad, I run two of them w/ a dual ptt setup, which is simpler for command/SQD comms.
  17. You'll be able to both TX & RX on whichever freq you're on. (A or B ) Unless you have it in TDR mode(menu 7), in which you'll only be able to TX on whatever the last heard freq was. With TDR on, menu 34 will allow you to monitor one freq while TX/RX on another. Clear as mud, right? Sounds confusing, but after you use em awhile, they're pretty easy.
  18. Excellent pro-tip on "walking into the line-of-fire". All good admins practice this particular method.
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