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  1. UFS super-weapon tests continue...
  2. Meanwhile, at a super ultimate secret pro-war rally, the UFS revealed their dreaded guitar army…
  3. F**k all that. All I use it for anyway is Facebook, Airsoft forums & porn. Plus, office stuff is the opposite of Milsim, I'm out.
  4. What's this Microsoft Excel crap? I got a Mac. Why not post it like before?
  5. Gear color doesn't matter. Just your base layer & headgear.
  6. Mine has a M130 that's had 2 coils removed. Shoots 440 consistently.
  7. Bunch of our guys use the Bioval .30s for their R-hops and get great results. EF .32s are pretty dope too, but you gotta have faith in your sights.
  8. There is a magical place called the internet where average citizens can buy damn near RoboCop armor. Just Sayin'. #Instigating (Sorry JP)
  9. I've played in milsim events where I only used a mag. One mag. And it was awesome. As long as I'm with my friends & teammates doin a little work and achieving objectives, it's a win in my opinion.
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