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  7. So, there are hordes of America's combat hardened elite force veterans who are somehow stockpiling enough weaponry to field a small army while also secretly meeting regularly for regular training because they are disgruntled with government of a country that they devoted a life of service to and have killed and watched their comrades die to protect? And they're recruiting the masses? And they are so successful at it that they truly are a threat to the United States military and all of its resources? But the government has no intel on them or their strengths and weaknesses? And the government has no way of quickly and cleanly disposing of them? How have we not seen this blasted on the news 24/7? What a tense state out fragile nation is in! Damn liberal media, keeping all the important stuff hidden. That sounds like a pretty good Tom Clancy platform. I do like CDF at AMS events, though. I just refuse to try to sell it as an accurate representation of a valid threat to 2 organized, funded and trained military forces. It is a chaotic , dangerous hindrance. But that is what it is, a valid, very dangerous, chaotic hindrance. So
  8. So, maybe my overexagerrated scenario didn't make the right point because, apparently, there are people here who might feel as though I am complaining about the CDF and the job they did. Oh, so on the contrary! I spent most of Saturday in and around the CDF, negotiating non agression pacts, negotiating for a bomb diffusal, checking my 6 when I was given a free pass through their AO, etc. I had a blast! I think that the amount of restraint that CDF used in many situations was phenomenal. I think that the CDf does have it's place in these milsim's, my only concern is that we keep a close eye on what it morphs into. RYII was my favorite Op to date. No matter what scenarios I was a part of or an audience to this weekend, I enjoyed all of it. None of it was bad for me, only some more challenging than others.
  9. I agree with this 100%. A civilian militia is great to add in for the chaotic element, however, we have seen the CDF evolve into(at some times) the best organized, best trained and best equipped force on the field(see posts from BHII). Any civilians who gather to protect their homes will be doing so without the training resources of a proper military and/or without the firepower and resources that a larger force would have. I keep seeing the so called high speed teams( but definitely high profile) recruited for CDF and it makes no sense to me. Hell, if you want more realism from the CDF, give them an experienced commander but almost everyone else is relatively new to airsoft. Cut their comms down to one radio per platoon. Make them all wear civilian clothes, very minimal load out. Give them only two magazines and two bottles of bb's for their entire force. Make some of them have to use spring pistols for a while. They would then have to deal with the forces for more ammo, mags, comms and experienced players. This would be more like simulating the creation of a police force but, just as in the real world, the civilians would depend on their diplomacy with one or more factions rather than what I saw this weekend. I know that there is no way you can get people to play for the scenario I described above but, hopefully, that proves the point I'm attempting to make even more. An organized non military group with the financial resources to not only equip its personnel with top tier weaponry but also train it's forces to be elite, all the while doing so with no aid from outside sources, is not a militia. It's not a civilian defense force. It's a Cartel.
  10. Cost guys wouldn't call the hits because they said we were friendly As far as this statement goes, EVERYONE here should know that, no matter what agreements are on or off, there is absolutely no FRIENDLY fire. Most of us have all been hit accidentally in a skirmish and most of us play fair and call ourselves hit. I, myself, have been victim to attempting to relieve a team member on over watch only to be pinged, a failed rocket attempt AND crossing in front of my own team's suppressing fire before. A hit is a hit. No matter what color monkey suit the sender donns, the receiver should be wearing red afterwards. Just as in the real world, confusion reigns supreme. It is up to us, as sportsmen and women to police our own and trust that our fellow competitors do the same. For every second you spend worrying about why Charlie isn't doing what you think he/she SHOULD do, you're losing twice that amount of time needed to adapt to the situation and overcome that small situation successfully. I adopted a rule of thumb sometime ago: when Top bitches about something, then ill spend time giving my two cents on the subject and complaining. Guess what? Those who are around me know that they don't hear me complaining,
  11. Yeah, Top and I headed out right before the raffle was getting started. Well done, though. I was thoroughly impressed. I didn't want to give away your position but I wanted to give you props. What i wanted to do was sit back with a dead rag on and watch you collect skins, lmao. Outstanding job, guys!
  12. I'm still trying to figure out who goes on a multiple day sporting event and doesn't pack MORE than enough water. Every Op Top and I attend, we pack almost 2 cases of bottled water per person in our party AND gatorades, V-8's, etc. Sorry if I'm hurting feelings, but come on people. Thank You
  13. As a member of the UFS Command Staff, there are so many things I would like to address about your statement above but, as was previously stated, this thread is for shout outs. However, I would more than happy to have a back and forth with you on another thread, pm, or in person, if you choose. This is MILSIM and anyone who has been in the military should know that the best laid plans in the world don't amount to a hill of beans on the two way firing range; we adapt and overcome, which is what milsimmers do. At any rate, if you feel this needs more discussion, by all means, I invite you to contact me by ANY of the means included above. Now, on to my props-giving( I don't care if it's not grammatically correct) 1. The 3 CDF on Saturday morning that held out on the rooftop of the school building for God knows how long, repelling our forces time after time until there was nothing left to do because your medic was hit, outstanding operating! 2. K Mart, a member of UFS who was on his first AMS event, stuck by and analyzed the suitcase nuke and offered all the help he was allowed to give for that mission, much appreciated. You have earned that EOD patch, you better be back with IT on your person. 3. The rest of the Lancer's squad, who located, secured and delivered that bomb back to us, way to get after it! 4. Whover rolled with Danarchy to locate the HVT that had "codes" for said Nuke and deliver him back, I salute you all. 5. The sniper from someone's force that was in the woods on the northwest corner of the maintanence building on Saturday afternoon. I was all alone, questioning this clear route and, just as I stopped at the corner to poke around, I got popped on the back. I couldn't tell where it came from, but I commended you and kept it to myself after you gave me a visual acknowledgement. 6. To the COST rocket team that seemed to somehow just show up at just the right time(or wrong time, for us) and decimate us as we mustered a large enough force to make a push, you guys had it goin' on! 7. To all the others out there who showed some outstanding sportsmanship and great operating, I appreciate you all. At every AMS event I attend, I see the quality of sportsmanship increase exponentially. there's something to be said for a sport where I can be mortal enemies with someone before a charge, send and receive a shower of bb's and then stand aside for 5 minutes enjoying conversation and watching intense action from the side. Keep calling your hits, it's working. 8. AMS. I say it so much that it may be cliche now but, each and every event I attend for AMS gets better and better. These guys are more and more organized with each Op that we put in the books. they continue to do whatever they can to ensure we get the best gameplay, best facilities, best players, best props, best overall community available. Please take the time to let them know if you feel the same. If you don't feel the same, move the F#*K on. I've only tried Ops from a few other organizations but I will say that I have not seen the amount of overall effort and success as I do with this one. Out
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