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  1. Typical federal government weakness........."stop what your're doing or else we'll........we'll.......we'll force economic sanctions on you. I can't wait to see a force of little Chinamen with AKs at RY3.
  2. This is probably the single best rule change ever!
  3. Let me tell you how the HELO works. You hear it coming, but you have no idea who's on the gun until it starts shooting at you and you have nowhere to hide. I may have to purchase a run just so I can watch both sides scatter like roaches when I arrive.
  4. Gotta love the FNN. Neither CoST nor CDF would send a suicide bomber anywhere. It's not how we roll.
  5. Sounds like the UFS has thrown gas on the fire again. Hell hath no fury like an armed citizen defending his home against an oppressive government.
  6. He just wants to be prepared for everything......................except having to haul ass when the SHTF.


    Welcome Gramps! I'm also 38 and am actually a grandpa. Figure that one out. Hope to see you and your kiddo at future events.
  8. This conversation really should move to the secure forum.
  9. Don't think it matters anymore anyhow. With CDF wearing battle shirts, Kryptec and PCs, what's the difference? So much for only being allowed 1 piece of woodland camo. I think the CDF will become a fashion show at this point.
  10. I will shoot at anyone and everyone wearing tan. When I see tan, I see red.
  11. You cannot reload your magazines in the field - as in, put more bbs in them.
  12. ATTENTION UFS GOVERNMENT SCUM! Cease operations in the CoST Territory of Oklahoma immediately. You do not want to awaken the beast. The civilians of this territory will not lay down and allow you to continue to terrorize our people. WE WILL MAINTAIN CONTROL OF WHAT BELONGS TO US!
  13. BREWER, MYSTERY SQUAD, REPORTING. The UFS can not and will not occupy territory within the borders of our homeland. They must leave or die like pigs.
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