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  1. +1 I'm tying to figure out this baothing and can't open link
  2. Thanks again! JP, sorry for any confusion

  3. I'll be setting up a febreze tent for all those carriers/chest rig owners that don't want to give away their positions as result of manstink or just appreciate that the winds shift and what was once up may now be down. The cost of said service will be smelling like what the febreze company thinks an ocean smells like. I will also be selling tp and renting a shovel if nobody answers my previous post.
  4. I haven't seen British Multi-Terrain listed on approved camo but it is virtually indistinguishable to US Multicam (see picture and tell me if you can discern the difference up close, let alone in field). So would it be copacetic to wear British multicam combat shirts for UFS at AMS events (provided I remove their flag)?
  5. Will each faction have a designated latrine digging squad, tossing newspaper on top or are toilets available on site? I'd imagine in any of those scenarios there is a BYOTP rule in force, but any clarity would be appreciated. Lets be honest, if your toilet game isn't on point, then your combat game definitely isn't either On an unrelated note (insert fantastic segue here) do we need to purchase a press ticket to use our Go Pros during operations on the AO?
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