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  1. The JP, Question for you in regards to helmet/head gear. I understand no black helmet part however I am having a hard time finding non black frame goggles (I have prescription glasses inserts) and for the life of me I can find goggles that fit my inserts as well as the impact resistance required. I found tan ones but I'm on CoST and tan is not team color. So any help with this? I can buy a pair n spray paint the frames green if need be. Ty
  2. Yeah I bought a ticket for the Eastern Front and plan to get there thurs after the camp opens. This way I can talk with ppl, ect. Looking forward to it.
  3. Fellow Ops, Name is Joshua, and just starting airsoft this season. I have a few events I am attending (one in two weeks and one in mid July) which will give me some exposure to the sport. I'm also with a league local to my place as well. I am pumped to get going on these Milsims and look forward to learning new stuff. Oorah brothers and sisters, Stay safe out there. ~Joshua; Call Sign: Marshmellow
  4. Copy that thank you for the confirmation. I'm still debating on the Eastern Front milsim in Aug. Not sure if I'll be prepared yet but this kinda infor helps.
  5. Okay makes sense. So that's a no go on woodland digital than? Has to Marpat?
  6. Here is some examples of so called Digital Woodland https://www.amazon.com/Rothco-BDU-Pant-Woodland-Digital/dp/B018MULZLWhttps://www.amazon.com/Rothco-BDU-Pant-Woodland-Digital/dp/B018MULZLW https://www.amazon.com/Propper-Trouser-Woodland-Digital-Regular/dp/B000MF2X30/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?keywords=woodland+digital+camo+pants&qid=1560004229&s=gateway&sprefix=woodland+digital+&sr=8-3 https://www.amazon.com/Army-Universe-Woodland-Digital-Military/dp/B06Y3H9QFW/ref=mp_s_a_1_6?keywords=woodland+digital+camo+pants&qid=1560004320&s=gateway&sprefix=woodland+digital+&sr=8-6
  7. Quick question. In regards to the Woodland Marpat; is woodland digital the same thing or be used? My eye cannot tell the difference on the computer. Only woodland marpat clothing I can find is USMC issued (which I get cas it's a standard issued back in its time) but I'm not a marine and have no business wearing their uniforms. Thanks for the help
  8. Question here. New player and have not played in a MilSim event and I'm curious about the campaign. More specifically the camping part. I understand there is a camping site for the pre game, post game that we can set up correct? However once we are in the feild for game play, are we staying out there for the night? Meaning should I bring a separate shelter for the night? Even if its just the old school tarp and sleeping bag? Forgive me for the rookie question but I've tried to find this answer and haven't really been able to. I dont want to come to my first event way under prepared. (Yes I have read the materials list posted and been watching some YouTube recommendations for Milsims). Thabk you.
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